LG G5 Friends review: Best buddies

27 April, 2016
LG G5's modularity is the highlight of the company's G5 flagship but is actually more to it. The LG G5 has a few accessories, called LG Friends, which will make your experience complete. They were announced alongside the G5 in Barcelona and were meant to really complete the user experience.

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  • Ashly

is it comparable with LG V30

  • Jay

for those who love accessories, this will suit your interest... hehehe
such a pleasure of having plenty of toys to play on and to play with...

  • AnonD-507785

Well...rolling bot looks like a really cool gadget, sadly its price will probably scare away most of people anyway, so it'll join other friends in the "niche". But I'm glad LG took that chance. It tells me, that they are ready to push the innovation outside of the box, which no other company does these days, just playing safe year in and out. That doesn't spark the evolution. True. It didn't work for LG this time, however it doesn't mean this won't work next time. And for that leap they took, I applaud them.

  • AnonD-507785

AnonD-504401, 28 Apr 2016HTC 10 would be your best bet.Apparently previous iterations were even better, i.e. M8 (based on what people who tested 10 already). HTC 10 still sounds good, but not as good as it used to.

  • AnonD-4254

My reaction is a mix of "wow" and "hahahaha". Don't know what to say.

Such amazing accessories, but yet, its all funny to my eyes. :D

  • AnonD-442158

AnonD-442158, 28 Apr 2016Agreed with the reviewer! The Rolling Bot is the coolest! ... moreIt turns out LG has tried making Cardboard style goggles where you put a phone in, for G3. Huh, I didn't know that. I wonder why they dropped that idea and try on a low res built in screen instead for G5....

If they stuck with a solid built phone instead of this half baked modular concept, then they would've been able to squeeze in a larger battery and a proper DAC.

  • AnonD-87512

TraverS, 28 Apr 2016If you use multi BA IEM, I think the G5 with Hifi+ is still... moreSite doesn't work but I would be interested to see these measurements. Especially for a HTC, M8, M9 or 10. Can you find the article again?

  • AnonD-158573

Not interesting at all

  • zodiacfml

so predictable.
i knew this is quick and desperate attempt to differentiate with Samsung.
The modules are redundant.

they could have taken a bigger risk for a potentially bigger reward by making niche modules for businesses and industries such as credit card readers, blood sugar testing module, infrared camera, and etc.

  • AnonD-95629

I'd like to get things cleared up ... feel free [anyone] to answer my question.

With the B&O Module connected to the G5, does it work with Tone Platinum still?
(i.e. both Audio enhancements on the B&O will work with the built-in one on the H/K on the Tone Platinum)

Overall, they're more disappointing than impressive.

  • Anonymous

Not a fan of the looks...

  • AnonD-523662


  • Anonymous

The extra 1200 battery capacity can barely be used?
And the external audio dac is only a marginal improvement?
That's really messed up LG

  • AnonD-308243

AnonD-442781, 28 Apr 2016So basically they're all basically useless, and even the ca... moredon't say that here mate LG fanats will h@ng u at dawn. but the G5s friends are very unimpressive the 360 camera and the vr thing just underdeveloped to be honest.why did they follow samsung coz sammy has been hard at work expecially on 360 imagery and VR? this doesnt build confidence from the buyer towards LG devices now does it?

  • AnonD-442781

So basically they're all basically useless, and even the cam plus can't even give you better battery life.

I mean, I knew they were niche products but looking at the review has me thinking they aren't even good for the target audience.

So, as expected, they are all just a bunch of cheap gimmicks that noone would care about if they were not presented as a part of a new flagship...

  • Anonymous

I look for the really interesting add-ons to come from outside LG toward the end of the year. First one I think would be a full-on expansion battery unit. I give LG credit for trying. You never know what will work/not work unless you take the risk.

  • TraverS

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2016"the Hi-Fi Plus boosts the audio experience on the G5, but ... moreIf you use multi BA IEM, I think the G5 with Hifi+ is still the best choice as its output impedance is 0.18 ohms according to this site


Even S7 edge has 2.5 ohms output impedance and Iphone 6s has 3.3 ohms output impedance, 0.xx ohms is rare for smartphone. Measurements of Iphone 6s looks better to me though. If you dont use BA IEM you better opt for Iphone instead.