HTC 10 review: Time-saver edition

11 May, 2016
Every year phone manufacturers make the ultimate attempt at creating the perfect smartphone. HTC is no different and in 2016 presents us the 10 - its version of a full smartphone package experience without compromise.

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  • Blah

I think it's a great phone, I had it since 2016 and it still works perfectly

  • Omar

Never buy HTC M10 is garbage . I have given for repair 2 times in a year. Now it's totally gone .

  • Doctor87

AnonD-665978, 01 May 2017 I realized that it's vibration turned suddenlyafter two w... moreI had the same problem. And had to go to the seller and replace the phone with a new one.

  • ADI

Love Htc 10 :)

  • AnonD-665978

I realized that it's vibration turned suddenlyafter two weeks to buzz or metal vibration and searched it in internet and I found many people suffering from the same problem so I wonder what the solution ?

  • AnonD-457393

Why does this have 3.5 for build quality. The 10 has one of the best build quality of any smartphone. The design is a love it hate it thing but the quality is undeniably top class

as i said design is a private matter for whom to like or not.

  • AnonD-480794

You all must know what is IP ratings. First digit is 5 for hTC 10 that is dust proof though not dust tight. When i open the back of my old Lumia 820 i don't see much of dust in it though there is enough gap between the cover and phone body leave alone IP5X rating. The second digit 3 for water tightness, it decent enough to endure a spray for up to 60 degrees from vertical - a light rain maybe. Why this hype about dust proofing and water proofing a phone?

  • AnonD-190634

Is 500$ really hefty compared to other phones?

I did not understand the part where GSMARENA says:
"DxOMark gave both the HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge the same score of 88 though we're inclined to disagree as from our experience the [S7/S7 edge duo has the upper hand] "

But GSMARENA has given HTC 10 camera a 5 star rating but have rated the camera in Galaxy S7 as 4.5 star.

Someone in GSMarena, please explain.

Ps: the last time I posted this, it was removed. Why?

  • Shimanto Islam Ovi

im luv mobile ..... this mobile myhh all family use the best mobile samsung mobile

  • Xperia sp pro user

Baterry rating is wrongly given so high, should battery rating be less than 3.5, isnt that want we all think?

To me battery is the only things thats not good with htc

I don't get it when you score for design(on build quality you have every right). for design everyone has different opinion.

  • Anonymous

Those scores are view of the one who writes review. It actually depends on individual user.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-566825, 01 Aug 2016Outstanding design and build love my new HTC 10 my first A... has IP68 rating which means it can be submerged in 5ft of water for 30 min... If u don't believe me still..You can still watch the waterproof tests done by different YouTube tech reviewers... Be clear with ur facts before you comment

  • AnonD-566825

Outstanding design and build love my new HTC 10 my first Android phone have used Nokia Lumia until Microsoft didn't like the 950 switched to HTC couldn'tbe happier. S7 and S7edge nice phones also but preferred HTC once it was in my hand best headphonesound by far. Put a Samsung phone in a full bath of water for half a hour... Surprise surprise doesnt work people are easily won over by marketing spin

  • Slayer

The low score for design and build quality meant this article lost all credibility from the get least as far as I am concerned. I use the S7 Edge and prefer it but sometimes wish it felt as robust as the HTC 10!

  • SZero

Can somebody might tell me, is ther still the extrem-power-saving mode like m8 had? where it durates 2 weeks?

AnonD-44042, 10 Jul 20163.5 score for design and build quality...????? Well here g... moreMine too its 5 star will prefer it over s7

  • Anonymous

This time saver edition is awesome, I love it. And the graph meters with %age ahead/behinf is also great. Keep up the great work.