LG G5 Friends review: Best buddies

27 April, 2016
LG G5's modularity is the highlight of the company's G5 flagship but is actually more to it. The LG G5 has a few accessories, called LG Friends, which will make your experience complete. They were announced alongside the G5 in Barcelona and were meant to really complete the user experience.

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  • AnonD-190634

No moduels yet :(

  • AnonD-504401

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2016"the Hi-Fi Plus boosts the audio experience on the G5, but you c... moreHTC 10 would be your best bet.

  • Anonymous

can't say that we didnt see this coming from a mile away. Stop fking around with gimmicky add-ons and focus on your core device!!

  • AnonD-259899

Terrible implementation for that extra 1200mAh battery to be of any use WTH?

  • AnonD-436036

this is just cool! congrats LG! you're one step ahead.

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  • AnonD-521036

Yogi & Friends :) Anyway, Lg Hi-Fi Plus With B&O Play Also Lg Tone Platinum Are Awesome For Me,Especially For wav Audio With Bitrate 1.4 Mbps & Sample Rate 44.1 kHz & Maybe More (88,96 & 192 kHz) & Output: 24-Bit.Hey Lg! "Merci".

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2016LG G5 and Friends vs Barney and friends. I wonder who would winWhy do people always want to know who wins? The world is not just win and lose...

  • AnonD-442158

Agreed with the reviewer! The Rolling Bot is the coolest! But it doesn't have a price tag yet. And a bit worried about its battery consumption. Hologram Projector might cost more than the Pet itself, to research and make one today. It cool though, since the Rolling Bot already have a rolling part (camera, laser).

Yes, it's disappointing that the Cam Module can't even do powerbank. Thanks for confirming.

360 Cam. The fact that you mention "sphere" so many times reminds me of Final Fantasy. That alone makes the whole "VR" stuff ten times cooler for me. Thank you!

Finally, their VR goggles LOOKS AWESOMELY SLIM! But that choice for resolution is mind boggling. I always believed the only real advantage for 500+ ppi for a smartphone is when you put the screen so close to your eyes, hence VR. So how come LG, whom very adamant to use 2160p on their flagship smartphones turns out NOT following its neighbor by designing a suite in the form of goggles to put the phone in? Smells like pride has gotten their minds off track.

As for the two audio add ons, I won't comment. I have SONY devices for that department.

  • Anonymous

"the Hi-Fi Plus boosts the audio experience on the G5, but you can find phones that perform just as good without needing to replace parts." - any examples except for (too big to me) V10?

  • Anonymous

LG G5 and Friends vs Barney and friends. I wonder who would win

  • AnonD-504401

The LGCam is where it's at, my favorite accessory by far.