Samsung Galaxy Note7 review: Thinking Big

16 August 2016
All great speeches start with carefully prepared notes. For yet another year Samsung has taken the role of a modern-day orator, pushing for a return to personal handwriting against the trend of detached digital text.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-551566, 16 Aug 2016cool review, mentioning pros and cons is always fun to read... moreThe problem with usb-c is if you go on a long trip and forget your charger then you will probably not be able to borrow a charger from any of your friends...!

  • AnonD-385420

Note 7 is just a little upgrade from S7 edge from Samsung,Samsung just wanted another phone on the market before Apple release there new iPhone 7 Models,it proves that with using the same chips inside the Note 7 and S7 Edge,Not much in size difference but the Price difference is way to much,only months away for the S8 Edge,so will wait for that phone instead,loads will be saying bye bye to Samsung if they keep making there phones way to expensive for consumers

Exynos kicked Snapdragon's ass once again.

  • Harambe

AnonD-13148, 16 Aug 2016Who else jumped straight to battery life page?The first thing I do when I check a new review is go to the camera section, but the battery is still important to me.

  • AnonD-98399

Note 7 - Top ranked in Samsung .
just hope samsung dont mind to put 5000mah in Note Series.

  • Boiz

Actualy i just book note 7 for my entire family , but after see the review, i woried and scare will be suck like note 5 with vampiric battrey life issue. Please give any user i a bit scare to buy note 7. Because my little bro buy note 5 it have the most terible battrey life he ever use much good note 4 with marshmalow update then note 5. So i need all note 7 user review.

  • salmane

good job samsung it's the complet package
amazing camera sd card water and dest resistent s pen huge battery :)

  • AnonD-551566

cool review, mentioning pros and cons is always fun to read ^_^
it all comes to wether u can use the pen in the daily bases or not if any is considering to buy it as it's really cool thing but if u don't like it just go with the S7 Edge or any of the other brands (ZTE Axon is getting popular apparently)
oh, and i read that comment saying the S7 has way better battery (come on it's just 100MaH and we need to see the test to see which uses it more efficiently) and the one saying worst phone ever just trolling
as a las thing, i wanted to say something about the USB-C, although i haven't tried it, i don't think i'd matter that much since i use Bluetooth headphones and at least they added the adapter, still a matter of taste :)
cheers ^_^

  • AnonD-154867

Picture this you are walking in the park, you take your phone out and raise it to eye level to just unlock it using the Iris Scanner! Oh! With my thumb I would have unlocked it 1000% faster. Maybe wet fingers, fingers in gloves, alright I see!

  • AnonD-154867

AlexG, 16 Aug 2016A little bit better display, s pen and usb-c. But if you a... moreThe much hyped USB Type C's incremental advantage must not only be limited to reversibility, rather it must appeal more to functionality, otherwise it becomes another gimmick. The migration from the standard USB to type C has less incremental advantage than Apple's move from 30 pin connector to lightning port that saved a lot of space.

  • AnonD-370043

SaltandPepper, 16 Aug 2016Nah, still better than Xperia XP which is the worst phone ever. Even xperia z5 is better than note 7 leave alone xperia xp it's not sony flagship Although..

  • AnonD-154867

SaltandPepper, 16 Aug 20163D touch and Apple Pencil both are gimmick too, right?The Apple pencil is way gimmicky especially on charging and separate existence. 3D Touch is as useful as an elaborate long press.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-13148, 16 Aug 2016Who else jumped straight to battery life page?me

[deleted post]Nah, still better than Xperia XP which is the worst phone ever.

  • AnonD-13148

Who else jumped straight to battery life page?

  • AnonD-126743

Best smartphone 'till now. Good job Samsung.

AnonD-154867, 16 Aug 2016This sums it all Main shortcomings Unless you need the S ... more3D touch and Apple Pencil both are gimmick too, right?

  • Hoffmann

Note 7 is a very good phone, but its price might be a deal breaker. 850-900 $ is too much for a phone no matter how good it is.

  • Anonymous

So the battery life for USA version is 81h the same as G2 ?

  • harrik

@GsmArena pls let us know if the audio quality was tested on snapdragon or exynos variant?