Samsung F300 review: A phone like no other

A phone like no other

Jan Horalík, 21 May 2007.

Samsung F300 is a phone with a unique dual face construction. The question is whether this design and functional experiment will prove good in practice…

Key features

  • unusual dual face construction
  • only 9.4 mm thickness
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • video in QVGA resolution
  • 100 MB internal memory, microSD memory card slot
  • FM radio
  • Bluetooth with A2DP
  • GPRS and EDGE both Class 10
  • practical case with integrated battery enclosed in the retail package

Main disadvantages

  • not so user-friendly controls
  • the battery in the phone is not replaceable
  • the "phone" part has a 2 line display
  • sensor button is difficult to control and much too sensitive
  • no email client
  • camera pictures cannot be saved directly to the memory card
  • No Java support

01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg
Samsung F300 Ultra Music

The famous South Korean manufacturer has stopped being afraid of making experiments. Once it used to only make silver clamshells almost impossible to differentiate one from another. Today, however, the situation has changed significantly. Samsung already has a fancy portfolio including several new, very untraditional models. One such phone is Samsung Ultra Music F300 of the Ultra Special line up.

05.jpg 06.jpg 07.jpg
A phone from one side o a MP3 player from the other o size comparison to a credit card

Both-side premiere

Samsung F300 is the first phone with dual face construction on the market. It does not have a standard back side in the form of a battery cover. Each of the phone sides features a display and a certain number of keys. One of the sides operates calls and standard phone activities. Here you will find a tiny display and a classical numerical keypad. From now on we are going to call this side "the phone side". The opposite side features a notably bigger display, beneath which you will see a touch sensitive navigation key with a confirming center, just like in some MP3 players. Let's call this opposite side "the multimedia side".

31.jpg 32.jpg   33.jpg   35.jpg
Samsung designers know that slimness is in the vogue today

The phone feels pleasantly small thanks to its minimum thickness (9.4 mm) and size (103.5 x 44 mm). Without the case the phone weighs mere 79 grams, while including the case its weight increases by additional 77 grams. Samsung F300 has a very good construction. It is made of high-quality materials, which slightly remind rubber, when touched. No creaky sounds are heard at all.

08.jpg   09.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg
Several control elements on the sides of the phone: two slots and two connectors

Both sides of the phone are covered with plenty of control elements and protecting covers. On the left you will see a combined connector for earphones, charger, and data cable. Unfortunately, it is not a miniUSB connector, but a standard Samsung one. Right next to it you will find a slot for a microSD memory card. In the top area of the left side, in the silver strip there is also a key, which switches between the phone and the multimedia side; the presence of such a key is explained with the fact that both sides cannot be active simultaneously. A sliding key lock is located next to the switcher. It is small and hard to move; its activation and deactivation might require the use of a finger nail. In the top left corner there is an eye-let for a wrist band.

17.jpg   16.jpg   18.jpg 19.jpg
Sliding keypad lock and a side-switcher • hidden behind the cover is a slot for a microSD memory card and a multi-functional connector

The SIM card slot can be found under one of the covers (firmly fastened to the body of the phone, just like all other covers) on the right side of the phone. The SIM card is inserted just like any memory card. Yet, remember to push it deeply inside the phone; for this purpose you can use a sharp object. A sharp object will also come handy for the removal of the cover of the external antenna connector located nearby as well as for the reset of the phone provided by a press on the button behind the tiny hole. The dual volume-control key can be found on this side, too.

12.jpg   14.jpg   13.jpg
SIM card is inserted into a slot similar to memory card slots • dual volume-control key next to the hidden reset button

The top of Samsung F300?s body is bare. Its bottom, however, features a connector for the second battery integrated in an elegant case made of leather imitation. The case, which successfully protects both sides of the phone, is enclosed in the retail package. Samsung P310 had a similar case.

36.jpg   39.jpg   46.jpg   34.jpg
Samsung F300 inside its case • there is a battery built in one of the case sides • a connector for charging from the case

The phone slides smoothly into the case till it is stopped by two locks on the bottom. The design of the case provides comfortable access to both phone sides. If you insert the phone into the case when its battery is low, it will start charging automatically using the second battery.

  40.jpg   42.jpg   41.jpg 43.jpg
Work with the phone while it is inside the case is seamless • both sides are easy to reach

The battery is built into the phone so it can only be replaced in a specialized repair service shop. It is a Li-Ion battery with 720 mAh capacity. It is supposed to provide Samsung F300 with enough energy for 155 hours on stand-by or 150 minutes of calls.

47.jpg   44.jpg   38.jpg   37.jpg
An ease-off key that permits the extraction of the phone • a holder for the top edge of the phone • the sides are not protected at all

Reader comments

  • Max
  • 16 Dec 2012
  • Nmb

I also have a samsung F300 and i like this phone because there are few people that have it,but last night the phone was on and now it does not want to switch on.Is it what it does or what?

  • Anonymous
  • 29 Jun 2011
  • JCc

Is it possible to buy this phone anywhere still?

  • Duminda
  • 11 Nov 2010
  • tew

I have F300 Samsung Mobile 4n, mistakenly it was fallen and display gone (small display) i want to make it can i do that and how much i must spend over that?? please advice me anyone.