Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Apple iPhone 6s: Sixes and sevens

22 March, 2016
The Galaxy S and the iPhone release schedules are out of lockstep, so each gets a shot at sticking around at the top level for at least half of the year. This season, the new Samsung Galaxy S7 lands right in the fast lane with the iPhone 6s already at cruising speed. Come fall, the lanes will change but the chase will continue.

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  • Ali Hassan

I will go with samsung

  • Raj king shah

Anurup, 03 Jun 2016Hello, I want to buy Samsung s7 or iPhone 6s ,which phone is bet... moreYou should go with iPhone buddy for the best gaming experience as u see Samsung models will not flow the graphics as I phones are and for the music apple out source is the best in all smartphone s
So u better go with iPhone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-559991, 30 Jul 2016samsung galaxy s7 is betttttter all apple smartphone samsung m... moreAnd today, iPhone 7 is better than Galaxy S7. It's a cat and mouse game.

3GS > S > 4 > S2 > 4s > S3 > 5 > S4 > 5s > S5 > 6 > S6 > 6s > S7 > 7 ...


Anurup, 03 Jun 2016Hello, I want to buy Samsung s7 or iPhone 6s ,which phone is bet... moreI definitely would go with Samsung.

Iphone 6s best

  • Arnu

Anurup, 03 Jun 2016Hello, I want to buy Samsung s7 or iPhone 6s ,which phone is bet... moreTake iphone 6s as the graphics are super now there arr more games in the app store which are free the camera is also supereb as there is 4k video recording and s7 has an edge and it brakes down easily as i had it and iphone 6s is much more stroger then the samsung s7 or s7 edge

  • AnonD-559991

samsung galaxy s7 is betttttter all apple smartphone
samsung make the things That Peoples Him they want no His taste As apple

good luck samsung iranians is very love samung and lg Products

  • gurwinder singh

Samsung S7 is better than iPhone s6

  • Jai

Jarret, 23 Mar 2016Samsung S7 is the winner, iPhone6S lostLost??? or LOSE???

  • Anurup

Hello, I want to buy Samsung s7 or iPhone 6s ,which phone is better for me???
I am buying this phone for all purpose like camera ,gaming and more
So plz kindly suggest me which phone is better for me

  • Anonymous

I phone is better 4 me

  • waseem

Samsung has to update fps is 1.7 /apple 2.3. Only. This thing have apple but Samsung is better PPI 515 have nice Samsung

  • rizz

It doesn't matter, if you have both
These 2 phone work depending what you need...

  • theonewhoknows

i think that apple iphone is better than samsumng

  • bittu

i dont know which is preferabale can any on tel im clg student for my lifestyle which is gud

  • Bj

I think motorola x r bettee

  • Vanu

which one best for buy

  • Anonymous

AnonD-488766, 28 Mar 2016Apple: way overpriced for even the 16gb model but a $200 price b... moreThe Chinese brands will crush Samsung? Samsung makes its own chips, camera sensors, OLED screens and has stakes in Corning Korea.
Vertically integrated and serious RnD effort. Samsung makes the chips for Qualcomm and OLED screens Chinese brands put in their phones and will soon make Apple's this the kind of company you think will fail in 5 years?

  • A correction

The storage thing is a lot cheaper. You can get one UHSIII memory card for less than 50 bucks on amazon

  • Rhino

AnonD-174792, 23 Mar 2016It's the first time we see a Samsung phone product literally mop... moreYeah. Props to Samsung! They deserve the win and Apple hopefully should step up its offering because this way sooner or later it'll die out.