Xiaomi Mi 5s review: Ever changing

24 October 2016
The Mi 5 went on sale in April and the market has change quite a bit since then. While Xiaomi is having a very successful year so far, especially with the mid-range Redmi series, the high-end competition can only be described as unprecedented. In the wake of the Galaxy Note7 demise, the iPhone 7 release, and the V20 stepping up its game the it's time, Xiaomi is shifting the spotlight back to the Mi flagships with its new Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus updates.

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  • AnonD-491313

The negatives outweigh the benefits for any Xiaomi device by a much too great margin.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-287672, 25 Oct 2016It's a little disappointing. Xiaomi is slowly following suit - e... moreAgree. Why they dont put ois while they hyped it at Mi 5 before. I cant find the logic unless following trends. OIS is crucial

  • AnonD-287672

It's a little disappointing. Xiaomi is slowly following suit - excluding the minor features like IR blaster and such