Samsung Galaxy Note7 review: Thinking Big

16 August 2016
All great speeches start with carefully prepared notes. For yet another year Samsung has taken the role of a modern-day orator, pushing for a return to personal handwriting against the trend of detached digital text.

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  • 24 Oct 2016

To be honest i think this was some conspiracy at work .... i have couple of friends who have the Note 7 they arent returning the phone back and been using it no problems at all .... infact Samsung isnt been able to find out yet why the phone were exploding and catching Fire ....
Maybe some competitor rigged some of the batches .... #youknowwho :D

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    • AnonD-143680
    • vqw
    • 19 Oct 2016

    Reading this now seems to be an obituary. Maybe this this Samsung is thinking too big.

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      • 19 Oct 2016

      Samsung has informed its Indian customers who had pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 7 that in lieu of the Galaxy Note 7, it is making an “exclusive” offer of the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge together with the following free of cost:
      1. The new Samsung Gear VR (list price Rs.7,290);
      2. The Samsung Level U - Stereo Wireless Headset (list price Rs.2,999);
      3. An Oculus VR content voucher worth INR 3,300 approx.;
      4. One Time Screen Replacement for a period of 12 months from date of activation (list price Rs.990).

      Alternately Samsung has offered “full refund”, as if it is doing a favour to the customers.

      This should not be accepted by the customers, who may not be interested in buying the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung cannot unilaterally decide how its customers should choose, after it has failed to deliver the product it promised.

      I have sent a notice to Samsung that together with the refund of the amount paid by me for the pre-ordered Galaxy Note 7, Samsung should compensate me for the delay and the failure to deliver the promised product, by offering:
      a. Coupons worth Rs.14,579 (7,290+2,999+3,300+990) valid for a period of one year, to be adjusted against any purchases of Samsung mobile products at the price at which it is then available; OR
      b. Cash compensation of Rs.9,279 (1,990+2,999+3,300+990) being the additional benefits being made available to those who opt for the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

      In my notice, I have specified my intention to move the appropriate judicial authority in the event Samsung does not compensate me as above. In that situation, I will also be seeking additional costs and punitive damages as well.

      I would urge all customers of Samsung who have pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 7 to likewise file a claim on Samsung, and be prepared to approach the appropriate judicial authority.

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        • AnonD-259899
        • M7r
        • 19 Oct 2016

        noti5me, 18 Oct 2016Why still display this review when the phone is already put... moreROFLMAO you really know how to rub it in don't you?

          Why still display this review when the phone is already put inside the museum ?

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            • goodbye
            • 3DR
            • 17 Oct 2016


            do not go gentle into that good night.

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              • mir
              • t7X
              • 13 Oct 2016

              Exploding big.

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                • 13 Oct 2016

                AnonD-74149, 11 Oct 2016I can't tell what's the bigger disaster, Note 7 or No Man's... moreNo Man Sky isn't a disaster. It's an outright lie.

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                  • 11 Oct 2016

                  I can't tell what's the bigger disaster, Note 7 or No Man's Sky :|

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                    • 06 Oct 2016

                    harlekkin, 21 Sep 2016Iris scanning can't be "lifted"??? Are you serious??? You j... moredo you have a high res picture of my iris? or anyone you know? No, then you can't get into my phone

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                      • 06 Oct 2016

                      AnonD-59657, 10 Sep 2016Note 7 is dead already. Very high chance, Samsung may not s... moreExactly my thoughts Note 7 is a dead end phone with no future anymore the sooner the release the next Note 8 the better.

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                        • Vijayan Nair
                        • g3H
                        • 03 Oct 2016

                        Guys sumsung mobiles are the worst phones.......the quality has detoriated J7 phone wi fi stopped working in one the screen went off in another 5 service center would give you all kind of excuses...........nowdays thier phones have also started to explode as per news ....also i have heard that some mobiles i suppose it is note 7 is also banned in flights..............better be safe than cause injury to your selves and your family members..........

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                          • 29 Sep 2016

                          Karim, 31 Aug 2016Can any one hear a static noise from the top speaker during... moreYes I Have heared it too, but I am waiting for a replacement and I am going to see if they have fixed this issue

                            AnonD-59657, 10 Sep 2016Note 7 is dead already. Very high chance, Samsung may not s... moreDon't know to be honest. Samsung are dealing with it, so now that they are aware of the issue they'll make sure it will never happen again. It's not all bad news...

                            Note 7 is a decent flagship, don't think a faulty battery can change that.

