Our camera shootout: iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S7 vs. Xperia XZ vs. LG G5

17 October 2016
Team Fall in the red corner versus Team Spring in the blue. Okay, not really - it's actually every phone for itself, but the newly-launched contenders from Sony and Apple take on the established players from Samsung and LG that have been around for some six months.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-474403, 25 Oct 2016No, only sony xz camera module is made by sony. Samsungs is... moreThey all used sony's sensors. Do you even know what you are talking about.

  • AnonD-602273

Comparing these phones
S7 is the best flagship smartphone,
For camera i prefer sony XperiaXZ,
Bcoz it has a 23MPrearcam
Coming to iphone7 the display is awsome and it has new iOS10
Coming to LGG5 it is a modular phone
That can change into camera,spekeretc compating these phones i would prefer samsung S7

  • Anonymous

why not take the V20 over the G5 in the test list?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2016So all camera modules are made by Sony..? Interesting b... morestill sony can't get their software right.

  • Anonymous

the iphone 6 or more months to perfect the camera.
still failed.

  • Anonymous

Where is Huawei P9 _????
Where is HTC 10 ?????


  • AnonD-602817

Nemaca, 24 Oct 2016Lg G2 set the standard for thing bezels. Lg G3 set the sta... moreWrong the first full manual control is nokia with their 808 than lumia

  • Plink

Why not Htc 10? I am very interested in how it performs to make my buy decusion

  • AnonD-474403

Salis1, 21 Oct 2016All sensors made by Sony. So Sony wins right?It was not a sensor competition but a camera competition, so no sony came last again

  • AnonD-474403

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2016So all camera modules are made by Sony..? Interesting b... moreNo, only sony xz camera module is made by sony. Samsungs is designed and built by samsung. LG:s is designed by LG and apple by apple.

  • AnonD-1322

what about lg software ?

  • AnonD-274309

You really have to test the RAW files too. The Galaxy S7 really shines in RAW. It's simply amazing together with Adobe Lightroom for android.

  • AnonD-601841

So sad to see that, although sony make the sensor for all, but itself cannot do the best job, at least the second in this review. Sony should solve the problem since the Xperia Z series which they only excellent in hardware but not software

  • Nemaca

Lg G2 set the standard for thing bezels.
Lg G3 set the standard for the 2k resolution.
Lg G4 set the standard for complete full manual camera with intuitive controls.
Lg G5 brings modular design with removable battery+SD card.
Footnote: LG G4 had the software optimised for 808, proved that raw hardware is nothing without optimisation, so they set the bar higher.
I'll let you guys draw the conclusion.
P.S. I own/owned Lg G3, Nexus5, Lg G4, Nexus 6P, Lg G5; I also use SGS 6 and 7 edge. Unbiased opinion, all I care is about my money being well spent.

  • AnonD-601297

I 7

Keyhan, 23 Oct 2016Where is king of them? My intent is htc 10Yeah the inclusion of the HTC 10 would have made sense (no pun intended:) as not only is it a very competent shooter, but it doesn't share its camera hardware with either of these four, so would have added its own unique perspective on photography.

But then I suppose you could say the same of a number of other device from the 2016 crop, and if you add them all then a comparison like this could have quickly become saturated and confusing.

  • Keyhan

Where is king of them? My intent is htc 10

[deleted post]Or.....the results simply do not read as you would like them to???

You gonna point the same accusatory finger at DXOMark if (just if) they happen to not give the number one spot to the XZ????

Regarding the XZ and it's taking shots in bright daylight at ISO8000, if true (and I'm not going to speculate as to whether it is or not), then It would appear Sony are prioritising as fast a shutter speed as possible in when shooting.

I find this plausible as the shot to shot time on my X Compact sucks very badly, the processing time required for a single (non-HDR) image can be a full 2 seconds (sometimes more), this could likely be due to all the work the SOC is having to do at producing as clean an image as possible from a shot taken with such high ISO values.

This could also perhaps be the part of the reason behind the excessive heat build up when using the camera app on high end Xperia's?

  • AnonD-295255

hope v20 will take better than g5...........
kudos to LG their camera phone always super in the world......