Apple iPhone 7 review: Jacked up

20 September 2016
On the seventh day the designers rested. In came the engineers. And the master of controversy struck again...

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  • 05 Aug 2023

DJ, 25 Apr 2023Can caller leave a phone message on i7 phone?Yes

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    • 05 Aug 2023

    Hello, I am the owner of IPhone 7. I want tell you my experience that I had with this phone for 2 years.

    So, let’s start with just how cheap did this phone become. For me it had a price of 50$. And I wanted to try it. And I did not expect it to be very good. Really.

    But the phone came with good results. Let me tell you the good and then the bad of the IPhone 7.

    The Good:

    1: Fast Chipset. The Apple A10 Fusion is still freaking good. It is very good for multitasking and games. It has 4 cores, two performance cores and two efficiency cores. When I tried some popular games, I thought it would be bad because of how old this phone is. (2016) But, it is just good! Also, the phone is still supported with IOS 15.

    2: Cameras. The cameras are a little upgrade from IPhone 6s to 7. They both can record 4k at 30 frames per second, but for me, images on IPhone 7 are a bit more detailed, and more colourful. And the Selfie camera for me is an improvement from IPhone 6s.

    3: Water-resistance of IP67 rating. This phone is water-resistant with the rating of IP67. It is the first ever water-resistant IPhone. But that doesn’t mean that you should throw it into the water. You can still damage the phone with liquids, but also have less damage than non water-resistant phones. It has survived a heavy rain with no damage at all.

    Also, the flashlight is amazing.

    And this phone has an aluminium chassis, which is made of aluminium 9000 series as I remember.

    5: Stereo speakers. This phone in my opinion is also the first ever IPhone to have full stereo speakers. They are just so good.

    6: Compact body. I like compact phones because they are small, which means you can quiet easily fit them into your pockets, unlike the big phones. And so, this IPhone has a compact body, which is for me it is FREAKING GOOD.

    Now let’s see what kind of “bad” things this IPhone has.

    1: Battery. The 1940 mah battery was good back in the days when the IPhone 7 launched. But now, it’s rubbish. When I am having a call for 5 minutes, it takes away around 10% of my battery. When I am playing some games for 5-10 minutes, it takes away 20% or more of my battery, especially you could see an impact of battery percentage when playing heavy games.

    2: Overheating. The IPhone 7 has overheating issue, which can seriously damage battery. Also, this issue can interrupt your gaming.

    3: Sometimes you cannot change the screen brightness higher than 35%. It is a really bad issue as for someone, who uses it for gaming, but also for a daily use.

    Verdict: The IPhone 7 is an average budget phone. It has a quiet powerful chipset, good cameras (better than my Samsung A10s), and a good screen, but it has the worst battery life I’ve ever had with phones, and it overheats very often. Overall, it is an average budget phone.

    And that’s it. This is my full experience with the IPhone 7. Hope that will help you out and have a nice day!

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      • 11 Jun 2023

      maxiemusprime, 18 Jun 2018Apple has copied everything from Android phones and made it... morebut they still made it better than the androids the measurment app

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        • 25 Apr 2023

        Can caller leave a phone message on i7 phone?

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          • 10 Nov 2022

          barth gimbel, 24 Dec 2021Even after 2 repairs, this iphone7 continually drops the au... moreA friend of mine also had this issue. And when he went to the repairshop, the technician said that it is a common damage in iphone 7. Seems like the ic problem is a horrible thing in an iphone back then..

            Even after 2 repairs, this iphone7 continually drops the audio on calls.Note: it does not drop the connection, just the audio. This is an annoying issue because even trying to interrupt the callee, the 7 doesn't pick up my voice. Speaker or speakerphone, display on for 'after 2 minutes' or display on 'never [disappear]', waste of money. iOS15.2. Hardly use it like most people but still, what good is a phone if you cannot make calls and to speak?
            It's great if you get a call from someone you do not care to converse with, like an 'ex'. They can talk all day...

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              • pPw
              • 14 May 2021

              And same here, your endurance rating is bogus. Why it is LOWER than the 6s, albeit having a bigger battery (1715->1960mAh) and better A10? In all tests the 7 lasts about 1-2hrs longer DoT. Please fix it. Btw, I had good experiences with my 7 from 2018-2021, never let me down. But now happy with the 12 Mini, ironically a HUGE step forward in every aspect.

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                • 08 Mar 2021


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                  • 14 Aug 2020

                  Kenneth Owiti , 28 Mar 2020While calling or receiving calls, the speaker seems inactiv... moreMe too , i can not hear anything when i got calls , i must use speakers to hear my incoming calls

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                    • Kenneth Owiti
                    • NY3
                    • 28 Mar 2020

                    While calling or receiving calls, the speaker seems inactive. Thus I can’t hear anything from both ends. What could be the challenge

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                      • 24 Jan 2020

                      KEVIN, 19 Dec 2019superb phoneLOL!

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                        • 19 Dec 2019

                        superb phone

                          Shri, 11 Dec 2018You are someone who has never used an iPhone and implying f... moreCome on BMW isn't that special cars compare to other brands.. Even Lexus makes better luxury and sporty car than BMW now..

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                            • 17 Nov 2019

                            Iphone 7 is heaven

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                              • vikram pote
                              • KAD
                              • 05 Nov 2019

                              Apple is the best!!

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                                • 21 Jul 2019

                                Apple is the best!!

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                                  • taaango
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                                  • 16 May 2019

                                  removing the audio jack? hmm I'd prefer they hadn't done that but then again Apple is full of surprises. In terms of camera, I must say Huawei P30 PRO is the phone for it.

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                                    • 02 Jan 2019

                                    Anonymous , 05 Aug 2018So u r sayin ur standard is to pay for a bmw n get a chevy ... moreSounds like you got a problem with someone who owns an iPhone. Envy can make people furious.

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                                      • 11 Dec 2018

                                      Anonymous , 05 Aug 2018So u r sayin ur standard is to pay for a bmw n get a chevy ... moreYou are someone who has never used an iPhone and implying further, a BMW.

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                                        • 07 Nov 2018

                                        Anonymous , 05 Aug 2018So u r sayin ur standard is to pay for a bmw n get a chevy ... morebuy a honda corolla pandora