                              Iris scanning can't be "lifted"??? Are you serious??? You just need a high enough resolution photo of the iris to trick the system...

                              And I'd be interested to see how you authenticate in dark environments or coloured lighting. It's a total joke.

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                                • 16 Sep 2016

                                C'mon Samsung, where is front facing stereo speakers ???????????????? With that price no stereo lol buahhahahahahahaha

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                                  • 14 Sep 2016

                                  Rohan, 30 Aug 2016Hello GSM Arena Team, I was going through your review of th... morei think it is in the setting, then advanced features, then experimental i think........

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                                    • AnonD-367917
                                    • v6Y
                                    • 13 Sep 2016

                                    Anonymous, 27 Aug 2016"I can run apps faster and smoother." -iPhone 6s to Note 7 :-PiOS will always have that advantage.
                                    Much better hardware utilisation, allows for 'sipping of the power' and some great real world usage metrics.
                                    Brute forcing (stupid amounts of CPU and RAM) Android will never make it run better.

                                    Apple designing hardware to run a custom operating system yields many benefits.
                                    This is what having full control of hardware and software allows.

                                    In Android environment it is different; Google have Nexus phones, that are 'not quite flagship' builds. They are solid/reliable and perform well and will get updates vastly quicker than other manufacturers phones (again, with the exception being iOS).
                                    Nexus phones will implement new android features, generally, but will never yield the benefits that Apple can claim when, as an example; incorporating the 'M' co-processor into the main CPU die, for 'always on' and power efficient usage.

                                    If ever Apple evolve iOS to 'do more' (each version does), it might end up with a winning platform even for tech enthusiasts.
                                    I would wholeheartedly happily use an iDevice/phone if they lowered the SAR factors, but that has not been their hardware focus.
                                    Samsung do have exceptionally low SAR, certainly on the phablet models... this is important to me.
                                    The year iOS out musters Android for me (as a tech user) will be a difficult one for selecting a phone.
                                    Having seen iOS 10; it is getting vastly better, rapidly so!

                                    I came late to the iOS game, starting around iOS 9.
                                    Multitasks like a champion. 10 brings so many improvements, and finally sets a 'cut off' for older hardware (Eg iPAD 2) that will allow it to make use of more than 512Mb of RAM. We will start to see some great Operating System usefullness be incorporated, going forward...

                                    Anyhow, comparing Android to Apple iOS is like comparing Windows to Linux. (Very different beasts used for different groups of people; technically you can do similar stuff, but the methods and reliability /performance difference is enough for people to see their differences)

                                    I have no doubt that 'low specification' iOS (an OXYMORON, Apple is generally cutting edge, but anti Apple zealots look at numbers and not implementation) will crap all over 'brute force' Android.
                                    Where Android will win out, it wouldn't if we factored in power usage to achieve said goal....
                                    In a desktop environment raw power is all that matters.
                                    In the portable world- weight and battery life considerations matter. And now that we have relatively high performance from ALL PRODUCTS, weight and battery life might become the main battle ground.

                                    iOS is a great way forward for many users. Windows desktop should be on the out. Web versions of software (platform agnostic) is become 'a norm' for a lot of software; at which point an embedded OS/tablet might become the 'portal' or 'dumb terminal' for users to access information/input data.
                                    like what we had in computing in the 1970's before Apple gave us the first (mainstream) PERSONAL COMPUTER. Make the users the administrators? NO WAY!

                                    Anyhow; love my Note 7. 80+hours usage, 20% battery remains. Small, (relatively) lightweight and powerful device. Nice camera, Ingress Protection etc. brilliant multimedia (screen and sound).

                                    Here's hoping Samsung do honor faster OS rollouts and updates and that Android as a platform doesn't continue to hold back these phones from future updates.

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                                      • AnonD-367917
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                                      • 13 Sep 2016

                                      AnonD-59657, 10 Sep 2016Note 7 is dead already. Very high chance, Samsung may not s... moreNote 7 should prove some excellent sales figures. not necessarily greatest profits... but actual handsets sold, into an ever growing market, should be pretty impressive.

                                      come on; we know that 2.5 million 'refurbished' (cheaper) flagships will be available, of a phone that is such an evolution over previous models...
                                      s-pen users need only apply!

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                                        • 10 Sep 2016

                                        mir, 10 Sep 2016They always release their S flagship early on in the year. ... moreFor sure this is 1st time in history, the Note 7 only lasts less than 6 months.