Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) review: Value driven

17 July 2016
Samsung's J-lineup is being fully renovated and the 2016 badge on the model name implies meaningful updates – albeit subtle, which is understandable. After all, this is the Koreans’ economy class of smartphones. But the series is obviously important enough for Samsung to even add new digits.

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  • Jack

I'm experiencing touch challenges on my J3 and galaxy core

  • tt2

slow to charge after a year

  • Adrian

I have about 6 apps of my own, and that is all I can store on it, google uses 8GB of bull which
I do not want or need. I can not even add another app because the memory is full and no matter how much I try to save apps to my 32GB Storage card, it refuses and I have to start deleting apps to get the space. terrible rip off of a phone in this day and age.
But this is what I expect from Google, stress annoyance and unwanted intrusion. Apple is just as bad, so we really cant escape being mugged off with these devices.

  • Peee_master

Well, I don't know what to say right now.. Coz I'm speechless!
Before I wanted to buy this phone, but now that I saw all this comments about the phone, I don't know what to do!

  • pencil pusher

The battery goes dead when it is turned on for only 45 minutes. I have replaced the battery but it still goes dead after 45 minutes even if it is only on standby.

  • Anonymous

it is a very good phone for this price just need more storage. but the camera is quite good with a lot of light I would recommend for someone looking for a cheep phone

  • AnonD-716421

Hello! Soon I got new Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) and found that the back camera makes too noisy images. Even the same visualization before the shooting looks noisy through the display. A colleague told me this is a factory defect and I should return the device. What is your advice? Is this a defect or a setting? Thank you very much in advance!

  • nnn

it is too much slow and useless

  • TheFinalDawn Gaming

TheLinuxMan, 08 Apr 2017This phone is slow, useless, battery life is terrible, meaning t... moreoh, it seems you have never used a j3 properly. oh by the way. you need to close apps manually. sorry about that. -_-

  • TheFinalDawn Gaming

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2017Question:Does the secondary camera have a flash?If you mean the camera on the back, yes. The front camera, no.

  • TheFinalDawn Gaming

For its price, it seems good. At least, compared to the iPhone X. 170 euros for something around half the power of something that costs 10x more, its pretty good. Overall, can't go wrong with this one.

  • Anonymous

Question:Does the secondary camera have a flash?

  • Anonymous

Question:Does the secondary camera have a flash?

  • Anonymous

very nice phone haven't had any problems so far.

  • Mon T

I bought the one with 16 GB, 1.5 RAM and SD 410.
It is a nice phone, I got it for 120 $, was online deal.
For this price it is actually value for money

  • sinayo

so far its still good

  • AnonD-678519

AnonD-678519, 20 Jun 2017Opinion after one year using the J3 2016 (FN version) as a main ... moreAs a final thought, I know we're talking about a low end device, but around the same price you can get much more elsewhere.

The hardware isn't bad at all but nothing goes beyond the casual user experience - you won't play graphic intensive games on it (but that's OK because first you'd need to actually have storage for it which you don't unless you delete all your apps except the bare minimum), you can take quality outdoors pics assuming you have good natural lightning, otherwise it won't go beyond the average social media snap, the lack of sensors more and more common in devices of any price range won't be a drawback but will still bring some annoyances.

However, the biggest flaw of it (and literally every other low and mid range Samsung device ever) is the lack of software support. Android 5 is usable, but lacks many features (such as using an SD card as internal memory that would solve its lack of internal storage). Apps have more and more features not compatible with it and, worse of all, to this day I've received a SINGLE safety patch almost an year ago. You must be aware of the bigger concerns of Internet privacy and the rise of Android malware, without such essential patches you're highly exposed to cyber attacks

  • AnonD-678519

Opinion after one year using the J3 2016 (FN version) as a main device.

Pros: AMOLED screen (great image quality); performs flawlessly doing casual activities (social media, browsing the Web, watching videos), multi-tasking and working reliably without lag; doesn't overheat even under heavy usage; battery usually lasts a full day of regular usage (including gaming).

Cons: outdated OS without any hopes of update, last safety patch dates to August 2016; cheap plastic construction; back camera is terrible with low or indoors light, no matter how much you tweak the manual options; performs badly on heavy resource games; minimal available storage for apps (which leads to) too much Samsung and Co. bloatware (including 200+mb apps); no gyroscope (meaning no Pokémon Go, 360 videos or Google Caedboard) or automatic light adjustment sensors; no reliable custom ROMs to make it up to date.

Conclusion: unless you really want the AMOLED display, this device is outdated and overpriced. Not a keeper or a safe device. Ideal for casual users but not so much for those looking for something to last (if you want so , don't even look at the low/mid end line of Samsung

  • Rajesh Kumar Sharma

I need new latest software version for nepal gsm postpaid sim

  • TheLinuxMan

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2016Its a joke had to reset twice only after having two phones for t... moreThis phone is slow, useless, battery life is terrible, meaning the phone goes from 100% to 50% in 20 minutes. This phone looks good and it is durable and the front facing camera is really good (surprisingly), but those are the only advantages. Also, this phone freezes up on me if I do anything on the phone and I receive a text. In that case, I have to take the battery out and put it back in. Also, the camera lags on me all the time. End of rant