Samsung Galaxy S7 Active: The Olympic performer

29 June 2016
We're already used to seeing Samsung release an 'Active' version of its current Galaxy S flagship. The Samsung Galaxy S7 active is the latest in the series and it has been released exclusively to AT&T as it's also become customary. If history should serve as any reference, the model would likely not see availability outside the stable of this particular US carrier.

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  • Mark_S

I still have this phone working to this day years after its initial release.
Android 8.0 it appears where the OS upgrade stopped.
Though sluggish at times, it is extremely customizable in areas that 9.0 and 10.0 restrict. The main breaker for 8.0 is no dark mode. Great for battery and ease on the eyes starting with 9.0. Its a give and take.
Now with the Xcover Field Pro, its mainly Octa-core, user replaceable battery.

  • Dago

Please I need to find out if this movil works with 3g hsdpa 900 mhz? Some pages says yes but... Thanks

  • AnonD-185684

Battery life is subjective. because we all dont use our phones the same.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2016Really? Yet the exynos performs tasks better, opens faster... moreSamsung does not publish kernel source code for exynos devices. So no development for exynos, unless it comes from Samsung. I'm not a big fan of qualcomm either, but I would choose a device with qualcomm chip

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2016Snapdragon > ExynosReally?
Yet the exynos performs tasks better, opens faster, encodes faster, has better ram managemen. And noticeable better battery life. This generation.

As long standing facts the exynos has also had better cpu performance, less Throttle, and always come with a superior audio chip.

So why is the snapdragon better? Because it has better but almost always less sustained gpu bursts?

  • AnonD-98399

AnonD-482637, 30 Jun 2016A9 proif you use Samsung before , you know the A series is not the model can satisfying us. Samsung only 2 series are well make , which is S & Note . especially the Note series , its more competent in every aspect.

  • Anonymous

Snapdragon > Exynos

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2016I like to see sony achieve that while using more than 720p.Anything above 720p is pointless in a phone.

  • android ftw

Gerald, 01 Jul 2016Honestly I don't know why Samsung doesn't just drop Android... morei hop your not talking about apples a10 chip
a) samsung already makes that chip for apple
b) exynos chips are way better

  • AnonD-364786

Gerald, 01 Jul 2016Honestly I don't know why Samsung doesn't just drop Android... morepeople buy samsung phones for android

  • AnonD-126854

Gerald, 01 Jul 2016Honestly I don't know why Samsung doesn't just drop Android... moreLOL
To buy A10? From whom? :)
Are you serious? A10 could not even boot Note or even S.
A10 is working for iPhone not because is so powerful, but because iOS is lean, and iPhones are featureless.

  • AnonD-530935

AnonD-404954, 01 Jul 2016samsung flip phone can survive for than 2 weeks you cannot... moreNice Mobiles,, really

They should make it more compact i.e. 4.7 inch since it "active" handset. Full HD rather than QHD to conserve the battery.

  • AnonD-551566

AnonD-540875, 01 Jul 2016Why the hack is Samsung limiting this device to AT&T?!?... moreno need to be disapointed, i think is a strategy from AT&T and not precisely samsung, as a suggestion i can say it's really hard to find a phone like active because it's made to be rough and be used outdoors (maybe u work in construction for example) i dare to say HTC has a nice build but i haven't seen it used in the way the active should be


  • AnonD-551566

AnonD-152638, 01 Jul 2016If you don't know about air bubbles, I have doubts that you... morewow what a long response... either way i can assure u every single phone i've owned has got the screen protector and i only had air bubbles once for the bad use i gave, after a year of use (give or take) it can have air bubbles (but at that point ur main concern will be dust none the less)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-152638, 01 Jul 2016You perhaps missed the discussion I went in to, with my ori... moreYeah no. I am correct that a screen protector is an easy fix. The plastic layer protecting it is more prone to scratches....Its plastic. Common sense. But will keep the display from shattering.
A screen protector is extremely easy and cheap.

Eventually it will probably be more scratch resistant as well.
In the meantime you are exhaustively whining about a simple thing. Instead being greatful for what is given to you.

  • AnonD-540875

Why the hack is Samsung limiting this device to AT&T?!?!?
Becoming more and more disappointed. Would change for other brand if there were a comparable device. Any suggestions? (Sony Xperia no go)

  • AnonD-152638

AnonD-551566, 30 Jun 2016lol for some, screen protectors are a must on every device,... moreYou perhaps missed the discussion I went in to, with my original comment, I was replying a comment that was replying another comment.

So here is why I said what I said.
From what I’ve read that S7 active has an extra protective layer over the screen.
Some people suggest that the extra layer scratches more easily than glass screens.
And if that is the case, well, then that is not a good solution.

And the comment I replied to was one that said that screen protectors were an easy fix for that issue.
Having to bother with screen protectors is not an easy fix, as the commenter suggested.
A fix perhaps, but not an easy one.

And on a phone that is supposed to be rugged you should expect not have to pay extra, to protect your screen, just to get the same level of scratch resistance as you would on another device.
The minimum should be that it handles scratches at least as well as others.

And if it does have an extra protective layer, and you add another one to that, it will probably in the end affect the screen brightness, clarity and such.

If it does need screen protectors to keep it from getting scratches where normal scratch resistant glass would not be scratched, Samsung should have included a bunch of screen protectors in the resale package, at least.
But I still don’t think, on a device like this that you should have to bother with applying screen protectors, to get normal level of scratch protection.
Because if you have to, Samsung didn’t do a good enough job with the screen (and or protecting layers), and should have taken the product back to the drawing board.

If it however is at least as good in terms of scratch resistance as scratch resistant glass screens on other devices, and has that extra protection against impact that warrants the military spec, well then there is no issue here.
I’m not the one stating that it scratches more easily, I have no experience with the device. And I haven’t checked around on videos on the matter.
The ones clamining that might be wrong, and then it does not need an easy fix.

Anyone that wants extra layers of protection should feel free to add that. I have no issue with people wanting to add extra protection.
But it should not be something that you need to do, to get the basic levels of scratch protection.
And it’s certainly not an easy thing to do.
So if Samsung failed here, there is no easy fix, that solves the problem. At the best there is a workaround by getting a screen protector. The buyer should not have to pay for that, or be bothered with applying it.
Samsung is a really big company, so the buyer should not have to find it's own quick fixes, or rather complicated workarounds that costs extra money as it would be in this case (the same should apply to Apple if they fail with something, as they are also really big, and so is Google).
You should not have to read about quick fixes in comment sections, faults should be fixed by the company.
There should be no need for anyone to defend a company like Samsung, by writing tips in a comment section, on how to get around an issue that should not be there. The company should fix the issue themselves. It doesnt matter if there is a quick fix for an issue unless there is an official fix. If there is an official fix, but also a quick free or really cheap fix that in no way affects warranty, but could save you from having to send in a device, to do the same thing, well, then I'm all for reading about it in comment sections.
But if there is an issue, but the only way to get around it, is with a workaround that is rather complicated and isn't dirt cheap, well then there is something wrong with how the company is handling the thing.

But that is only if Samsung actually failed.
I still don't know for sure if it is true that this one scratches more easily than other phones.

If there is no scratch issue with the S7 Active, but some people just want that extra level of protection, then sure screen protectors could be it. But I bet most people in here already know about screen protectors, so then, it would be more valid to perhaps steer people towards a better type of screen protectors.
Not everyone knows that there are different types.
Personally I would say that the glass ones are better. But some cheap ones break way too easily, and really offers no scratch protection, but rather just break by any hard touch.
Also glass screen protectors do add thickness if the screen is not recessed, and if they don't have 2.5D edges you can clearly feel your fingers getting caught on the edges and those without 2.5D edges often cracks more easily. For my Z3 I got one of the best brands of glass protectors, and it came with a back glass protector that was supposed to be of the same quality, but without the 2.5D edges, and it definately cracked by less than the front one.
And if they have cut-outs on the front, it makes sensors and cameras above the screen even more visible.
And they are slightly smaller than the glass of the device, to make sure that when they are perfectly on, no part of the screen protector is outside the glass surface, which it needs to attach properly. So that is another way that it at least slightly brings down the looks of your device.
But compared to the thin plastic ones, they do add some impact protection, even the cheapest ones that carck way too easy reduces the impact on the screen to some extent. So if one feel they need extra protection that would be my tip.
But for basic scratch protection, you should not have to get one for a device like S7 Active, then something is wrong.

When in pockets and so, even better for protecting the screen is a case with a lid.
But when using the device it's not certain that the lid will flip in to position to actually cover the display, when falling to the ground.
I would also say that those see thru plastic windows can be really pratical, if they are in the right place you can see who is calling, and answer (on the device or hands-free) without having to flip open first.
If you get a case with a lid you should at least make sure that it's possible to talk with the lid closed, that could save the device if you drop it.

(I’ve seen that Motorola X Force that has an extra layer screen protection, with cracks going all the way in to the display on display in stores, so clearly that wasn’t unbreakable either, but anything that is better than the standard Samsung S series and/or iPhone is still an improvement, and I think that Motorola came with free display replacement, even if that was just for a limited time and not the lifetime of the device)

  • AnonD-152638

AnonD-551566, 30 Jun 2016lol for some, screen protectors are a must on every device,... moreIf you don't know about air bubbles, I have doubts that you have ever applied a screen protector. I've never seen anyone manage to apply a screen protector without first getting air bubbles. Most quality screen protectors even mention them in the supplied manual. Some comes with hard plastic tools to help you get rid of them and some tell you to use a cloth (often a supplied cloth that is also used for cleaning the screen before applying).
I've managed to get rid of air bubbles. However after a couple of months, I've had at least one air bubble again, sometimes the air bubbles has been back after only a few days or weeks. Often in the same place as one of the ones that I managed to get rid of. And when they re-appear, it doesn't seem like you can rub them of, they come back almost instantly, even if you think you have succeeded.
In youtube videos you often see people start rubbing the screen again after applying the protector, before showing you the result, suggesting that they saw air-bubbles that they wanted to get rid of. And like I say, you can manage to get rid of them, but often not all of them permanently, and you seldom get to see the device again after some time in videos.
I even seen videos where people have discarded screen protectors, or admitted that they replaced it (instantly of after a couple of days), because they did not get a good result.

