Huawei Mate 9 review: Mighty Mate

14 November 2016
With Huawei announcing the Mate 9, the manufacturer has been following the well-established game plan of releasing a 'mainstream' pocketable flagship in the spring, only to slap us with the phablet come fall time, thus staying relevant throughout the year. In this case, the Huawei Mate 9 we now have in our hands, comes 7 months after the P9.

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  • Anthonhio

The silver color is very nice in short Huawei mate there all nice

  • Huawei User

Please suggest, will I buy Mate 9 or not? I have to buy during this month. All suggestion repect

  • Raj from Chennai

Why FM radio is not available.It is a basic for every body need. Try to implement......

  • Anonymous

mate 9 bezels are ideal

  • AnonD-676404

AnonD-638063, 25 Jan 2017I saw this phone in the shop. The screen is terrible! In re... moreThat phone was faulty, have a mate9 for 3 months now, performance is superb, screen is cristal sharp, and camera is great.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-651762, 11 Mar 2017373 ppi? oh gawd and at that price range? when all other fl... moreI switched from 5.96" 1440x2650 to Mate's 5.9" 1080x1920 and while the higher-resolution one had some advantage while browsing websites (more content visible), I'm not having any issues using just a FHD-screen again.

  • AnonD-651762

373 ppi? oh gawd and at that price range? when all other flagships begin at 500 ppi, at least. not very good Huawei. just like your built-in batteries for tablets or removable ones for your low-end to mid-range mobiles, they're all rubbish. lol.

  • Kupao

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2016get over it man. some of us like customizations. Besides p... moreI am never convinced by the idea that using stock Android makes the performance smoother overall. It's like manufacturers deliberately made their phones bogged down by using their own OS. Are there any studies or links that prove using stock Android makes things faster?

  • AnonD-39937

Interesting thing... The Kirin 960 has the big cluster as 4 stock A73 cores clocked at 2.5 GHz with about the same performance in Geekbench 4 single core as Snapdragon 821(which has also 2.5GHz) and 10% more performance than Exynos 8890(2.3 GHz)... and Snapdragon and Samsung have "custom cores"... that means that there are no custom cores, just marketing...shame Qualcomm and Samsung

  • King Jay Kay

AnonD-638063, 25 Jan 2017I saw this phone in the shop. The screen is terrible! In re... moreWell I am not sure because I am using this mobile after visiting several display Centre and found absolutely no problem with the display of any demo mobile there
Similar is the case with the one I am using it's absolutely perfect may be you got your chance with faulty mobile
Try some where else
And as far screen is concerned so it's vivid bright with excellent contrast only downside is it's on the cooler side but that is a very very small issue and can be fixed from the setting according to your own taste
Viewing angels are superb and watching any content on this large beautiful screen is awesome experience
And as it's 1080p only so battery consumption is also good
So in short it's really one of the best screen right now if not the best in it's own class.
Peace from UAE

  • No one

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2016I'm still not convinced with the result of faux bokeh and t... moreThen go and check your eye sight you troll what you are doing here by the way

  • AnonD-638063

I saw this phone in the shop. The screen is terrible! In reminds me the laptop screen from 90's. It has very long response time so if something is moving on that display it looks very blurry! It's very easy to notice. I have no idea why only on a few websites you can read about that. Am I the only person who can see that? Or that phone was faulty?

  • Saeed

Hello, I have the mate 9 and have been facing the following issue :
During a phone call with person 1, if I receive a 2nd phone call -----> person 1 can clearly hear the incoming waiting call tone/alert as if he was using my phone and receiving the call. I would like to say that I face this issue only when using the headphones, I tried several headphones other than the ones supplied by Huawei themselves and I still face the issue.
I did the factory reset several times and have the latest software update, but still no fix.
Any help please ?!

  • AnonD-632931

best design phone with loaded full feature

  • AnonD-599846

JackTheIPhoneKiller, 21 Nov 2016Just imagine this exact same phone with exactly the same sp... moreThen go buy pixel or moto etc some of us actually specifically me i like heavily skinned ui. Man if stock then whats difference in ios and Android for consumer .Android is famous because of that, that every manufacturer can have completely different look and feel of software to be recognised in masses

  • AnonD-599846

Please gsmarena do camera review again many sites did and found great improvements with latest firmware especially in low light

  • Anonymous

Photos taken in Bulgaria. How come :D

  • AnonD-454153

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2016Average display and battery for 700€? Thanks,but no thanks thats what i think about iphone, avarage phone for 1000euros ,no thanks

  • King Jay Kay

Pure respect to Huawei and kudos to them for making this master piece I own mate 9 and iPhone 7 plus and I am confident enough that I have the best of both
Mate 9 is one beast mobile almost next to perfect

But my iPhone 7 plus mate black 256gb is always there to prove its own identity in its own way.

Peace from UAE

  • AnonD-392652

AnonD-614702, 28 Nov 2016Thanks for the reply. I one of those guys who has their p... morecan't blame u. I too find this annoying!!!

good luck