Moto Z Force Droid review: Toughened up

12 August 2016
This year, Lenovo did the deed of unveiling Motorola’s newest flasgship offerings. These flagship offerings are the Moto Z, which aims to succeed the Moto X, and the Moto Z Force, which is a bigger and badder version of the Moto Z.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2016What happens if you need to charge your phone, and use the adapt... moreBuy bluetooth headphones

  • Hollywood

Moto Force is a great phone...BUT can't stay operable in cold weather. Took it to Yellowstone National park for Snow Mobiling but Phone kept cutting off. Tried to cut back on several times but Lenova boots up then shuts down. Can't find any spec's on Low limit temperature on internet. Only after being in warm room did it boot back up.

  • Avoka Joel

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2016What happens if you need to charge your phone, and use the adapt... moreI think using Bluetooth headset will do


This phone is the phone of the future...
I would even trade it for Donald Trump's wife

  • Anonymous

Motorola moto z one phone 338

  • psmom

I don't own this phone but am considering purchasing one (Moto Z Force). The only draw back I can think of that I would run in to would be the charger. With Samsung and Apple pretty much being the 2 most popular phones around you have a 50/50 chance of "borrowing" a charger from just about anyone when in a jam. That in itself is a nice thing, boring but convenient. In this particular case no one will have my "specific to phone" charger. That could prove to be a hassle.

  • Yogesh


  • surya N


  • Anonymous

What happens if you need to charge your phone, and use the adapter for the headphones at the same time?

  • Ahmad aman

Mind blowing phone supεrβ

  • Kennedy Kafui

i think you are loosing out in the African market if you still want the Z force to be in the US market only. i have an S7 and i am in Ghana. i have reviewed the Z force which i wish i will get one, but reading this piece shows that i will have to be in US to get one. your lose

  • lol

I think without 3.5mm audio jack is not a down side. It's innovation! They provide with the adapter then I think the stupid people shouldnt call it negative. gsmarena.

  • lijithkumar

Nice phone I like it....

  • prakash

Waooo..... Moto z a such wonderful,i will be buy this phone ,but I'm waiting this sell

  • Anonymous

I thought Moto Z comes with the same IPS LCD like Moto X not an crappy Amoled again. Motorola please leave Amoled to Samsung and go back to your excellent Moto X IPS LCD with 730 nits of brightness.

  • LLL

Great handset that excels in lotsa things.
That said, I am not so keen on flagship due to premium pricing.
I am more into the Z Play but Lenovo is taking its time... Duh...

  • AnonD-255623

the tech nerd, 15 Aug 2016I think the moto z play(upcoming phone in rumours) will be the m... moreThe Z is for marketing and for those who consider their phones equivalent to fashion. And of course a Z Play would sell more because of a lower price point rather than anything else. At the moment the Moto Z is a better buy than a LG G5 (at full price) as well as Sony X Performance and the Z Force is a better buy than a S7 and HTC 10.

I think the moto z play(upcoming phone in rumours) will be the most sold smartphone in the series as according to rumours it has 3.5mm Jack too with same thickness and same amount of battery as z force(the shattersheild display must have had good thickness) this phone is actually very good. The intermediate moto z is a waste(its camera and g4 plus camera have same score)

  • Anonymous

Yes the lack of headphone jack is a bummer, but considering the fact MOTO Z sets a standard for accessories to not just dress up your phone is a pretty big deal, bye bye shady battery packs from a sweatshop.

  • AnonD-571933

Also for those worried about waterproof, it's water repellent. Just look on YouTube "Moto G water test" you'll see how it survives the water tests like a champ. Why do you want the IP67? To go inside the swimming pool and take pictures? If you get a bad unit you can mess up your phone and it won't be covered by warranty (many did) .
All Motorola devices are water repellent, nothing will happen to it even if you drop it in the toilet.