Nokia E61i review: Lens-wear for the messenger

04 May 2007
You all know Nokia E61 – it’s been among the most popular Nokia smartphones ever since it was presented. Its fans have always been divided over it not having a camera. Taking that into account Nokia decided to release an updated version of the handset marked with “i”. Besides a camera, the new model features a number of small modifications, or otherwise upgrades, which would again reinstate it as a top-notch smartphone messenger. Now join us on our GSMArena journey which would try to answer a good deal of questions for you… and for us, for that matter.

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  • sagaR
  • 7tx
  • 14 Feb 2011

my NOKIA E61i is best model ad this ofishiyal look
smart phone

    • H
    • Honey singh
    • U3x
    • 03 Oct 2010

    Chooth!!! Vol-1 is a Good song on this device LOLs!!!

      • C
      • Craige Nicholas
      • vGt
      • 04 Jun 2010

      Hi..can someone please tell me how i can use the Blackberry messenger on the E61i....? you can mail me at
      HOpe to hear from you soon..thanks in advance..

        • r
        • romy
        • tWi
        • 02 Jan 2010

        i downloaded youtube on my e61i but cannot play pls help me to play

          • T
          • Thomas
          • na{
          • 28 Sep 2008

          Thanks for the clear review. I have bought the phone and I'm eager to hold it in my hands!

          And again; thanks for the review. Really helped with deciding which device I should buy!


            • M
            • Mrinal
            • PUE
            • 06 Jun 2008

            Hi, does E61i support last name search. Ex. if a neame is ABC XYZ DEF

            now if i type XYZ it will list this name as well as all names wheere XYZ is presnet. This is also called as Smart Search.

            Though I'vent bought this phone but still this one is on rpiority one whis list for me. I'm only looking for this feature. if this then certainly I will buy this. So u all E61i users please check and reply me. Thanks a lot.

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • waZ
              • 25 Apr 2008

              Does it support FLASH wallpapers...if yes HOW to activate those..?
              pl guide

                • G
                • George
                • w4g
                • 10 Feb 2008

                i have been using the Nokia3250 and the I-mate PDAL. Last month had upgraded to the E61i. Wow! it was like rushing straight from the Dark Ages to the 21st Century. I think Nokia got it right this time - a very nice blend of fun and business. The 2mp camera, Quick Office, WLAN, Hot keys with the QWERTY keyboard (all the buttons fall at the right spots) etc etc makes it a good buy. If you thinking of getting a new phone the the E61i is the best there is.

                  • a
                  • abed
                  • 0ZU
                  • 10 Jan 2008

                  does the light sensor lightens when the phone is on stand-by mood (Like the N80 or N73)?? pls answer as soon as possible!

                    • M
                    • Marwan Bahgat
                    • NhJ
                    • 08 Jan 2008

                    does this phone mp3 player stereo or mono Headphon and handsfree(loud speaker)

                      • B
                      • Bond
                      • Gqb
                      • 25 Dec 2007

                      My E61i getting rust at the 5-way button. Has anyone having the same problem. Can we claim it?

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • SkE
                        • 28 Nov 2007

                        in using the internet -to download yahoo messenger or will be deducted?or its free in any wi-fi connectivty? whats the use of blackberry?

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • jw5
                          • 07 Nov 2007

                          I am excited about WIFI but can i can use it to make internet phone calls?

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • PFM
                            • 23 Oct 2007

                            Can we change the wallpaper to our own pic?

                              • R
                              • Raouf
                              • T0n
                              • 19 Oct 2007

                              Please need to know what are the games inside the Nokia E1i and what is the site in the internet to download any games
                              Please also want to know which one is the best to buy the Nokia E61i or the K-Jam I-Mate
                              Thanks a lot for ur reply

                                • A
                                • Atif
                                • PF2
                                • 06 Oct 2007

                                Nokia E61i is Excellent phone.Battery timing, feature wise, usage wise very very good.

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • MML
                                  • 27 Sep 2007

                                  great phone, I have two email accounts on, one POP3, and Exchange. I have found one infuriating feature. I travel a lot, amnd when you change the time on eth clock it changes the times of all your appointments. WhY?

                                    • S
                                    • SUNDEEP
                                    • 2@n
                                    • 24 Sep 2007

                                    hi im planing to upgrade from an nokia 9300 to an nokia e61i i wish to understand when i shall transfer my contacts i have renamed manny fields will they be transferd to the e61i if yes how?
                                    Pls some one help as its urgent

                                      • V
                                      • Volkan
                                      • MI6
                                      • 31 Aug 2007

                                      Oh and Vijay, maybe if you read this review, or for that matter if you would know anything at all of Symbian phones, you would know that this phone has Blackberry connectivity! JUST READ THE REVIEW! They even mention it there....

                                        • V
                                        • Volkan
                                        • MI6
                                        • 31 Aug 2007

                                        Are you guys stupid, asking questions like can I read PDF's on this phone? Come on, if you once read one little part of the review of this phone, then you could find that you can read PDF's, Word-documents etc on it... God, are you just dumbasses or what??