Sony Xperia X Compact review: Time-saver edition

22 November 2016
Sony was the pioneer of compact-sized flagships when it first released the Xperia Z1 Compact back in the day. It packed the same flagship-level processor, the same flagship-level camera and the same flagship-level features like waterproofing, at a one-handed-friendly form factor.

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  • 25 Apr 2023

i have this phone, Sony experia compact and recently the screen is broken and i want the same phone, but the screen is hard to here.

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    • 7Rk
    • 01 Nov 2019

    Idk what those percentage meters are meant to convey but they can be really misleading when forming an opinion reading the review...

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      • Dierich
      • 0wq
      • 21 Jan 2019

      This is very beautiful and its so fast

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        • AnonD-687758
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        • 28 Jul 2017

        AnonD-457355, 16 Jan 2017Meh, my Z3c is better, hurry up and give us a Z6/Z6c Sony!Not sure if z3c is better than the x compact. Z3c good phone but x compact is as good/fast and has 32gb storage and fingerprint scanner.
        I got the x compact for £18 and part exed z3c against it. Bargain! Plus in my view x compact battery lasts longer than z3 compact battery.
        Got 24 months warranty too!

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          • Birdyboff
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          • 28 Jul 2017

          Ubersonic. Not sure the z3 compact is better than the x compact. Z3 compact was a good phone but the x compact is as good /fast as z3 compact plus double the internal memory and battery seems better on x compact.
          Camera is flawed as usual,(have to wait for photo to process, which has is a pain)
          But overall x compact is quite a good phone and I got it bargain price £126 in good used condition.

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            • AnonD-457355
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            • 16 Jan 2017

            Meh, my Z3c is better, hurry up and give us a Z6/Z6c Sony!

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              • 07 Dec 2016

              Ade, 22 Nov 2016Dont know if its just me, but huge dissapointment. In curre... morebut what chinese hi-end phones are available in such a smaller/compact size?

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                • Eske Rahn
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                • 22 Nov 2016

                Simply silly that they put a mediocre display in it!

                Why not a FHD? The higher pixel density would by no means be extreme. 478dpi is not extreme.

                Here are the devices with (even) higher density:

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                  • Ade
                  • my3
                  • 22 Nov 2016

                  Dont know if its just me, but huge dissapointment. In current market, with all the chinese top spec cheap phones sony seems to be going to complete failure, big price, cheap build, not upto competition camera.