Lenovo Vibe K5 review: Base line

10 August 2016
Deliver more for your hard earned cash, that's what the Lenovo Vibe K5 is all about. Mind you, we're not talking about the Vibe K5 Plus we already reviewed a while ago.

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  • Anonymous

Still using since August 2016
Two k5

  • androidfan10963

Got this phone in June 2016 and still rocking it with an Android 10 custom ROM. There are a few mistakes in this review:
All K5 and K5 Plus supports upto 128GB sd card, I have tested it myself with a samsung 128GB micro SDXC.
The Adreno 405 used in K5 is clocked upto 465 MHz only, whereas the Adreno 405 in K5 Plus goes upto 550 MHz.
The Indian and Indonesian K5 Plus variants have 3GB RAM.

  • NosSlayer

AnonD-656432, 27 Mar 2017Yeah it's otg supported device No it supports I used many times

  • Tom

iam using this mobile for past 4 years no complaints good phone.

  • Atom

It's used interface is not that much good...and also...you cannot feel any difference after the system update...

  • AnonD-656432

Sumant, 04 Dec 2016It's otg support or not? Yeah it's otg supported device

  • anupam

it's not volte enabled. once internet signals gone you can not make calls or receive the same.
I am jio SIM on slot 1, and idea on slot 2, as soon as I switch network preference to slot 2 it catches only 2g signals

  • Anonymous

kailash, 02 Nov 2016Vive k5 is so good phone but not supported in volte..I requ... morePls update your phone

  • Hulash Kumar


  • vicky dutt

shweta, 29 Aug 2016Can someone tell me ...who used lenovo vibe k5 .... how's i... moreRear camera is not so good but front is good

  • Sumant

It's otg support or not?

  • AnonD-615643

how can upgrade volte in lenovo vibe k5?

  • P.K Rajput

jio sim not work normally when you start internet than you can call if data connection is off than you can not do call . so it is not good
and battery bekcap is not work good

  • Laden

arya, 08 Oct 2016This phone like nice look (1)no hitting problem (2)pr... moreYes this phone is looking good . I have an good experience last five months

  • AnonD-135022

I want to know if everyone is having jack problem or iam the lucky one??😒

  • AnonD-135022

My phone's headphone jack is very narrow. The headphone doesnt completely enters the jack, if u know wht m saying.

  • aks

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2016It's hangs and lag a lot due to Huawei heavy skin emotion u... moreJio sim support

  • kailash

Vive k5 is so good phone but not supported in volte..I requesting for realised from volte supported in this phone..

  • (s4user)

Hi, MaY ask if there is cnanche to run a 64 gb sd card class 10 on this device, or it is mission impossible. Has anyone already tried it?
Thanks in advnace for swift reply!

  • Amar Ganguly

Lenovo Mobile have purchased by Flipkart.com one and half month before but this mobile is not working and also going to the lenovo service centre, Air Voice, Howrah last 15 days before handover this mobile to the service centre due to mother board replace. But no reply to me from the service centre till now. so, how many days? Lenovo service is very poor. I request you kindly to repair of my lenovo mobile.