Huawei P9 lite review: On a diet

08 July 2016
Whether it's "soda lite" or "flagship lite," people are more sensitive of the list of ingredients than ever before. So, what’s a Huawei P9 made of and will it taste the same without the secondary black & white camera and with less metal on the body?

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  • ajvcampos

I would like to know if it cand hold a 256Gb Micro SD card in it ??

  • DJ monkey

This phone is so annoying ,,,,I don't care if it's old cause some people still have the phone like me and this phone is annoying to deal with ,,,right now I do not recommend this product,,,,,,,, even though it is old ,,you can still release system updates for the people do have this phone

  • Diospada

This phone is great. I use for 3 years and have no problem but losing its sound quality through headphones in the latest firmware. Now i want to revert to the old one

  • MarcVB

Wonderful phone ! Best I ever had until now.

  • Lazer

Ever since I received my phone it has never supported any video call ...why via all social media ..can u explan..its a p9lite

  • Anonymous

what about the upgrade is it safe?

  • Lynn

This phone Huawei p9 lite was my late partners phone I use it now and it's great good battery quick opening hardly ever had any problems apart from when I open too many oages. I like it that much I'm away to get a new Huawei y6 2018. Highly recommended the po lite

  • gringo

Shenon., 11 Jul 2018Noin custom roms (los,...) => yes
stock roms => no

i'm still using this phone with my custom cm13 build ... it rocks better than any stock rom i have tried !

i'm a rom cooker, watchout

AnonD-684564, 14 Jul 2017Please, reply me anyone. I want to know Huawe... moreNo

  • Anonymous

AnonD-684564, 14 Jul 2017Please, reply me anyone. I want to know Huawe... moreNo

  • Anonymous

What is the symbol of a shoe and a number next to it mean

  • Anonymous

Shenon., 09 Sep 2017Hello what is 7.1 osNogut

Hello what is 7.1 os

  • AnonD-684564

Please, reply me anyone.
I want to know Huawei P9 lite, do support On The Go(OTG)

Google assistant officials updated give

  • Rara

Ssss, 03 Mar 20174g volte service available in this model? Yes. VoLTE support. Find setting under mobile network.

  • Dias

How can record radio program.

  • timbersaw

citiwai, 08 Jan 2017Thot of getting huawei p9 lite or oppo r9s or vivo v5....wh... moreits has different price region, go for 4gb ram at least. but believe me p9 lite is good phone tho.

  • Ssss

4g volte service available in this model?

  • Niglu san

I have bought Huawei 9 elite model VNS_L22,android version 6 with emui version 4.1.1. RAM 2 and CPU kirin 650 Just before 3 days. I have read the disadvantage of the moile, but i want to know the life of the battery. For how many years it is going to be functioned well. And length of time to be fully charged