LeEco Le Max 2 review: L'etranger

08 June 2016
To get the disclaimers out of the way, this is obviously not coming straight from Beijing’s Latin Quarter. Although a certain penchant for all things French is not entirely incredible, you can bet LeEco has a keener eye on neighboring India – probably its biggest potential source of revenue after the home market.

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  • Pinky
  • 4m$
  • 01 Dec 2020

My Le eco phone won't pick up cellular service unless the wifi is on.. someone please help me

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    • faizu
    • rAT
    • 16 Nov 2019

    AnonD-626178, 29 Dec 2016It is an excellent phone. Don't know why people are giving ... morei agreee

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      • Sunil
      • DkA
      • 11 Jan 2019

      This device is lit AF. When you buy, it doesn't have voLTE. Type c headphone will not work after some days. VoLTE be enabled after eui update 5.9. Then you cant use BHIM upi or google pay just because you have lost the device verification from Google. When you update to EUI 6 for face unlock, Google play store, google services framework, google account manager will not work just because your device is banned to connect google server. And this device doesn't support for HDR graphics for PUBG. And FPS will range from 20-25. Nice for gamers.

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        • sk
        • Dku
        • 19 Sep 2018

        shahi shaikh, 13 Dec 2016Le max is nt good I tried hanging problem after eui update... moreroot

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          • Anonymous
          • LeI
          • 04 Aug 2018

          Anonymous, 04 Aug 2018I'm very disappointed in this phone. Had so many positive r... moreTry to factory reset your phone or change your rom

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            • Anonymous
            • rRU
            • 04 Aug 2018

            I'm very disappointed in this phone. Had so many positive reviews. It stops in the middle of my videos. I have to constantly keep pressing play. When I'm recording a video it constantly stops and I have to keep pressing record. When I'm typing, whether it's doing a Google search, text, even adding contacts, the keypad constantly disappears. By the time I got this far it had disappeared 12 times. It's ridiculous. I'm about to buy another phone. I've had it with this one.

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • 7P4
              • 26 Feb 2018

              Miman, 03 Jun 2017Really,Lemax 2 has a very bad fingerprint sensor , it does... moreI also buy lemax2 but it's very nice having no problem .

                • S
                • Sumaira
                • 7P4
                • 26 Feb 2018

                How I can contact you. I want to buy

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                  • AnonD-708036
                  • PEW
                  • 14 Oct 2017

                  i am from India. bought le max 2 x821. but as the eui was 5.6 i did factory reset and now the model name changed to x820 and the eui is 5.9.23s. Is it ok?

                    • a
                    • adi
                    • PEW
                    • 14 Oct 2017

                    my le max 2 was bought with model name x821. but the eui was 5.6. i did the factory reset......now it is shown model name x820 and eui is 5.9.23s. It is bad? Another problem camera autofocus is delayed by few seconds. At first there are some multicolor hue comes then it gets focused. Any solution......

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                      • Anonymous
                      • I9H
                      • 04 Oct 2017

                      This phone is now very cheap, is it worth buying?

                        • Z
                        • Zohaib Noor Khan
                        • D0H
                        • 27 Sep 2017

                        All are good but the finger print scanner is not working and the battery is draining so fast...

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                          • Hiub
                          • rx2
                          • 09 Sep 2017

                          saddy66, 01 Jul 2017Is leeco le 2 has heating problem or not...friends who r us... moreNo, my phone never heated. It gets slightly warm when connected to charger.

                            • Y
                            • Yakha
                            • uuq
                            • 08 Jul 2017

                            Neeraj, 30 Nov 2016Hey do you buy the phone how it works plzz rplyy Wow its really gud

                              • s
                              • saddy66
                              • KSt
                              • 01 Jul 2017

                              Krish, 10 Aug 2016Hi Sachi, The 3.5 mm port/ pin has been in existence sin... moreIs leeco le 2 has heating problem or not...friends who r user please answer..

                                • M
                                • Miman
                                • fCZ
                                • 03 Jun 2017

                                Really,Lemax 2 has a very bad fingerprint sensor , it doesn't works. and the 21 MP camera doesn't act like 21 MP . The slo-mo video is very poor, yes, the look of this mobile is pretty but I can't stand it without the back cover because of the camera hump on the back. and the battery drain is very fast, but the gaming performance is very good , it doesn't lag when you play heavy games. At the last , the eui of the mobile is very bad , the eui doesn't supports lot of customisation options the

                                  • Z
                                  • Zero
                                  • Ksa
                                  • 25 Mar 2017

                                  Ok... The Le Max 2 does NOT have NFC at all. Careful with that.

                                    • D
                                    • AnonD-626178
                                    • PG3
                                    • 29 Dec 2016

                                    It is an excellent phone. Don't know why people are giving so bad reviews. No finger print issue. Very fast, high resolution screen, awesome camera, great battery time. Can't ask for more.

                                      • s
                                      • shahi shaikh
                                      • 7ke
                                      • 13 Dec 2016

                                      Le max is nt good I tried hanging problem after eui update nd touch..wt is solution this prob?

                                        • S
                                        • Shubha
                                        • D0d
                                        • 12 Dec 2016

                                        Bestest phone ..😃
                                        Go for it !