Samsung F300 review: A phone like no other

21 May 2007
The famous South Korean manufacturer has stopped being afraid of making experiments. Once it used to only make silver clamshells. Today, however, the situation has changed significantly. Samsung already has a fancy portfolio including several new, very untraditional models. One such phone is Samsung Ultra Music F300 of the Ultra Special line up.

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  • Max

I also have a samsung F300 and i like this phone because there are few people that have it,but last night the phone was on and now it does not want to switch on.Is it what it does or what?

  • Anonymous

Is it possible to buy this phone anywhere still?

  • Duminda

I have F300 Samsung Mobile 4n, mistakenly it was fallen and display gone (small display) i want to make it can i do that and how much i must spend over that?? please advice me anyone.

  • Olga

I love this phone. Ppl say - small u use it...
I need it for calls and som smses,wich i can arrange in folders-i like. And the most-my music-everywere i m:on the beach,at work.. And i love how it looks like. I just need to find were i can bye it,cos there is no more in the Emiretes mall:(
Hope will find in Deira:)

  • jojo

i don't know why people keep forcing themselves to talk bad about this phone. FYI, no one forced you to have this. admit it or not, you know you want this. if you want a freaking calculator then buy one. don't blame the phone. it's built just the way it is so you better let it. i have the phone and i love it. i have dropped mine for a hundred times and it's super strong, it's funny the tv ad of it having been dropped is so true because you can throw it and it's still perfect. i've always wanted phones that are uncommon in form, and this is perfect. i'm happy with my f300. even if it's 2010 now and there are more hi-tech phones, mine never fails to turn heads still. and yeah, you all can drool, my phone's internet is perfect and super fast unlimited all the time at zero cost. i'm such a smart hacker. oh just so you know, this post is from that f300 that you all despise. betcha your phone can't do this. :)

  • Pearl

Does not want to download anything nor to record


sir,i have the phone f 300 bu my problem is that i can see my picture or take video all the rest are ok.why

  • Ombitho

Da phone is cool n okay but does not support java. I forgot my password n i like da phone what can do to restore password.

  • ruby

l used to use my phone in Ghana.just want to know whether it could be used in the US

  • victor

My phone memory reduced to 7000kb after flushing of virus. What could be the cause?

  • Srawrats

This Mobile Phone, Samsung F300 is cool! Like the rest, I like to be different, and carrying a different kinda mobile. Anyway, yes, it has flaw as it doesn't have a Calculator function, quite inconvenient while creating sms due to the "T9Eng" shifting function, Calender ain't that user-friendly, unable to see the sender at the end of the sms reading; unless back into the inbox, and its sms tone has to be chosen from the default. However, I still love this phone cos mainly it's stylish and slim! Also, it comes with a cool leather battery case which makes it look like a business phone. Lastly, I hope that Samsung could create a perfect mobile phone which there's still ain't one in this world. Merry Christmas Guys!!!

  • miclai

currently im having sony ericsson W850 and samsung f300.if you decided to have the phone as you daily partner for songs,sony ericsson W850 is much better than samsung f300 especially the setting os sony as a mp3 where you can view pictures and listen to the songs simultaneously.the sensitivity of the touch screen of samsung is hard to manage too even it's cool!!!!beside this,the ear piece for the sony ericsson is much comfortable.but if for buss folks,of course's cool and stylish!!!

  • Snoopy

Hey, can any1 help me? i cant decide whether 2 buy da samsung f300 or sony ericsson w850i. Which is better? And can u surf da internet on da f300?

  • Snoopy

Hey, can any1 help me? i cant decide whether 2 buy da samsung f300 or sony ericsson w850i. Which is better? And can u surf da internet on da f300?

  • Kay

this phone is cool b cuz of the music player on the othes side.but i dont think its cool for business folks.yor phone and mp3 player in one hand, hows that!

  • Rasthai

You have to bring it , to the samsung service center, they will upgrade the firmware. This is a firmware issue. Read the user opinion section for details.

  • anna

this fone sucks i had it 4 2 months and the mp3 side is already not working i have over 100 songs stored in my fone & it isnt showing up on the music player can some1 help me plz.

  • Jonelle

i think i'm fallin' in love with this phone. i don't care about the flaws of this phone (major negative: tiny screen). it's nothing compared to the other phones i had (nokia 7280 and 7380).

a tiny screen is not a big issue than not having keypads at all, right? besides, i always wanted to be different (all my secondary phones were), and this f300 is really the bomb!

i'm really squeezing myself to choose between this f300 or the super common sew880i! i'm still undecided.. but i think i'ma buy this f300 next week!

if they say this f300 is hard to use.. i'm more than willing to dedicate my full time mastering it because this phone is waaay one of a kind! i love it! i'm gonna get it!

  • innocentia

this phone is devine,and you know what i got a white one(limited edition babe!)but if it had a flash it would had been perfect...cant capture those crazy nights out...other than that i love it whooo hoo!!!

  • Anonymous

got this phone about 1 week ago. everyone i have talked to loves the styling on it, and how it has a dual screen. there are a few issues which limit this phone's functions, which i was used to having in my old Samsung D500:
-no flash on camera
-calender has only 1 entry available
-no calculator
-no loudspeaker of any kind
-very hard 2 talk when in a noisier area, because the speaker is very quiet, an one has to shove their ear in the earpiece, effectively cleaning one's ear wax out.

other than that, the mp3 side is amazing. all this phone is, is an mp3 player