Samsung Gear S3 review: Stepping up a gear

23 November 2016
The wearable market has been expanding rapidly these last couple of years and things are only looking up. This is not the first time tech has tried to slip onto user's wrists, but this time around it seems both the business and consumer sides are finally ready. Wearables and most of all smartwatches are really starting to mature and take shape.

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  • zaw chit thu
  • tZ4
  • 14 Mar 2018

This model gear s3 malaysia set come or not?because.i asking to samsung malaysia store.they say no have this..pls answer

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    • Anonymous
    • Sm7
    • 25 Nov 2017

    Sharon, 20 Nov 2017Its a good watch BUT can't understand why exclude the cam... mores2 dont have ir.. camera in a watch? lol u cant be serious..

      • S
      • Sharon
      • 5B7
      • 20 Nov 2017

      Its a good watch
      BUT can't understand why exclude the camera and IR
      Especially the IR was useful in gear 2
      Camera i don't mind but still confused

        • W
        • Whiteodessa
        • ELX
        • 24 Oct 2017

        I used the watch for tracking runs and walks and the GPS is pathetic. I have a Garmin GPS which is accurate. I have tested it with a handheld GPS on known distances and it is right on. So I have wearing both for runs and the Samsung is about 0.25 mile short per mile. I did a 6 mile run and it was 1.27 miles short. I got the Samsung so my wife could contact me if necessary (I don't like to carry a phone). I was willing to take the step because it also offered exercise tracking. However it is a bust. I used the crunch counter (sit-ups) and it recorded 3 when I did 50. I have even swung my arms to no avail. Upon contacting Samsung about this they indicated they were not aware of these problems (BS! most blogs complain about this). Don't buy this watch if you want GPS tracking.

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          • AnonD-616364
          • d%S
          • 02 Dec 2016

          Beware! I've been using the Gear S3 Frontier for a couple of weeks and it's a good watch unless you intend to use the WiFi feature. It's not possible to use a public WiFi network that requires a sign-on page, which is most of them. Samsung don't appear to have any fix for this so my watch is going back!

            • C
            • Casedy
            • KSE
            • 29 Nov 2016

            4 days battery life?! I don't want to become a slave of smart watch on frequently battery charging where the battery life time of the solar watch is near to forever.

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              • AnonD-70955
              • gJ3
              • 27 Nov 2016

              you guys wrote that "holding the home button for 3 seconds would trigger the SOS function and it could easily happen by accident". but in the picture which explains the SOS settings it's shown as "press the home key quickly 3 times to send SOS request".

              this is exactly the same way as it is with the phones. only difference, the power button triggers it on phones.

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                • Anonymous
                • nEH
                • 27 Nov 2016

                The only reason I'd get a smart watch is for easy payment. So until Samsung pay gets released in my country I'm not buying.

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                  • Celkone
                  • iJY
                  • 26 Nov 2016

                  Nice smartwatch❤

                    Seems like a great piece to add to my watch collection.

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                      • AnonD-429732
                      • Rbq
                      • 24 Nov 2016

                      Already received mine and loved it. Not sure why Android Wear gets so much love when the interface is worst than what a Samsung offers with Tizen. Also the Watch has more bells and whistles that any of the Android Wear Watches available. Using it with my Google Pixel and many of the extra functionalities (Samsung Apps) are available with a simple download. Overall best looking and functional Smartwatch in the market.

                        • L
                        • Lilian
                        • 3cm
                        • 24 Nov 2016

                        I like the watch but no one wants to write software for it.
                        Android and iOS watches are doing way better in this department(have a lot of applications written for the watch), and what's the point of having a smartwatch if you don't have the software to enjoy it.

                          • D
                          • AnonD-269661
                          • ucy
                          • 24 Nov 2016

                          I don't need such a watch.
                          The only feature i like is that it is able to change watch face like you are having different watch. So just build a watch with no smart features but will only display watch face and its is always on.

                            • A
                            • A Note 4 user
                            • gQT
                            • 24 Nov 2016

                            ithehappy, 24 Nov 2016Price it like 99 bucks, will think then.Exactly. Mediocre thick watches should cost 50 EUR,
                            top configurations should be 99 EUR.
                            and no worries about amoled burn-ins: the watch becomes obsolete sooner.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • Ibx
                              • 24 Nov 2016

                              Anonymous, 24 Nov 2016Is it possible to connect gear S3 and a Bluetooth Headset w... moreOfc

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                                • Luki
                                • J8J
                                • 24 Nov 2016

                                Definitely the nicest smartwatch nowadays, but with 4 days life it's still a gadget for tech-kids. When battery life reaches at least a month, I will be in.:-)

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 0GQ
                                  • 24 Nov 2016

                                  Is it possible to connect gear S3 and a Bluetooth Headset with a galaxy smart phone at a time ?

                                    "Overall, S Voice definitely works better on the Gear S3, compared to a year ago when we tested it on its round predecessor. One great addition, in particular, is the ability to easily add a custom wake-up word." - software (4th) section.

                                    I guess I have a custom wake-up word: Okay Google.

                                      Price it like 99 bucks, will think then.

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-105795
                                        • 7JP
                                        • 24 Nov 2016

                                        Haters gonna hate but its the best smartwatch in the world.
                                        4 days battery is amazing > crappy 15 hrs iWear.