Samsung Galaxy Note7 review: Thinking Big

16 August 2016
All great speeches start with carefully prepared notes. For yet another year Samsung has taken the role of a modern-day orator, pushing for a return to personal handwriting against the trend of detached digital text.

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A phone that thinks big. Explodes even bigger!

  • AnonD-59657

Note 7 is dead already. Very high chance, Samsung may not sell a lot of Note 7.
Rumors suggest Samsung will launch Note 8 early 2018.

  • Anonymous

Biggest device failure we ever meet a flagship with flagships problems battery kaboom, stylus gets stuck badly..etc avoid

  • Jimmy Boy

I say the Note 7 is terrible the camera is only 8mp really its lying saying its 12mp there isnt a lock button on the side its on the top so my hand isnt big enough to lock it with one hand and theres also a weird noise whenever someone phones me its like a "ring ring" noise and it only goes off when i answer the phone!!! It must be broken and when i put it in water it sinks it dosen't even float!!!!!

  • Jimmy Boy

AnonD-488678, 30 Aug 2016What are you gonna do with this phone that the previous pho... moreYou can have 2 whatsapp accounts on this phone, thats kinda neat would'nt you say?

Thinking big and exploding big. Recall this failure at once samsung!

  • no6 ghost

Not goodbye galaxy note 6 sony xperia z6 sony xperia m6 who no6?samsung galaxy note 7 vs apple iphone 7 crazy power

  • AnonD-139449

kamil, 24 Aug 2016why samsung not produce note 6?why???B'coz Samsung team time travelled in the future and found that Note 6 version would get faulty battery and could explode so they made version Note 7 but déjà vu didn't work and the rest is history...

  • AnonD-139449

AnonD-568377, 27 Aug 2016Mi Max is a phablet.8-12 hours SOT.No gimmicks.Pure screen ... moreAnd it won't explode under your a$$.

  • AnonD-493531

"Don't fret it" in the performance section... curious choice of words, after the Verge/XDA drama about Note7 performance, when the same word was used about performance to dismiss the XDA review

  • Karim

Can any one hear a static noise from the top speaker during calls it is not that loud but it is present and can be heared in quit rooms

can anybody who have a note 7 tell me if he can hear this static noise please?

  • Rohan

Hello GSM Arena Team, I was going through your review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. In the user interface page you have mentioned that there is a way to disable the app drawer in the note 7. I have been using the device but do not see the option to disable the app drawer. Can you help ?

  • AnonD-488678

What are you gonna do with this phone that the previous phone can't? Writting a note in the water? Really..?

Are Whatsapp/Instagram/FB/Snapchat/Line/Telegram/Viber will be shown as an 'Ultra HD 16K' in this phone?

Or is it just about lifestyle needs?

  • Crag

Does the Exynos version use a Wolfson dac like older phones did?

  • Crag

Does the speaker sound better on the Exynos version?

  • AnonD-568377

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2016Why do you think its not a phablet anymore??Mi Max is a phablet.8-12 hours SOT.No gimmicks.Pure screen real estate.Less than half the price.Better real life everyday response.No Lag.Weekly upgrades.

Want more?

  • Anonymous

"I can run apps faster and smoother." -iPhone 6s to Note 7 :-P

  • AnonD-497816

Record sales fairy. Phone the touches of creativity is not found in any phone every piece of it is a jewel other companies 4 or 5 years of post-out phone like 7.Note 7 his age and previous generation of smart phones

  • AnonD-576042

how is it samsung note 7 ??
i jus planing a buying note 7

  • sen

heyy all

2marow i am planned a buying note 7
so how is it ?? it is performance or .non ?
whats the opinion