Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Snapdragon) review: Dragon fire

24 August 2016
There's no way you have missed the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. It's been the bang-for-buck benchmark for a while now, delivering a feature set and performance way above what its price tag suggests...

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  • Anonymous

There are hundreds of phone makers, and there is Xiaomi. Making practical feature packed devices for their costumers at really affordable price. RMN3 is one of the finest phones they have made specially when you consider the price. cant ask for more.

  • AnonD-94627

wait a minute, Seriously? Android lollipop? .... kidding right?

  • AnonD-237381

Xz8441, 25 Aug 2016Well, this just shows again how crap Helio Chipsets are and... moreAgreed.

Well, this just shows again how crap Helio Chipsets are and will ever be. I'll never buy a phone with Mediatek inside.

  • Allen

AnonD-551967, 24 Aug 2016there was an update wich improved camera quality are you su... moreI do not get the Miui 8 update in my region yet, besides that it is the latest.

  • AnonD-423403

why the review comeup when i have buy this phone several weeks ago....
ckckckck too late man...
but thanks, though i already have the phone and already known every aspect from it...
still quite nice when reading the speck of our own.

  • AnonD-539824

Seriously, this late?? 'Affordable' flagship had already hit the market. Why even bother?

  • Harry de hengst

mortuus, 25 Aug 2016why so late review for this? who cares now when newer phone... moreI do, because Xiaomi also brings a international version of the Note 3 pro this week.

  • mortuus

why so late review for this? who cares now when newer phones from xiaomi comes out this week ???? lol

  • Pumpino

You guys gave the camera a very different review when you did the hands-on. See http://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_redmi_note_3_snapdragon-review-1405p4.php.

Has the performance really improved that much with updates? I doubt it.

  • AnonD-237381

You shouldn't do a review with a beta ROM, why didn't you used stable global MIUI 7?

  • AnonD-453339

If you wants record 4k video you can install snapdragon camera or google camera i think you also should try it , And display,performers and charging time overall was good for me

  • AnonD-551967

[deleted post]camera quality as improved whit an update stop hating and get your facts right

  • AnonD-479301

Too late now we are waiting for rddmi3s(430)?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-402029, 24 Aug 2016good cheap device for gaming, but camera wise its a no-no. ... moreI'd rather buy DSLR for that lol. Zenfone laser doesn't stand a chance against the overall performance of rn3

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2016No fast charging?? My redmi note 3 s650 is already has a fa... moreno it doesn't. it has quick charge 1.0 with a max input of 5v*2a.

SpyC, 24 Aug 2016No fast charging? My brother's Redmi Note 3 (S650, 3GBram... more5v/2a is quick charge 1.0, neither 2.0 nor 3.0

  • AnonD-569958

AnonD-115822, 24 Aug 201676K Antutu score. Nothing can beat this Xiaomi phone. Just... moreActually it is 78252 for 3gb and 75404 for the 2gb.

  • AnonD-551967

Allen, 24 Aug 2016Having one of it for 2 months. The only complain would be t... morethere was an update wich improved camera quality are you sure you are using the latest update?

It can have 2 sims and a microsd card with a mod like on galaxy s7. About the quickcharge. There is hardware support for it, but it's not activated in kernel. The glass is actually stronger than gorilla glass 4. About google services, there are official global roms with full features. They don't need to be sideloaded. Why don't you do any research gsmarena.