LG V20 review: Twice as bright

23 September 2016
If the LG V20 was a superhero - and we're not convinced that it's not - its superpower would be to have two of everything (or more!). Two screens, two cameras... twice!, four DACs, two apps on the screen, the list goes on and on.

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Anonymous, 10 Feb 2017S7 is better than S7 Edge. The most complete phone is the LG ... morewe bought a 8500ah extra battery was inexpensive now we have enough power for a week between charging!

Hoffmann, 19 Apr 2017That camera is a killerI have compared Images taken by the LG V20 to recent flagships Images and the I.Q. is on par with the best! awesome device!

Omid46, 13 Feb 2017Dearest happy V20 owners.With respect to gsmArena review and dis... moreawesome phone and a steal at 100$

Awesome phone! we are loving my LG V20 if that is even possible to do with a piece of technology- we were scared at first and it will take some time to get re familiar with Android however I believe patience will pay out with great images and connectivity to family friends and platforms that allow free sharing of information with little censorship or control. it is a fine piece of tech so far and we have bought a 8500ah secondary battery that will allow days if not a week of use between charging cycles. GSM Arena your platform and community helped me make the decision to purchase the LG V20- we are happy - Mahalo and aloha

  • Anonymous

Few days ago I bought one unit of v 20 Lg ,after 9 days of using this Lg suddenly the signal of sim card were hide ,I change the sim card but mobile phone were working not properly.and no one can repair it.i am sorry why I purchased this mobile phone!!!!

The second display is just so nice to have, feels like I have an S6 or S7 edge, instead made by LG, so good, only affects about 5% of battery life whilst the phone is sleeping, really cool!

  • Hoffmann

That camera is a killer

  • Lol

Lol like always LG and it's mediocre battery life.

Is the endurance rating with 2nd screen on? If not how much does it affect battery life?

  • Omid46

Dearest happy V20 owners.With respect to gsmArena review and disclaimer,this smart-device of $800 has all specifications of a flagship in high ends class , of course forgetting to mention USB V3.1+otg or maybe Bluetooth 5+its auxiliaries!!!I also don't think that except the fewest few are eager to take this $800+ ultra beautiful smart-device to a swimming pool!!!Result:One of the best in the market(64ROM) before fabulous LG G6 coming!!I wrote to prove that beautiful is beautiful and,...regardless of makers and brands!Justice Rights.Omid12Omidvar.just follows fact-writing so as gsmArena!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-599881, 06 Jan 2017I own both S7 EDGE and V20. Well here goes the conclusion: both ... moreS7 is better than S7 Edge.

The most complete phone is the LG G5 and V20. They have removable battery, FM Radio and IR blaster. Important things that are missing from Samsung.

  • AnonD-599881

I own both S7 EDGE and V20. Well here goes the conclusion: both phones are absolute delight.Few features i like better on S7E and few definitely on V20.But if you are a technically sound person. Crazy about professional camera shoot and Complete audiophile, which also includes you completely understand the physics behind, V20 is the phone for you. Else you can have S7E. One of the most complete phone ever ( ir blaster please neglect).

Yes for example, S7E in front Camera is doing very well. When in V20 front camera detailing is better than S7E ( a minor bit) but background gets more overexposed ,where S7E does perfect justice. Love it!

Well,Both are awesome phones.Choice is yours.Or else , you can have both the phones like me.:)

  • Vishal

V20 is a giant smartphone i ever seen.ultimate cameta and display.

  • john1102

any sign of a uk release?

  • AnonD-612122

AnonD-560664, 27 Dec 2016"My iphone's battery is very efficient despite its stellar perfo... moreim a battery drainer user. i use my phone a lot. like a lot! im always connected to wifi at home and use data when im out. i actually used android back then but i could only get 4-5 SOT at max but on my ip6s+ i could get 10-11 SOT! huge advantage with the same lifestyle excuse me

  • AnonD-618376

AnonD-612122, 28 Nov 2016It is not luck. its just that LG is worse than any smartphone ma... morehhmmm ... looks like every person has his own taste.. please don't hate,, I love LG... even if a can afford the new Iphone 7s plus, I would prefer the V20. you may not like it... not my fault u have shitty taste, you probably a Samsung fan ....

  • AnonD-560664

AnonD-612122, 03 Dec 2016The plus models of apple are so recommended as they have long ba... moreLOL! How does Apple do that, when most of the software on your iPhone is written by 3rd parties? Magic?

The things iPhone users tell themselves!

  • AnonD-560664

AnonD-612122, 07 Dec 2016My iphone's battery is very efficient despite its stellar perfor... more"My iphone's battery is very efficient despite its stellar performance."

LOL, did Tim tell you that? Be honest, if your iPhone went flat after an hour you'd say the same thing, and claim it was an "advanced feature."

So please tell us, how many mAh exactly do you use each day? Don't know? So how much do you use the different functions each day? Oh, don't know that either. Probably becuase no-one does. And becuase no-one does the same thing each day.

That's what makes the the idea that a sealed battery can ever be better than a replaceable one utterly ridiculous - becuase you have no idea how much power you're going to use on any given day.

With regards to the camera -

Lumia 920 review:
"White balance tends towards yellow and colors are way oversaturated and unrealistic"

LG V20 review:
"Colors are on the punchy side - that is to say nicely saturated and consumer-friendly straight out of the camera"

lmfao.. the above photos look like a cereal box

  • AnonD-612122

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2016We will see, I at least will not suffer from planned obsolescenc... moreMy iphone's battery is very efficient despite its stellar performance. Even if you can swap batteries if its really so "little" as to real-life performance, then i would still go to a sealed battery-phone that could last me day,,, any day.