Huawei P9 lite review: On a diet

08 July 2016
Whether it's "soda lite" or "flagship lite," people are more sensitive of the list of ingredients than ever before. So, what’s a Huawei P9 made of and will it taste the same without the secondary black & white camera and with less metal on the body?

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  • Anonymous

Love my huawei p9 lite. Replaced my old phone and tablet in one,go. Brilliant.

  • AnonD-647029

p9 lite or honor 7 lite (5c) or honor 6x ???
plz tell me friends, I need your helps

  • ECB

AnonD-615459, 30 Nov 2016Is it a good option? Because I've had bad experiences with phone... moreI bought P9 lite a month ago and it was awesome. The camera pixel and clarity was excellent. The unit have rear finger sensor. It's midrange mobile phone but can compete to high-end other mobile unit. I bought for only US$160. Best buy!

  • AnonD-628099

huawei p9 lite does have an nougat update

  • Shnon

Plz give update nought for p9 lite quickly

  • citiwai

Thot of getting huawei p9 lite or oppo r9s or vivo v5....which is d best n worth for money?

  • Siam Sakib

Need honest openion!
Please suggest me which one is the best?
Huawei p9lite or xiaomi Mi 5 or xiaomi Mi5s??

  • Nenad

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2016J7 prime or p9 lite ?4G on J7 doesn't exist ?

  • AnonD-599330

camera is only 1s to 8s exposure time compare to my oppo f1s got 1s to 16s, so rare cam is absolutely good of oppo f1s no doubt, plus u get 3.1 inch selfie cam sensor,gorilla glass, otg enabled,fast charge, big screen 5.5, but only thing on p9lite good is the cpu and hi- fi audio, but only problem mainly sucks is the otg is not supported, if it will then I could want to buy this instead of f1s, well as a computer enjineer I still need that otg enabled smartphone, so f1s better choice for me go with mali t860 mp2 better gpu than mali t830 mp2 lower gpu and otg enabled hardware///

  • Jj0506

Adithya, 26 Nov 2016Buy p9 lite because technology wise huawei is better than samsungI agree with this. I am more liking huawei than samsung.. Ever since I started using huawei g8.. Now I think of buying this p9 lite

  • Anonymous

no usb host, no way

  • Tanvir

I bought P9 lite yesterday,but coulnot find the double touch and draw option in the motion control of smart asistance.only flip is there.pls know me what is the problem.

  • Yes

Abid, 28 Sep 2016Please suggest me honestly, which should I buy? P9 Lite or Samsu... moreSamee! Please help

  • Undecided

I'm thinking about buying p9 lite or Xiaomi Redmi Pro or even Xiaomi redmi 3 Pro. But Im unsure about Xiaomi's quality especially in the long run. And my concern about p9 lite is that I've seen the specs on Huawei Honor 6x and it's making me think if I should just wait for it. I'm so confused.

  • Vid

So what's the difference between the vns l21,l22,and l23??

  • hgjk

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2016p9 lite or galaxy A5...?P9 lite

  • Benja

Camera so good, pictures are excellent. Picture quality is better than A5 and A7 2016.Huawei is the best in my opinion.

  • KaB

Raza540, 09 Oct 2016Hi,Guys which phone have more resale value, Huawei P9lite or Sam... moreof c P Lite is much more powerfull

  • AnonD-615459

Is it a good option? Because I've had bad experiences with phones and I'm afraid of buying a new one. I really like the p9 lite but I'd like your opinions or if you have better options they're welcome

  • AnonD-550342

hey guys, dose anyone know how to sync facebook events ( like birthdays..etc) with the calendar of this P9 lite ?