Nokia 8600 Luna review: Cast in glass

01 August 2007
The Nokia 8600 Luna is keen to disarm and seduce. The unconventional materials used, the creative design, the rather practical set of accessories are hard enough to resist. Plus, the Luna is so largely unaffordable that it's tempting. This pretty much sums up...

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Hi family I really like this phone is there a site I find this phone brand new I really want to buy one

  • pastor to be

Durability is so unbeatable

  • dupe

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2008can the glass be broken easily ?Yes the glass can break easily if not kept in the pouch 24/7. It happened to mine in Uk I had to replace it immediately because I had insurance on it. So be careful, I paid small pounds to have the handset replaced @ my network dealer.

  • Anonymous

i adore this phone it's something different heavy stuff stylish proof of success.....

  • talal

hey cn ny1 hlp me out?is dre ny prrblm in da slide?nd does it gets hot while da person is on da call?

  • Luna

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2007sirocco is better than this. this phone is lower segment of sirocco.This is simpley Gr8 looking phone slim smart sexy Yes it has a rubbish camera but u buy this purley for one reason. Its Sexy

  • Dr. Stephen Duff, Ph

I believe a cellular phone should do what any phone should should do, easily make calls, keep you in touch with people, verbally, text message or e-mail; but mainly verbally. If you want anything more buy yourself a Macbook Air or something. I don't like caring small computers around on my hip... some do. This mobile slips descretly into your jacket pocket or your pants pocket. And the vibration can be felt with out being heard. It has a very classy unique look to it that just screams individuality. Every thing about it is very well made and put together. From the first moment I picked it up I knew my iPhone days were over. No more sending that thing in for repair. The Luna is truly a work of art and I will be very happy with it until I spring for a Vertu but then who would pay $15,000 or a mobile. But for the money and my style I love the 8600 Luna. A+++++

  • Darius

pls help me with this 1 ! on differnt sites I observed another screensaver for Luna (something green, nice effects). But i cant find this on "settings"--> "display". So, I ask you, where can I find and download screensavers for Nokia 8600 LUNA?

  • Anonymous

can the glass be broken easily ?

  • Anonymous

Does this phone allow you to use downloaded mp3 ringtones?

  • Irfan

from going to a black sirroco to this, its not so diffrent
altho what really annoys me is texting, as the bottom 3 buttons of the keypad are sortr of 'stumped' and so cant be pressed properly. i prefer looks of the sirroco too, altho sliding this up seems more satisfying if you get me.
people need to understand that nokia dont produce 8 series phones for functionality, thier made for taste, luxury and class. these phones are for 'look at me' not 'watch what i can do!'.
the features are exactly same as the sirroco, altho the golf game is quite addictive..haha. the pulsating keypad lights peaking thru the glass softly are a nice touch. using this and an n95. can you guess which is a weekend phone? oh one more thing-battery life is DEFIENTLY better than sirroco-just dont forget to turn screen savers

  • Anonymous

sirocco is better than this. this phone is lower segment of sirocco.

  • sheik

THis phone with such price there are nothing such good, it`s more such kind of phone that you buy to show that you have lot of money to spent for nothing. But at same time this phone was not so bad then some other nokia models

  • Anonymous

I just bought this phone as my contract was overdue renewal on my trusty 8800, I refused to get a sirrocco as it was plasticy feeling tat compared to the beautifully crafted, solid 8800. I don't care about cameras or music players (if I want music I'll use a hi fi, if I want pictures I'll use a proper camera).

Initially I am a little disappointed, if doesn't feel as nice as the 8800, the USB charger is annoying and there is no desktop charger option, the "glass" also feels suspiciously plasticy to me, not like the sapphire crystal screen on the 8800.

A bit to "mass production" feeling compared too the older 8800, shame I couldn't get another of those instead on my contract!

  • Victor

The luna actually came with 1GB memory, but somehow their marketing people decided it is best to keep the memory low below the 8800 at 128mb. Dirty tactics, bad for us consumers, good for Nokia, so they will make more sales when a revised Luna comes out later.

  • miftahalbay

some people said that, luna isnt successor of the sirocco? is it right

  • Anonymous

With heavy use 2days (1,5-2 hours of call/day) if not, 3 days. I would rather compare Lunas battery life to the N6300... I've encountered the (almost) same battery life. I've had Scirocco before, I doesn't miss it... Although Luna doesn't come with bells & whistles (bt headset, desk stand, etc.) it is way better than the SE.

  • mrt

i have sirocco. should i buy it? please compare this with sirocco.

  • zed

who can tell me , something about this glass wich is contained in materials.

what would happened if the phone fall on a concrete floor?

  • Anonymous

to all users. How long the battary stands? How many days?