Xiaomi Mi 5s review: Ever changing

24 October 2016
The Mi 5 went on sale in April and the market has change quite a bit since then. While Xiaomi is having a very successful year so far, especially with the mid-range Redmi series, the high-end competition can only be described as unprecedented. In the wake of the Galaxy Note7 demise, the iPhone 7 release, and the V20 stepping up its game the it's time, Xiaomi is shifting the spotlight back to the Mi flagships with its new Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus updates.

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  • AnonD-590625

AnonD-590625, 17 Nov 2016Thank you so much for your inputs . btw how to install Official ... more please guide me which ROM is stable , MIUI 8 China Developer ROM 6.11.17 or MIUI China stable ROM ? which version will be good for future and i will get MIUI 8 OTA update ?
posting 2 link please check whether this is alright or not suggestion need .
1 . http://forum.xda-developers.com/mi-5s/developmen­t/rom-xiaomi-eu-6-10-13-mi5s-mi5s-plus-t3480669
2. http://en.miui.com/thread-413110-1-1.html
3. http://en.miui.com/a-234.html
4. http://en.miui.com/thread-307744-1-1.html
5. http://en.miui.com/thread-410497-1-1.html
7. http://en.miui.com/thread-413457-1-1.html
Thank you for your valuable inputs . please suggest which link to follow .

  • AnonD-590625

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2016Thats fine bro but once you get the phone recommend u install of... moreThank you so much for your inputs . btw how to install Official MIUI 8.0 ? i mean whether i need to root it or flash MIUI 8 or simply from MIUI forum ? please help noob here

  • Anonymous

AnonD-590625, 17 Nov 2016I have Ordered this phone from gearbest but seller is taking too... moreThats fine bro but once you get the phone recommend u install official miui rom

  • AnonD-590625

I have Ordered this phone from gearbest but seller is taking too much time to ship it .he is saying he needs some time to test the device and install firmware in phone . is it alright ? is it normal ? any idea guy ?

  • Anonymous

I only wish that they'd remove those ugly black bezels! It only looks good when the screen is off. They could thicken the white bezels, it not an issue, but to make it thin and then put black grids, its crazy ugly.

zuk z2 pro or mi5s for stll photos?

  • AnonD-546059

riflo, 26 Oct 2016thats because redmi 3s use shit for soc not snapdragon 821so is shit slimmer did u measure it? there wont be any size altering difference by employing an 821 XIAOMI fanboy

  • AnonD-81906

Xiaomi Mi 5s or LeEco Le pro 3 ? Please advise

  • AnonD-122792

AnonD-602662, 26 Oct 2016Which site? http://www.mi.com/mi5s/specs/ Nowhere mentioning... morehttp://xiaomi-mi.com/mi-5s/xiaomi-mi-5s-3gb64gb-­dual-sim-gray/

  • Avi

Guys i have plan to buy mi 5 pro edition next week or i should go for s7 edge..suggest me. I m looking for better camera,battary and look

  • AnonD-606927

Please, tell me wich one is better in video capturing mi5s or galaxy s6

AnonD-564674, 25 Oct 2016LOL, U mad? Why? Mi5 was a masterpiece, BUT its body is FRAGILE,... morePeople like him are the last thing u wanna deal with still ur reply might just win the award for the longest reply in this section......
Much better SOC than mi5???? What are u smoking???
Gorilla glass was present on mi5 which is much cheaper than mi5s ryt now so dont talk about cost cutting.....
OIS is the only reliable stabilizing tech ryt now, eis is still in development mode...... maybe in the future it will take over...
And front cam is the same ultrapixel shooter, get your facts straight....
The performance difference is non-existent in real world usage.....
Mi5 is more compact, lighter, cheaper and better looking than mi5s.....
Take a look at that black border around the display for instance.....
Mi5s is in no way an upgrade to mi5.......
Its just another option......

  • Anonymous

Hi guys, just asking your opinion. I have mi5 already. Should I upgrade to mi5s? And why?

  • AnonD-296347

Kaloyan, 25 Oct 2016Yes, of course, the 5s Plus is here and the review is in the pip... moreit has dragon tail as all mi phones without statement.look at jerrytherig scratch reviews

  • AnonD-603888

Harry, 27 Oct 2016Uff, I'm so disappointed. The battery seems worse 'cause of the ... moreYes, sort of. BT audio quality is still below good wired sources. Aptx may solve some of that (btw, does the Mi5s support the standard? cause the Mi5 does not), but only some. And I am saying this although I use my BT headphones more frequently than my 4 wired pairs taken together. So if audio is important, go with Mi5, which is particularly good in this dept., despite lacking a standalone DAC.

  • AnonD-563777

already brought Malaysia , Mi 5 set . the camera normal setup are lose to Note 4 , no chance near Note 5 i guess in indoor warm light condition. Battery are not suffiicient for now day always data on situation. i need to charge it at noon , which i can't make it .i always need to outdoor . so the 5000mah battery phone Lenovo P1 will still the best . of course if u can charge ur phone at noon. i would said this is the good phone , fast charging really work in 30 mins to pump up to 60%.
fall once . the screen & back not broke..

  • Harry

Xdadevet, 28 Oct 2016I'm disappointed myself, instead of this phone being a fantastic... moreAnyway I would consider the purchase only if it comes with a Gorilla Glass 4. I think that sooner or later Xiaomi will have to explain that..

Harry, 27 Oct 2016Uff, I'm so disappointed. The battery seems worse 'cause of the ... moreI'm disappointed myself, instead of this phone being a fantastic all round package and a no-brainer, you have to weigh its pros and cons like any other device.

Yes, Bluetooth headphones use their own integrated DAC chip, however, I would advise against it, as most have crappy DACs and those that don't are usually insanely expensive (of course, if you own a pair that you are already happy with, go ahead it won't sound different). I would personally recommend buying one high-end DAC and using it on your computer/phone/car audio and have great sound no matter how crap the device is you are using. For example, check this DAC and compare it to any of GSMarena's numbers: http://hifimediy.com/Sabre-9018-Type-C-DAC . You buy it once and never have to deal with crappy audio again. There are better ones available, but except for one that offers asynchronous USB isolation it is impossible to have an audible difference in quality, and even that seems unnecessary. It uses a flagship audiophile DAC from Sabre that is used in very expensive systems - Google the DAC and see for yourself.

Anyway, the Mi5 has a fantastic DAC, so it would be a waste if you decide to go with that and get an external DAC. The Mi5s, however, has downright sh#t output.

  • Harry

Xdadevet, 27 Oct 20161) Yes they can improve speaker quality by pushing a ROM update,... moreUff, I'm so disappointed. The battery seems worse 'cause of the MIUI v8, and it'll be fixed. But if I'll use a bluetooth heaphones I should be able to overcome the poor integrated DAC, right?

Harry, 26 Oct 2016I looked forward to read this review. I have few questions: 1) I... more1) Yes they can improve speaker quality by pushing a ROM update, but headphone output is unlikely to change (unless you use an external DAC)
2) Yes camera quality has improved before on Xiaomi phones through software updates
3) The camera would perform better if you can load the Pixel ROM. However, you can't, as Google kept their low-level optimizations exclusive to the Pixel and it's very unlikely to ever reach the Mi5s.

Rule of thumb when buying a smartphone is: If you don't like it how it is now, don't buy it with the expectation of improving over time. I'm seriously considering the Mi5 over the Mi5s myself (for the audio, battery life and already open source kernel tree).