OnePlus 3 review: Time-saver edition

04 July 2016
A quality act is hard to follow, especially so, when you've already done it twice and you are gunning for nothing short of gold with a "never settle" attitude. The third flagship in OnePlus's modest device lineup represents a new and quite difficult approach to the task, juggling between the classic start-up style formula of high-end specs on a budget and a newly found business maturity and company growth. It is a difficult mix, to say the least and yet, somehow, the OnePlus 3 seems to make it work.

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  • Md Monir Hossain

Rajesh K, 02 Nov 2016Battery Back up very poor.....Battery backup is very poor

  • Anonymous

Good phone

  • Anonymous

Best phone in Android systems

  • Anonymous

Good mobile

  • Sadhan Adhikary

It is dual 4g standby

  • Chinna nani

One plus 3 mobile have dual camera or not?

  • Jems

Awesome mobile oneplus 3 my life bast mobil

  • Deepak

One plus 3. Mobile bed farfome say not video calling ..And not HD video working you tube

  • Scoobydooby

arun5959, 12 Oct 2016Oneplus traditionally provides weak battery for their phone... moreI know this post is a month old now, but how do you figure the battery on this is underpowered?

I get two full days usage and sometimes even more if I am in a strong cell area. There are certain things that could be better about the OP3, but battery imo is not an area I can criticize at all.

  • AnonD-569198

No MicroSD card slot. LOL

  • Rajesh K

Battery Back up very poor.....

  • Pauladev

I am surprised the dual SIM card is not mentioned. It is such a rarity in a top phone in Europe, and the main reason I chose the OnePlus Three over other similarly specked phones that were more expensive. I believe all phones should have the dual sim option. You don't have to use a second sim if you have no need, but if you only have one offered you can't opt to use another except by changing which is very inconvenient.

  • AnonD-137610

Sub, 24 Aug 2016Guys, Pl let me know which phone is better among the follo... moreSony Xperia Z2 (better colour accuracy of the screen) or Sony Xperia Z3 (better IP certification - more durable).

  • AnonD-137610

While I agree with you with your assessment of the Diamond Pentile pixel arrangement of the screen, which is far from ideal, I can't understand how at the same time you rate the specific display with a score of 5/5.

  • AnonD-593340

One plus 3 nice mobile

Oneplus traditionally provides weak battery for their phones. They should learn from Xiaomi Note 3 on how much capacity battery is necessary for an ideal phone.

  • Ashikul emon

AnonD-556527, 04 Jul 2016Op3 vs le eco max 2 ...which is better to buyOp3 is the best phn naw...!

  • Kiran

Guyz plz tell me any one is using one plus3 mobile with netgear router. I'm facing connectvity issue with netgear router. Can any one share there experience

  • brayan

AnonD-345273, 16 Aug 2016No it's time to do One plus 3 mini, 1.Display.- 4.7 inch... moreso... the oneplus 2...? basically what you described

  • Nishu

Recently I bought op3 via amazon but it could not diliver this a good decision for Me if some problem tell me exactly I can cancel it.????