Huawei P9 lite review: On a diet

08 July 2016
Whether it's "soda lite" or "flagship lite," people are more sensitive of the list of ingredients than ever before. So, what’s a Huawei P9 made of and will it taste the same without the secondary black & white camera and with less metal on the body?

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  • AnonD-428442
  • y$Y
  • 09 Jul 2016

I don't understand why companies are doing a hybrid second SIM slot as microSD slot. It defeats the purpose completely of buying a device with those features. Plus with only 16GB internal storage?

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    • AnonD-510275
    • PA7
    • 09 Jul 2016

    What makes P9 Lite much more expensive than Honor 5C?

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      • AnonD-463101
      • nDN
      • 08 Jul 2016

      The regular Huawei P8 is on Marshmellow, its just not rolled out on every region, but easily obtainable from one of the myriad other regional sites , like Huawei Hungary for example.

        Novage, 08 Jul 2016It's T830mp2 not t880mp2 ! Right you are! Thanks for pointing it out.

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          • s07
          • 08 Jul 2016

          Too lite phone for the price

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            • Novage
            • pg3
            • 08 Jul 2016

            It's T830mp2 not t880mp2 !

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              • ali
              • KIK
              • 08 Jul 2016

              Amazing phone

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                • Hoffmann
                • gCh
                • 08 Jul 2016

                The panorama is ugly af

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                  • Pars
                  • HIi
                  • 08 Jul 2016

                  huawei has worst devices and very bad terrible UI , large number of famous apps icons are not changed at all because huawei customized icons and u can't see new icons of famous app also by changing themes ! like Social apps , massengers , google apps and high numbers of other apps