Huawei P9 review: Ascension

15 April, 2016
Huawei pulled the wraps on its next flagship in London in early April. But do you know what's better than London? Shooting London with the Huawei P9. The city looks magical throughout the P9's Leica lens and the phone feel fabulous throughout your eyes. Yes, the Huawei P9 has a lot going on and all of it seems promising.

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  • Anonymous

I think this good phone

  • Anonymous

I miss this phone. It looks so good compared to current flagships.

  • Henry

I have a P9 and when I recently changed the screen it freezes especially when I open apps like instagram and Facebook. What could be the problem

  • Anonymous

My device is not working on bluetooth n opening WiFi


I still have the phone and in my opinion it is very good, the bad thing is that I only have 3GB of RAM and 32 ROM. It is the main reason why I want to change it, since if I had more ram and rom I would still be perfect. The 3000 mAh battery also spends fast.

  • AnonD-899411

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2019The Huawei P9 has camera issues. When you use it below 50% ... moreThat just means you need to get a battery replacement. Once you have a quality replacement, camera and other functions work as expected.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2019The Huawei P9 has camera issues. When you use it below 50% ... moreThe same happens with me too.

  • Anonymous

The Huawei P9 has camera issues. When you use it below 50% it drains/misread the battery up to 0%.

  • Anonymous

are the P9 wifi enable

  • Solos

One of the best phone I had ever. Elegant shape, v good camera, 2 years experience. It has some little flaws in soft wear, but it isn't annoying. Also strong body, a it has fallen many times, but till now, did very good. I recommend strongly

  • nadeem

huawei p9 not updating oreo

  • xeno

huawei p9 or p smart?

  • new to P9

Channa, 09 Oct 2016I purchased huawei p 9 dual SIM from an authorised dealer(... moresinger items always heat up ,No

  • AnonD-704456

Its one of the best camera phones out there. Image quality on both front facing and rear camera is outstanding. Its worth it, especially now that a replacement was announced. Now is the best time to buy this masterpiece. Bought mine last week and I m loving it. It upgraded to Android Nougat straight off the box. The update took almost five hours.

  • Liz

This phone doesn't let you increase the number of ring times and in email can't make a folder and rename

  • AnonD-686085

thanks for this great review!
you do i great job ,
im gonna buy this phone,
and tell you how it does

thanks again!

  • k3m

AnonD-642194, 11 Feb 2017Hi every body... I am going to buy a phone on next week..... morego for p9.if you want a great camera.

  • Fani

i love this mobile v nice

  • FarDin ArYa

Tell me about voice Recorder, (Quality)

  • Dino

AnonD-554463, 29 Jun 2016Does anyone know the audio recording quality during video r... morebest recording u can find, two mics and there is never a noise, no matter how loud it is