Xiaomi Mi 5s review: Ever changing

24 October 2016
The Mi 5 went on sale in April and the market has change quite a bit since then. While Xiaomi is having a very successful year so far, especially with the mid-range Redmi series, the high-end competition can only be described as unprecedented. In the wake of the Galaxy Note7 demise, the iPhone 7 release, and the V20 stepping up its game the it's time, Xiaomi is shifting the spotlight back to the Mi flagships with its new Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus updates.

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I have been using Xiaomi Mi 5s for 7 months till now. The first time I use this phone, it came with MIUI with Android Marshmallow. Time by time, I updated to MIUI 9 and last MIUI 10 based on Android Oreo before I decided to do unlock bootloader and root it.

I agree that MIUI or in my opinion were the best rom. It runs 4 CPU core, performance was better compared MIUI 9 and MIUI 10 that only made CPU active 2 and 3.

Plus from this Mi 5s:
+ Features are complete, it has NFC
+ Performance was good in MIUI or
+ Charger 2,5A come in the box and fast charging 3.0

Minus from this MIUI 5s:
- MIUI 9 and MIUI 10 are worst, made performance down, CPU core active only 2 or 3
- Fingerprint sensor recognition is bad, takes more than 3 seconds to unlock (use custom rom is the best and fast recognition)
- I think you will get your phone LCD burn-in/image retention if you set brightness full for several hours or days of use (my phone was burn-in / image retention, so I rooted it and installed Kernel Adiutor to remove that image retention)

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    • Mi 5s owner
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    • 18 Oct 2018

    AnonD-687273, 26 Jul 2017Hi monty, have you used both Mi5 and Mi5s? From my research... moreThe stock Mi Camera image lack detail and bad in low light. But, here is the good news. Mi 5s has camera hal3 API enable by default! What this mean is, you can install any Google Camera (with full HDR+ and Bokeh Potrait feature working) modded apk and the Mi 5s camera image will be up there with the best (or even better). Your low light photo will never be the same again

      My brother has a Mi 5S (black, 64GB.) Amazingly, we got it for only $98 (near mint condition. I guess the seller didn't know much about the Mi 5S, as other Mi 5s' are sold for around $200 used in my country).

      Videos are too shaky when compared to even the Xperia Z5-series.
      And the recent set of MIUI version updates introduced noticeable throttling in heavy games.

      Other than those issues, this has been a good phone. It lasts about half-a-day with him on above-moderate use.

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        • Hanz
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        • 26 Feb 2018

        Does mi 5s support usb c audio? I brought a cheap usb to 3.5 audio jack, but it doesnt recognise it at all even i have unchecked the 'disable usb audio' option, anyone have a clue that will it works while using a xiaomi cdla headphone?

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          • AnonD-687273
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          • 26 Jul 2017

          mothy, 01 Feb 2017mi5sHi monty, have you used both Mi5 and Mi5s? From my research it seems that Mi5 still produces better photos but I have not used any of them and am actually deciding which one to buy based on the camera performance. It seems that the OIS on Mi5 contributes a lot to better photography.

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            • tDU
            • 29 Jun 2017

            AnonD-679003, 21 Jun 2017I bought this phone two days ago.And as i expected the Fing... moreuse global developer rom, it'll good

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              • 21 Jun 2017

              I bought this phone two days ago.And as i expected the Fingerprint is not so good,sometimes even doesn't work at all,so i have to set it again .MIUI is Is this problem on every phone? I read somewhere that new versions of MIUI solves this problem.Does anyone know is that true?Thanks for answer.

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                • 23 Apr 2017

                Adit, 05 Apr 2017No, read the review again. I think it is gorilla glass 4.

                  Impressive except the glass protection and LCD display where the OnePlus3T is superior but more expensive.

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                    • Adit
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                    • 05 Apr 2017

                    Zax, 23 Feb 2017Screen for mi 5s use gorilla glass 4 ?No, read the review again.

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                      • Zax
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                      • 23 Feb 2017

                      Screen for mi 5s use gorilla glass 4 ?

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                        • mothy
                        • 6ce
                        • 01 Feb 2017

                        Anik, 01 Feb 2017which is better? MI5/ MI5s? For camera.mi5s

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                          • 01 Feb 2017

                          which is better? MI5/ MI5s? For camera.

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                            • 31 Jan 2017

                            How is GPS on MI5S? I need good GPS for tracking when walking. Thanks

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                              • Anik
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                              • 30 Jan 2017

                              which is better? MI5/ MI5s? For camera.

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                                • 29 Jan 2017

                                AnonD-564674, 25 Oct 2016LOL, U mad? Why? Mi5 was a masterpiece, BUT its body is FRA... moreNicely done ..

                                With your description help me to decide Mi5s rather than Mi5. I've book the Mi5 then cancel it right away and goes to purchase Mi5s.

                                I'll take 4/128 ofcourse, i need large space, i'm gonna use it for my online shop.

                                I'm good on taking pictures, my cute 32" tv has a remote, my air conditioning has a remote, i always bring my small beast powerbank and compact power adapter everywhere i go, why would i go with something than can shattered in two pieces when i drop it? .. Lol.

                                Last but not least, the design is cool!! Love it!

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                                  • 31 Dec 2016

                                  AnonD-397942, 30 Nov 2016Does xiaomi mi 5s released in global versions.......did xia... moreYes, they are release mi5s global version and yes it will get software upgrade. Just visit en.miui.com and you will see they are release update software for global version mi5s

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                                    • 30 Nov 2016

                                    Does xiaomi mi 5s released in global versions.......did xiaomi mi 5s will get software update......how about xiaomi mic5s battery life compared with zenfone 3 5.5 inches

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                                      • 29 Nov 2016

                                      AnonD-590625, 17 Nov 2016I have Ordered this phone from gearbest but seller is takin... moreI have ordered from GEMFIVE and received my new 5s on the 3rd day.

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                                        • AnonD-611496
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                                        • 18 Nov 2016

                                        I've reported the poor headphone audio quality as bug to Xiaomi. Let's see if they can optimize the audio quality by software patches. Please confirm the bugreport on this URL: