Our camera shootout: iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S7 vs. Xperia XZ vs. LG G5

17 October 2016
Team Fall in the red corner versus Team Spring in the blue. Okay, not really - it's actually every phone for itself, but the newly-launched contenders from Sony and Apple take on the established players from Samsung and LG that have been around for some six months.

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  • RMR

Dygd, 18 Nov 2019S8S8 was not in the list. S7 is the best

  • Dygd

Asif, 11 Sep 2018iphone 7 is batter or samsung s8 is bstter. what phone is t... moreS8

  • actim

Sony xz is the best so far.......and even with best camera

  • Asif

iphone 7 is batter or samsung s8 is bstter. what phone is the bast

  • mohammad

hi , i have a LG G5 , it camera is so nice.

  • Busie

These phone 📱 there are dope

  • Anonymous

James, 25 Jan 2017You are serious? P9 is 26 in dxomark list. So you f...... s... moreHuawei is the best p10 nothing can bit it

  • TradeMaster

The camera spec on th xz are high but the quility when you compare actual pictures take by all 4 device it has the worst they is no difference at all.

  • AnonD-425519

Video low light and selfie low light I think iPhone 7 was nicest.
4k Video I would give it to Samsung. Full HD rightfully to Samsung since they're the best in video and have been for a long time. I was surprised that they processed too much their low light videos though.

Camera: How I wish Samsung would reduce their post-processing a bit. It is nice but it looks fake at the same time.

  • Anonymous

elvergot, 21 Oct 2016The Iphone 7 was the best camera in the world Strange. Did you read article or study the photos being compared?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-602273, 30 Oct 2016Comparing these phones S7 is the best flagship smartphone,... moreJust bad that the images don't get better when you throw more pixels in it

  • Anonymous

true, 19 Jan 2017This test are made with brand new phones with newest softwa... moreThat's why most hcameras of high end phones use mineral or sapphire/sapphire mix glass. It is more fragile to crack but is harder to scratch

  • James

amr, 17 Nov 2016Talking about pics/camera quality...P9 shall be in row...hehYou are serious? P9 is 26 in dxomark list. So you f...... serious?

  • AnonD-588791

AnonD-537624, 27 Dec 2016Apple uses sony sensor Lg and sony did a joint venture on... moredude all smartphones used sony imx camera sensor even s7 edge eynos ! only lumia from microsoft use carl ziess lens

  • true

This test are made with brand new phones with newest software. The phones (and cameras) are in good conditions.
But what when the phone is some months, with some scratches and abuse. How good are the pic than?
One little scratch on the camer glass and all is gone ;-)

  • AnonD-537624

AnonD-474403, 25 Oct 2016No, only sony xz camera module is made by sony. Samsungs is... moreApple uses sony sensor
Lg and sony did a joint venture on dual camera setup
Samsung uses sony camera in snapdragon versions only

  • Mac

Not just because I happen to own an XZ, but also because of my photographic eye (developed whilst doing a btec in photography, taught by published photographers), I'd say the xz n S7 were pretty tied.

In real world photos, I'd say the xz was fantastic, I wouldn't have stuck with it if I felt otherwise.

Apart from people asking me to take SNAPS (PROPER PHOTOS ARE TAKEN ON A PROPER CAMERA)on my phone, they also compliments my posted photos.

Also, remember the VAST MAJORITY of phone photos are viewed on a phone.

Maybe on a VDU pictures may come out differently, but looking at the test images on my handset, I'd still say it was close between the S7 n XZ.

  • amr

Talking about pics/camera quality...P9 shall be in row...heh

  • Saint lucifer

O have owned S7e and yes I know and I admit S7e camera is superb. But it has a problem in my opinion. It takes pictures that the colors seem they had been painted. It does give sharp images but unnatural colors(compating to itself it is natural! But when others come in, this problem goes right into your eyes. G5, I haven't used by my self but diffefent camera samples in defferent websites, says that G5 washes the colors out. iPhone I never have liked it(not coz it us a bad phone, just don't like it. Kind of personal taste) so I never paid much attention to it therefore I will not talk about it. And XZ I traded in my S7e for an XZ with a friend last week. I did that coz I was completely satisfied with Z5 (battery life, camera, screen qualifying, and performance power are important to me) and let's admit guys, sony has the best battery life. It's been about 50 minutes I am surfing the web with my XZ on 4G cellular net, but only 8 percent battery loss. I like the camera on the XZ. Colors are natural, live, sharp and bright enough for a cellphone. But I have one problem here. Even in datkest situations, like in a room with no windows or lights at night and no way for moon light to come in, I get noiseless pictures. How did U guys get these noisy photos? It is impossible that XZ would record colors like that. I am not trying to say XZ is the best. No. Nowadays, all phobes are great. There's just advantages and disadvantages. I like XZ camera. And my dear lovely friends from any brand fans. Let me tell U sth. My major is photography, I am 5th semester student in B.A.
All sharp to the end (over sharpened) and completely noiseless photos does NOT mean that the camera is good. Actually a photo needs a bit of softness and it needs a pinch of darkness. Photo isn't meant to be super bright. In the end, a good camera comparison, is when they take a picture with a high end professional DSLR as the source photo, then check and ask for opinions that wich photo of mobile cameras are closest to the DSLR! And of course phones name should not be given so trolls and flamed fans could not ruin it. Even in camera (compact digital, dslr, handy-cam, video and etc.) comparisons they have a source photo or video taken with a high end and best qualtiy known professional camera by a professional photographer or cameraman. Not like this just point, shoot, judge!!!

  • Tiny18

"A" Samsung and Apple promoter =.=
Sony has good camera from the pictures shown above
but when zooming in the pictures it is true that Sony pictures shows blurry, overall Sony presents more natural pictures
(Base on personal opinion)
LG is also great