I have gotten products from the factory, with screen protectors already on, with Air bubbles.

And I've seen a lot of people with devices with air-bubbles.

And I have heard resellers tell their customers that they don't want to try to apply the screen protectors, as they can't guarantee a good result.
Perhaps there is some place where I live, where people can have them apply the screen protector for you and guarantee a good result, but then I'm sure you would have to pay extra for that.
If I would manage to find a place that would offer to put it on for free, I would have to live with the result. And I rather do a bad job myself, than having someone else do a bad job with products I paid money for.

So I would not for a second believe a person that is trying to convince me that it’s easy to apply plastic screen protectors, it simply isn’t. Sometimes people manage to get a perfect result, most of the time people don’t, at least not on the first attempt, every single time. So if you want e perfect result, you should expect to have to buy more than one screen protector.

Over a longer period of time, plastic screen protectors will start to come of slightly at the edges, and starting to collect dust, that does not only affect the look, but might actually catch dust that makes scratches or dents in the display.

With glass screen protectors, air-bubbles are mostly not an issue. And you can often lift them and re-apply them if you have bubbles as first. And if they are still there, they tend to disappear with time, as the pressure is distributed over the whole area, forcing the air out in the end.
But there is still a fairly large risk that you will get some dust or fiber caught beneath the glass screen protector, so that the result will not look perfect. And perhaps then even leaving a pocket of air, surrounding that dirt, where you can see that the screen protector hasn’t fully attached to the glass beneath. The same is true for plastic screen protectors.
And even glass screen protectors can start coming of at the ends.

If you can live with scratches on your screen protector, surely you could live with scratches on your device.
So either you are sensitive to scratches and need a screen protector that you can replace, or you are not sensitive to scratches, and actually does not really need a screen protector.

Most mobiles have scratch resistant screens, that handles scratches better than screen protectors. Even the more expensive glass screen protectors seems to scratch more easily than the glass on the display itself.
So having a screen protector will most likely mean that you will have scratches more easily, actually, meaning that if you are sensitive, you would be bothered by scratches sooner than if you left your screen bare.

And without the screen protector you will not get dirt caught between the glass and the screen protector, not even at the edges, over time.

Protecting you screen from scratches by having a scratchy screen protector seems odd. Why are you protecting that glass screen if you are never going to see the good condition it is in?
Either you are bothered with scratches, or you are not.
Plus the screen protector often compromises the look and feel.
Makes no sense to me.
If you only get one single screen protector for your device, you could have been just fine even without it. If you get rid of the device before the protector is scratched or starts collecting dust, your glass screen would not have gotten scratches either. If the protector get scratches before you get rid of the device, well then you could have lived without the screen protector and just as well had scratches on the screen itself.
So if you do care about scratches, you will probably have to replace your screen protector every now and then. Add to that, having to buy extra for failed attempts to get them on.

It does however increase the resale value if you can keep the amount of scratches down. But often devices show wear and tear in other places, if it would ever been in a situation where the screen was saved from scratches, by having a screen protector. And then the perfect or almost perfect condition of the screen glass, will not do that much to the resale value, unless you recondition the device, but very few devices are worth reconditioning as the resale value won’t increase as much as the reconditioning costs, even if the screen was in perfect condition and did not need replacing.

Glass screen protectors can however sometimes even save your screen from breaking, as they crack themselves and by doing so, absorbs some of the impact. Thin plastic screen protectors have almost no shock absorbing properties, despite some claiming they do.

So a glass screen protector even with scratches, even cracks could be a way to protect your device from getting damaged in terms of functionality. Thus glass screen protectors makes some sense, even if you are the type that are not bothered with visible scratches.
But it does affect the looks, and thickness of the device, and isn’t completely easy to apply, so it’s not without issues. And a good quality one costs even more than high quality plastic screen protectors.
And with curved glass of curved displays, glass screen protectors look horrible.

This device however has a flat screen, so it could be ok. And since the screen is slightly recessed and the buttons stick out, a good quality glass screen protector, with precise cut-outs, might not hurt the look that much, in this particular case. And not add that much to thickness. But it could still end up being a hustle to get it on, without ending up with dirt between the screen and the protector.

  • AnonD-404954

Mir, 30 Jun 2016I think that was a fluke. They never achieve that score ag... moresamsung flip phone can survive for than 2 weeks
you cannot compare old tecnology to the new one