Sony Xperia XA review: Narrow margins

22 June 2016
Sometimes an underdog proves to be the crowd favorite. This may be the case with the Sony Xperia XA - the most affordable of the four X-phones we've seen so far and yet it probably causes the most excitement when you hold it in hand.

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  • OG

It did not have enough can even save up to 5apps

  • CyberLord94

Brightongirl, 06 Mar 2019I have only had the Sony experia XA a few weeks 2nd hand. My onl... moreBootloop = is your problem
Find a solution on Google😉

  • Bobo

Please help me out with this issue that is troubling my phone, I have updated my phone and now is not more functioning as it's used to be. Please with the previous software

  • Brightongirl

I have only had the Sony experia XA a few weeks 2nd hand. My only complaint is, that it takes a long time to fire up. When you turn it on. Seems to take for ever. To even get to the android logo. 😐

  • nkole

this phone is no good it shows 16gb internal storage but I only use abt 3gb then it shows not enough space what's wrong?

  • Cool scar

Overall not a bad phone
Battery life average
Camera OK for the price
Nice size

  • Martin

Fred, 19 Apr 2018The pictures are not great. Color is a bit unreal.Overall the Sony Xperia XA is a very reliable phone. However the photo quality deteriorates over time.

  • Disgruntled

This phone is No good had problem charging sent it to Bell no solution .Sent it to Sony they are claiming the phone rhey received has a different IMEI # from the one I gave on the phone.Now thy want me to pay for diagnostics and the phone was under warranty. I am done. WILL NEVER BUY A SONY PHONE EVER.

  • Anonymous

My honest comment about xperia phone is that they have caused me trouble and sony offers no help.

  • Fred

sagar, 21 Oct 2017 can it capture good images? The pictures are not great. Color is a bit unreal.

  • aniruddha

heating problem and service centre not capable to solve.
sent service centre 2 to 3 times. still there is same problem

very poor quality in budget phone series

  • Samath

AnonD-641414, 11 Feb 2017i love you sony xperia xaY u like Sony Xperia a mobile

  • sagar

can it capture good images?

xXENDER FREAKXx, 24 Jun 2017Heavy use is definitely not going to have very good battery life... moreThe only great weakness of this device is Mediatek. Sadly it's another story than its long lasting Snapdragons. But still what Sony did from Mediatek's is simply amazing!

Gggg, 23 Sep 2017I don't understand why people are complaining about battery life... moreGrab it while you can for sure!

Hi everybody, I took a pause commenting here because of a change I have made in my personal life. Now I’m back.
So among other things I did, I met my cousin from a pause of few years and he saw my XA device and he was very interested about how I maintained it and how this device felt in its hands (I kept it very clean and did upgrade it to latest Android 7.0 - 33.3.A.1.97 – that is a maximum and best upgrade to it till now) and I gave it to him (he had an Iphone 5C model until now). I was testing XA1 with my friend at his repair service company for a while and I was so pleasantly surprised by its capabilities.
Cpu, memory, camera, design, and Android Oreo scheduled upgrade, plus having now a special free contract offer from an electronics dealer, made me decide to give my XA as a present to my cousin (he like it very much overall) and I ordered for myself the XA1 model.

As a conclusion to all that want and still have the possibility to buy and enjoy the Xperia XA mode, please take note:

*This device is perfect for daylight photography (at least after latest Nougat upgrade even better than any Samsung at its class at least) and for any task that do not exceed its 2gb of ram limitation, it can manage everything from offline gps to some interesting games.
*Take care of it installing good/compatible software, don't flash/root it if you don't know best how this operation works (Mediatek motherboards are very bad comparing to Qualkomm ones at changing Kernel and other stuff like that) erase/stop bloatware and keep a good physical maintain (not too much humidity nor dust) and for sure nothing bad will happen to it.
*Of course, the battery remain a weak point for it, but for a price tag under 200 euros it's for sure best Mediatek device available on the market.

This is among few Mediatek cheap jewels. Good luck!

Elliona123, 30 Nov 2016Hi. I just bought the Xperia XA dual. The phone is amazing. Ever... moreBetter than most J's or A's from Samsung!

Shailesh roa , 12 Oct 2017Don't buy this phone not support 4g,poor camera, heat mobile phoneStop bullshitting this device. It's ideal to have it mostly now that it's at a lower price! It has an amazing 4g and dual sim, and an ideal wi-fi tethering. Most Samsung/Iphones devices scream to have such an ideal compatibility to other devices and signal reception. Have a life dude!

  • Shailesh roa

Don't buy this phone not support 4g,poor camera, heat mobile phone

  • AnonD-706002

after update 33.3.A.1.97 screen become unresponsive,notification panel automatically downed,when i press power button screen has been on but not working after repress off and on screen will work
my device F3116