Nokia N76 review: Elegant and smart

12 July 2007
Not so long ago phones with open OS, the so called smartphones, were significantly bigger than standard feature phones. And it was just size that would often deter users from purchasing a smartphone. Nowadays, however, smartphones are slowly assuming the dimensions of standard phones. The new Nokia N76 - the first slim clamshell based on Symbian S60 is a brilliant example of this trend.

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  • H
  • Haian
  • t7X
  • 14 Dec 2020

Updates as of December 2020:
Updated to latest software update
Enabled a2dp Bluetooth headsets listening even calls
Enabled 4GB microsd card support

    • n
    • narendra
    • tTf
    • 02 Nov 2018

    It's my first mobile. I bought it for Rs.24000 when it's launched the first time in India. Still, the receipt is with me. It's a great mobile. Bought it on January 2007.Unfortunately, I lost that mobile in a Theater

      • r
      • ris
      • tet
      • 07 Jul 2010

      How to reassemple the n76

        • I
        • Ivan
        • 0T4
        • 11 Dec 2008

        I have had that phone for 11 months.Now it silver parts peeled off. I`ve asked how much will it costs to chenge them and I`m asure you it`s almost new phone (with the work).Keep that in mind before you decide to buy it. However the phone is great if they made another one produced by silver or another materials I`m going to buy it.!!!

          • s
          • sz
          • RNx
          • 31 Aug 2008

          hi i installed the pc suite into my comp but i cant seem to sync my n76!the pc suite says i have to reinstall but everytime i do that the same thing happens. any idea how to solve this? i feel so miserable,cant transfer my songs and all D: tx

            • a
            • ali
            • SuA
            • 25 Jan 2008

            hi dear ones, I have two problem with N76 Voice Recorder. one is that after few minutes recording it would went out. another is if I close fold, it will be paused. can anyone guide me? plz mail me, thanks.

              • y
              • yujin
              • fvD
              • 23 Nov 2007

              i wanna upgrade , which is better...n70 music edition or n76??? need your help :)

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • mY9
                • 16 Oct 2007

                i have an 76,and i don`t like,as other user of nokia: is almost as motorola,battery sacks,memory....of dialling numbers sometimes is erased ,when you wanna call you will find that the phone is turned off,why???ask them ...anyway it was better n73

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • pu7
                  • 10 Oct 2007

                  this phone sucks.i got it 2 weeks now and the silver parts peeled off,the screen cracked(front) and it hanged awful lot of times.ofcourse now i got a 8600 and its love...

                    • w
                    • wily
                    • nTR
                    • 03 Aug 2007

                    the silver paint on the cover & the phone side is going out very fast & the phone is so senstive for the hand print now iwill sale it & buy another !

                      • W
                      • Waley
                      • vJA
                      • 31 Jul 2007

                      Yes,N76 has bad key pad.I operate a second hand N76,user is not so bad according to shop keeper.It looks like a china Fake handset.its silver lining has been removed .

                        • m
                        • mizo
                        • MR3
                        • 30 Jul 2007

                        this is what we can say a great great phone.......

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • 0fU
                          • 30 Jul 2007

                          has any found how to fix that music player playing in the background problem?? is nothing major....but it is starting to distract me....:)

                            • a
                            • a man named ed
                            • Mx@
                            • 28 Jul 2007

                            there are a load of issues with this handset that much that vodafone are dropping the handset as so many customers are sending it back saying its just plain bad

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • Pv9
                              • 24 Jul 2007

                              this phone have 98mb of ram though

                                • c
                                • chuva
                                • 2A3
                                • 20 Jul 2007

                                any idea how much is this fone in the philippines? been planning to buy this.

                                  • M
                                  • Mrinal
                                  • waV
                                  • 20 Jul 2007

                                  Didn't like this design of Nokia. Similar like RZR...Nokia shoudl think out of the box....

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 2Am
                                    • 19 Jul 2007

                                    Sorry but it looks like a Motorola.

                                      • J
                                      • Junk
                                      • TIA
                                      • 18 Jul 2007

                                      obviously, nokia just put its half effort into designing the phone. The phone comes as an unfinished piece.

                                        • a
                                        • aka Alberto
                                        • YcG
                                        • 17 Jul 2007

                                        This looks like a fake nokia from china. Just look at a keypad/ What a joke