Nokia 8600 Luna review: Cast in glass

01 August 2007
The Nokia 8600 Luna is keen to disarm and seduce. The unconventional materials used, the creative design, the rather practical set of accessories are hard enough to resist. Plus, the Luna is so largely unaffordable that it's tempting. This pretty much sums up...

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  • JWNY (Singapore)

dissapointed no memory card expansion and no "premium service" like Sirocco at Nokia Service Centre, but the design is something nice

  • Anonymous

Gr8 to look at but not sure its got a very good signal & when switched on comes up with sim card regestration failed,had a replacement & still the same but my old nokia is fine with the same sim in it

  • Anonymous

get it on contact

  • Anonymous

The only reason why all 8--- nokia phones are so pricey is beacose Nokia wants them to stay exclusive and only acsessible to a higher class.
I had a sirocco and I think it's nothing compared to the Luna which i have now.
The Luna is a masterpiece and a proof that nokia can still "despite them proving the contrary" make beautiful phones.

  • A.J.

I have this phone,it's amazing.

  • Cain

To all people who can not understand the real strong point of this class of phones (all makers: Nokia, Moto, LG...). If you complain about not enough tech features, and too high of a price, you should buy your girlfriend/wife a brass ring with a glass "rock", and, if possible, with a whistle part. And then try to explan to her how that ring has even more functions for much lower price. Good luck.

  • Anonymous

Its growing on using the sirocco at the min, and i think it still looks nicer!

  • Anonymous

and its nice that its not what everyone else is using

therefore: its unreasonable price

  • Anonymous

its not about being stupid or spending money on what its functionality is......

i wouldn't mind paying for sumthin beautiful

n this phone is nicely designed whereas some full of functionality phones look like a huge brick?

yah its quite expensive, but atleast i'm getting sumthing i like looking at instead of something i dun like looking at or holding

  • Love it

I got it 3 days ago. Yes it does lacks of functionality and all that but the craftmanship is refined and superior. It serves my purpose, a hand phone that gives you a true pleasure when you are holding in, a style over substances.

  • Anonymous

That's why, an Opel (Vauxhall) is enough for you...

  • Steve

"Some people cant afford it so please get off the board and wine about your finanicial problems elsewhere."

I don't think too many people have been complaining about it on this review. Besides, I'd rather laugh at people spending an obscene amount of money on such a basic and tacky handset than listen to people moaning about the price.

I had test samples of the 8600 a few months ago that included 1GB built-in memory. Nokia decided to strip this phone to the bare bones and only include 128MB yet still charge a premium for it.

I'd rather people not buy this phone so Nokia take the hint that they can't treat consumers in this manner, but if people are stupid enough to pay 400+ for this, then there's not much else that can be said.

  • AJ

very Heavy? Are you a midget or something? This phone is small a little heavy but does that matter? It's a very nice and sturdy and very amazing phone. Everywhere I go I have people ask wow that's a nice phone where did you get it? Seriously I'm not a person who is seeking a phone that can open cans and wine bottles, I just need a phone that can call and do basic phone functions with style. Very compact and fits in your pocket or phone holder with ease. Despite the cost, it was well worth it. Some people cant afford it so please get off the board and wine about your finanicial problems elsewhere.

  • N95 user

i was simply unsatisfied with the price named.. i am curently in singapore and it cost about 1300 and it is freaking expensive.. when i bought my n95 for sbout 1000 at april, i was already expensive..
the 8600 luna is a intensively expensive, it's like oh my god man, it is suprising scary to know that... ='(
worst of all, No 3G supported and No expandable memory card..
overall, sadly to say that it simply sucks...

  • Steve

" But nothing beats this in terms of looks and class"

My trusty 6300 looks better than the 8600! The 8600 is a chunky block. The themes are nice which makes the handset look good in marketing photos, but finger prints are smeared over the black materials and I won't get started on the weight of the phone. The keypad is less than ideal too.

  • jayelle24

I've had this phone since it was release and all i can say is that it does what the box says...

It makes calls and txts and looks class, bold and so stands out compared to everything else...

It wasnt designed to compete with the best camera phones, mp3 players, internet browsers, 3G, Wifi and all that battery consuming rubbish - leave that to the bigger and uglier phones...

But nothing beats this in terms of looks and class - which is what people buy it for - fame over functionality x only thing damning over this phone is the power point - why in god's name did they pick the micro-USB out of all the connections - im sure i'll be less upset once you can buy spare chargers and a car charger ;-(

  • Cain

It`s a pretty good phone. I would really like to see more quality phones like this from Nokia instead of thousands of ugly plastic clone-phones.

  • Steve

This phone is awful. Cost aside, it's a crude looking barely average handset. It's also VERY heavy.

Tacky rather than classy.

  • Dickee

I've use it almost one month beside my K800i. I really like this gem, keeps going between 2-4 days with excessive use... What a pity no N8800 Scirocco could do this (and like this). I realy like the interface and the quality of the screen. I really don't care about the downsides...