Nokia E61i review: Lens-wear for the messenger

04 May 2007
You all know Nokia E61 – it’s been among the most popular Nokia smartphones ever since it was presented. Its fans have always been divided over it not having a camera. Taking that into account Nokia decided to release an updated version of the handset marked with “i”. Besides a camera, the new model features a number of small modifications, or otherwise upgrades, which would again reinstate it as a top-notch smartphone messenger. Now join us on our GSMArena journey which would try to answer a good deal of questions for you… and for us, for that matter.

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  • V
  • Vijay
  • vLx
  • 24 Aug 2007

Hey, I am a Blackberry user. Can I use the Nokia N61i inplace of Blackberry and continue to use the Blackberry facility on it?

    • K
    • Kunal
    • wrd
    • 06 Aug 2007

    Hi, I just got the E61i phone and i think its great. My question is: is it possible to WAP on this phone. I have tried it and the browser says that it does not support it. pls help... thanks

      • G
      • G.P
      • 4tK
      • 04 Aug 2007

      Are you able to view pdf files with this phone?

        • J
        • JORDI (from Barcelon
        • n$q
        • 28 Jul 2007

        This is an absolutely fantastic business phone!
        As a freak of the smartphones/PDAs that I am, Ive had the XDAMini, the Treo 750, the 9300i, the P910i, the N80, etc ...even the first S60 (back then) the 7650! But I must say Nokia really (FINALLY rather) hit the bullseye with the E61i...
        The only things believe needs improving is the screen's "backlight" that could be brighter (specially when in a sunny place), and the numbers (on the keyboard) that could be clearer (not with that blue backround that makes them difficult to read when the backlight is on, in a place that really isnt that dark, because they are "written" in silver... not even in white...)
        So, as I see it, Nokia have 2 final "challanges" to achive: BY WHEN A TOUCHSCREEN, and a device that charges also out of the USB!? (I mean, COME ON! ...the E61i is a business phone!)

          • s
          • sarz
          • kDp
          • 22 Jul 2007

          I was wondering.....whats with the comparison of a finland make and a asian make nokia e61i???? Like it that finland has a better
          reputation for manufacturing them?? someone pls educate me.....

          pls reply me by email...that would be nice.....thx

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • Yce
            • 18 Jul 2007

            How is the video playback on this. Anyone try watching a movie on it?

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • Yce
              • 18 Jul 2007

              Can someone confirm whether the phone has a touchscreen or not?

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • nEI
                • 10 Jul 2007

                Has anyone used this phone as a sat nav phone?

                I need to know will this phone let you copy and paste emails?

                Can you copy emails then edit them?

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • U2e
                  • 17 Jun 2007

                  i bought the nokia e61i just 2 days back.i really loved it.its having good clarity(2mp).its having all the functions that satisfy the buyer like wi-fi,cam,messenger,world mate short its a coooooooooooool phone to have.if u want to know more just mail me at

                  (software engineer)

                    • s
                    • steewardfranklin
                    • vGj
                    • 11 Jun 2007

                    N61i....this phone is too heavy to carry in my pocket but its very friendly and designed specially for rough use.still i love the design i guess if it would have touchscreen and video projection option like palm it would have been the best. Performance is good up to messageing and browse/download.still expecting an upgrad in the software.

                    steeward frankiln Graphics designer

                      • h
                      • hale
                      • TIE
                      • 09 Jun 2007

                      does this phone allows me to do video calls?
                      looks like that isn't any camera in the front for capturing my image

                      any kind soul like to advise?

                        • R
                        • Ruben
                        • NH}
                        • 24 May 2007

                        Hi, just read a few reviews and have the option of getting an E61i or a BB8700. I will only use this device for e-mail and have a Nokia N73 as a phone. Really difficult to get an expert opinion in South Africa where I live. Any suggestions?

                          • J
                          • José Gomes
                          • m}9
                          • 23 May 2007

                          I agree on that E-series earpiece handicap: it cuts and hurts one`s ear`s hair.
                          Apart from that, its a great phone... and it would be perfect if it was less heavy...

                            • J
                            • José Mário
                            • m}9
                            • 18 May 2007

                            Can`t they design another type of earpiece? Like the N Series or all other models...
                            I already had to give away one e-series phone and I really liked its features...

                              • M
                              • Madonna
                              • m5F
                              • 18 May 2007

                              Can we install Skype or MSN Messenger in this phone?

                                • D
                                • David
                                • Y1w
                                • 11 May 2007

                                I own it. Its weight is not that "heft" as mentioned in the review, rather, it is "solid", would be a better word to descibe it. I like everything about it so far. BB connect is a little disappointing in the way it handles attachments and the fact you cant edit the BODY of the message. Otherwise the rest is flawless.

                                  • e
                                  • elfguy
                                  • kxx
                                  • 10 May 2007

                                  I own it and I think it's the best smartphone so far for internet / messaging. I posted my review here for those interested.

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • kCs
                                    • 08 May 2007

                                    Nope - N80 WLAN wizard does not show up on active standby screen of E61. It only shows up on N80ie (unfortunately for us E61 owners)

                                      • h
                                      • hollow
                                      • pSP
                                      • 06 May 2007

                                      You can download it from here I think...

                                      Or you can use your Catalogs application and download it via the handsets itself.

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • kNX
                                        • 06 May 2007

                                        Quoting from the review... "Now such an application along with an Active standby screen plug-in is available as an official download for all previous models."

                                        Can anyone point me to the right place? I'm using an E61. :) Thanks!