Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime review: Fancy on a budget

25 November 2016
Redmis, Redmis everywhere. The Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime is the top-specced one of the forth generation, which so far consists of three phones (remember, the Redmi 4 and 4a were announced alongside the 4 Prime).

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  • Xceed

Using this phone since 2016, Good screen, Processor, Battery life it is my favourite phone.
Now storage getting full (32gb), need to find good replacement....

  • milovers4prime

I have this phone from Nov 2016 until now. Now i just have a problem with storage and battery. overall this phone is awesome

  • Zikzak

I buy Xiaomi Redmi 2 at 2015, until now just have a broken battery, i change my battery and the phone was normal again, i think xiaomi redmi 4 prime, similar with redmi 2 prime, from details the body and design.

  • AnonD-753698

In 2015 i buy redmi 2 (2015), 2 years later (2017) the phone suddenly dead, cant turn it on anymore, then i buy this redmi 4 prime, 1 year later (now) the charging port is broken (cant charge this phone battery). Terrible build quality, not reliable, only good on paper specification, i'll sell this phone and buy other phone from well known and reliable brand, no more xiaomi, and wont recommend it to anyone

  • Anonymous

psr, 03 Jul 2017I want to buy this phone..is it good phone or not ..? sugg... moreit is only matter of screen size. if u want a 5.0 go the prime, bigger 5.5 go to the note :)

  • psr

I want to buy this phone..is it good phone or not ..? suggest me..redmi 4 prime or note 4

  • Sp

Sir when redmi 4 prime launch in india?

  • AnonD-66273

does it have 7.0 update?

  • MYkee

I want this phone... 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sad

How can take a photo with fingerprint?
in my phone it does not work!

  • bivatan

redmi 4 prime OR mi 4s?!! please help me to choose one of them ...

  • AnonD-639871

Still missing OLED/AMOLED display. Hope LCD panel will be replaced by OLED in Redmi 5.

  • joshi

Nice look&super phone

  • Anonymous

asd4, 06 Dec 2016Hi, I wanted to buy Redmi Note 3 Pro SE, but i´m a li... moreThe LTE bands supported by the Redmi 4 Prime are available in all European countries expect for Andorra and Greenland.

  • AnonD-618398

So after reading this and many other reviews i bought this phone. It's simply superb.

Great battery life
Compact size (my preference)
Good chipset
Good aux sound quality
Great build

Decent but not great camera
Display is okay ( I'm spoilt by my previous AMOLED)

(The screen glass is also pretty decent despite not being gorilla glass and is fine for protecting against everyday scratches )

However every time i remember the price all the cons seem very small

  • AnonD-618398

javicruz77, 14 Feb 2017I have a question about battery life. It's rated at 91h. T... moreI own this phone and i can safely say that the battery life is amazing. The reason that gsmarena score is low is because of miui video player.

  • youtube

javicruz77, 14 Feb 2017I have a question about battery life. It's rated at 91h. T... moreGo to youtube and see few reviews i dont think that samsung with 1200mh would last 3 days of use as xiaomi redmi 4 prime with 4100 mh battery.

  • Gorilaglass

Phone has gorila glass so it is better than most phones.

  • Yuba

jack_243, 19 Feb 2017Does it has gorilla glass Nope, but you can search the scratch test video in YouTube, and you'll find out the glass is strong enough

  • jason

javicruz77, 14 Feb 2017I have a question about battery life. It's rated at 91h. T... moreIt's a software issue I guess. Miui stock video player is power hungry and maybe skewed the result. If GSMarena would redo the test using VLC or other video players, I think this phone can be top 5 in battery endurance. Look for other reviews, this phone is a battery champ.