Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Snapdragon) review: Dragon fire

24 August 2016
There's no way you have missed the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. It's been the bang-for-buck benchmark for a while now, delivering a feature set and performance way above what its price tag suggests...

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2016I would go for the Galaxy j7may God bless you

  • AnonD-496754

Beast Mobile..RN3 is the best..!!!!!!!

  • AnonD-540658


  • Allen

Having one of it for 2 months. The only complain would be the low light camera performance which isn't mentioned in the review. Photos taken are not sharp in low light

  • Anonymous

Only samesung fan hate it :p

  • AnonD-546038

"A metal-clad unibody is a cool thing to have on a mid-range handset and we are certainly happy Xiaomi chose it for the Redmi Note 3."

Wrong...this is not a midrange by any standard. This phone is priced 150-180€ (3GB version) which is budget in my book.
Best bang for buck phone in 2016 period, nothing comes close!!!! Even competes with some true midranges (300-400).

  • Anonymous

I would go for the Galaxy j7

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2016No fast charging?? My redmi note 3 s650 is already has a fa... moreits is quick charge 1.0 not the latest 3.0

  • AnonD-402029

good cheap device for gaming, but camera wise its a no-no. no matter how many user submitted beautiful picture using its camera, the output is just limited because no full manual control "pro" feature like adjusting camera shutter speed. i wish its front camera has wide angle tho. its funny when you look at front camera and your face already filled up the screen. if device raw power is not your concern, better buy another brand for their camera like zenfone 2 laser which provide more advanced camera control. since i dont play games, i traded in my redmi note 3 for zenfone 2 laser, which i dont regret until now because of the camera performance. capturing milky way at night? easy, just use 32 seconds shutter speed on tripod and wait happily for the result!!

no fast charging 3.0 only 1.0 even the snapdragon it`s capable .it`s not activated because some license issues i think maybe with note 4 ? or redmi 4 ? i hope so 80% charge in half an hour

  • Anonymous

AnonD-565120, 24 Aug 2016Thank u gsm arena for this review. I am waiting for long fo... moreToo long :D

  • Whot?

Want to know somw benchmark?
My note3 got 1.5k single core, 3.5 multi core in geekbench. For damn cheap phone are freaking amazing

  • Anonymous

No fast charging?? My redmi note 3 s650 is already has a fast charging 3.0

  • AnonD-115822

76K Antutu score. Nothing can beat this Xiaomi phone.
Just 150 euro for 2/16gb and 180 euro for 3/32gb.

No fast charging?
My brother's Redmi Note 3 (S650, 3GBram) has the fast charger (5/2A) and fast charging ok.

  • QM

Got phone today and get reviewed on the same day.

  • AnonD-565120

Thank u gsm arena for this review. I am waiting for long for this.