Huawei P9 Plus review: Size up

25 July 2016
Although it's not marketed as widely as the P9, the Huawei P9 Plus has enough tricks in its pocket to surpass the P9 fugleman if given the chance.

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  • vV5
  • 17 Dec 2017

Diamond pentile Oled is the worse to have for the display solutions. The blue pixels have potential to suffer burn-in higher than the red pixels and green pixels.

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    • AnonD-670508
    • g3B
    • 11 Nov 2017

    Huawei p9 plus
    I like smart phone
    I used all model smart Huawei
    This only very performance good ....
    But battery life camera quality 100% good
    6 month I used this phone but not software ever
    phones 👈but P9 plus very good phone 😍😍
    But this model VIE-L29C636B180
    New update version 7.0 still not come 😂😂😂

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      • Empireofmido
      • B}%
      • 01 Sep 2017

      Which the best p9 plus or p10
      Plz advice me because I want to buy one this month

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        • Denise
        • Qb$
        • 18 Jan 2017

        Thank you GSMARENA for this amazing review. Been thinking of getting a new phone because my ancient Samsung Galaxy S4 just died. So thinking of switching to iPhone 6S Plus, so I really did appreciate the comparison between the two. Now I guess it's just a matter of when I would buy it. Appreciate your thorough review! More power!

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          • Omid46
          • auJ
          • 02 Dec 2016

          Besides gsmArena compete review,P9 Plus specifications shows one of the best Huawei products,....Justice Rights obeys me just to write impartial factwriting,....Omid12Omidvar,...

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            • ak4
            • 02 Nov 2016

            hi everyone, as per gsmarena specs, this phone has dual stanby SIM support, but in reality it is a full dual active SIM device. You can use both the SIM cards simultaneously.

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              • Ghada
              • HxY
              • 28 Oct 2016

              I just got the Plus. It's is the best, fastest and most amazing phone I have ever used. The camera quality is fabulous, and the battery just doesn't run out. I have using it all day, and more then 12 hours later, it still has more than 60% Charge. Lol love it.

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                • Octovia
                • tue
                • 08 Oct 2016

                Why the phone is so high price then another phone??

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                  • AnonD-367917
                  • i2s
                  • 01 Aug 2016

                  T.HE.NE.I.G.H.BO.R., 26 Jul 2016First thing I looked at was the battery life. 69H versus 80... moreFor many, the diffetence between charging on day 2, not day 3, is nil.
                  So long as we get a solid day, most are happy.

                  I know when battery sizes were hitting 'day and a half' mark, was often more problematic than not. Who wants to charge a phone at lunchtime.

                  I like slow charge, and overnighting it.

                  Using wireless charge would be alright if it was everywhere... it could even do so in a way that is nice to the battery (slower, less heat)

                  I get a week runtime off an old Nokia using wireless charge (yes not battery endurance comparison, just crediting a four year old phone, non replaceable battery, still healthy!)

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                    • AnonD-367917
                    • i2s
                    • 01 Aug 2016

                    mir, 26 Jul 2016OIS is not everything in image stabilization. Some phones a... morePanning can prove problematic for any optical stabilisation.
                    At 1080p for video, digital stabilisation is pretty solid on these sensors, yes?

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                      • i2s
                      • 01 Aug 2016

                      Anonymous, 26 Jul 2016"For the same cash, you can have the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge... moreFree watch

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                        • i2s
                        • 01 Aug 2016

                        ithehappy, 26 Jul 2016Monochrome samples make me nostalgic and reminds me when I ... moreRear mounted finger print readers?
                        What is wrong with...
                        That just sounds like usage habits; I kind thought that seemed way more logical (for several reasons).

                        Phones being handheld,.. Guess it comes down to hand size?

                        Episode one, season one "30 rock"; Jack '4 inches, but its thick'

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                          • AnonD-367917
                          • i2s
                          • 01 Aug 2016

                          mir, 27 Jul 2016I have never seen any other reviews that say the P9 is bett... moreLens speed can help a lot...
                          low light sharp photos quite hard to master.

                          Any actual camera at f2.8 would slay all these, but phone cameras being the default shot, being the camera on hand, yay!

                          Now a Sony Nex/a6000 with an f1.8.... (Or, any actual camera companies)

                          Sensor size does a lot for actual bokeh,.. hence why software is used for defocus effect, most camera phones having an effective f~7.

                          A lot of phones doing 4K lose most stabilisation benefits, and phones being 'hand held'..

                          I generally opt for quality 1080 (with zoom), over dodgy 4K

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                            • AnonD-505564
                            • 6km
                            • 31 Jul 2016

                            AnonD-449790, 30 Jul 2016The P9 plus is obviously a great phone but the battery life... moreI get 6 to 7 hours SOT ... The battery life on this thing is amazing considering how thin it is

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                              • AnonD-449790
                              • Nug
                              • 30 Jul 2016

                              The P9 plus is obviously a great phone but the battery life as stated by GSM arena isn't encouraging. I'm using the mate8 and I must say it's an amazing phone and was planning on upgrading to the p9 plus but right now, with the battery life of the p9 plus, that would be a downgrade not an upgrade.

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                                • João
                                • DQg
                                • 28 Jul 2016

                                I just confirmed with Huawei directly: P9 Plus has Corning Gorila Glass.

                                Does not state which type though...

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                                  • gull
                                  • 6Qn
                                  • 28 Jul 2016

                                  Was really hoping for great battery life on this phone with 3400mAh and 1080p screen. Guess Kirin is not much efficient compared to SD 820.

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                                    • 27 Jul 2016

                                    Anonymous, 26 Jul 2016I just don't understand why they don't add more cores to GP... moreIf they do that the phone melts whit the heat . not the exynos case though

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                                      • LaT
                                      • 27 Jul 2016

                                      When is it available in the UK. It is out on Vodafone and o2 but not unlocked. Online there is only the Chinese version where they open and install Google Play aftermarket.
                                      Where is the UK unlocked version available from?

                                        The low-light performance is indeed better on the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus compared to the Gaalxy S7 / S7 edge. But only when using the monochrome camera. The color one is quite poor in low-light unless you start using the manual settings.

                                        The lack of a Bayer filter really helps in low-light and I was stunned by some of the results. Unfortunately I was unable to provide comparison samples (P9 vs S7) for the review here, and I am truly sorry for that.

                                        - Kaloyan