Xiaomi Mi Note 2 review: Filling in

9 December 2016
The Note is dead, long live the Note! Unless you've been living in a cave, you've probably heard that the Samsung Galaxy Note7 is no more, but Xiaomi has a Note of its own to bring phablet lovers some solace this season - the Mi Note 2.

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  • 05 Jul 2022

0583263174, 03 Jun 2020MI note 2 display a a bodyMi phone note 2 replying

    "FullHD resolution may be stretched a bit too thin over this diagonal" ahhhhh the good old days of 1440p flagships being normal

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      • Alfas
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      • 11 Jul 2020

      Does not remember wifi password. I tried everything that I can find on internet, nothing helped.

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        • 03 Jun 2020

        MI note 2 display a a body

          sam, 29 Jun 2018what should i prefer Redmi Note 5 or note 2 Note 2. The redmi note 7 has a weaker chipset.

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            • sam
            • TRc
            • 29 Jun 2018

            what should i prefer Redmi Note 5 or note 2

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              • AnonD-737611
              • gLB
              • 14 Feb 2018

              Everything in the review may as well be true, but until this phone costs 250 EUR for 4/64 GB Global version and 265 EUR for 6/128 GB Chinese (easily modded to Global) this is one of the best value high performance phones out there.

                Amazing phone let down by a surprisingly horrible camera.....
                I dont think there is any other flagship with a worse camera....
                Even their own mi5 had it better....

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                  • AnonD-456831
                  • 9Jg
                  • 10 Feb 2017

                  Osiris, 13 Dec 2016Lol, yeah rightXperia M5's camera had f/2.2. This one has better f/2.0. Think before you comment.

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                    • ak1
                    • 31 Jan 2017

                    Well I have used this phone for some time and I think it's flawless in performance and amazing battery life. The point is what other phone you can get for the price of the Mi note 2 and compare to that phone. To me this phone is very affordable and it's wisely build to achieve low price but keeping high quality of all components. Xiaomi does not copy it's the other way. China's Zenshen is way ahead Silicone value in development progress. In West we call it shamless copy in China is called open source hardware. In my opinion this review has anoying tendency to devaluate an amazing phone for the price and I will take it as Jealousy.

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                      • AnonD-622100
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                      • 18 Dec 2016

                      Very nice

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                        • n3Y
                        • 18 Dec 2016

                        Anonymous, 12 Dec 2016like u said, new kirin 960 is powerful, yes i agree. but ot... moreIt is Huawei 's flagship, isn't it???
                        You see, Xiaomi had called Mi4i "flagship", and it had worst midrange SoC at the time...
                        Plus, even that i do agree that SD65x is midrange SoC, you can't deny that it is better than last year's best chip SD810 ;)

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                          • 0dr
                          • 14 Dec 2016

                          just another android....

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                            • Anandakumar Sambavar
                            • ut%
                            • 14 Dec 2016

                            Made in India

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                              • Osiris
                              • SXh
                              • 13 Dec 2016

                              Anonymous, 10 Dec 2016The camera from this phone is a joke - 22.5 megapickless wi... moreLol, yeah right

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                                • gMC
                                • 13 Dec 2016

                                Shaun Moroz, 12 Dec 2016Yeah, no... You should go study, buddy. He's right you know. Check gsm review of p9 they were using archiac gpu. And that on Qhd would be a disaster which is why the flagship had 1080 p display

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                                  • tamil027
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                                  • 13 Dec 2016

                                  hey you can always change the folders that are to be viewed in the gallery.

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                                    • AnonD-614674
                                    • 3$a
                                    • 13 Dec 2016

                                    Anonymous, 12 Dec 2016Xiaomi had that design on the back of their phone before Sa... moreHave you ever seen Note 5 and Mi Note 1 side by side, ignorant.
                                    BTW Mi Note 1 have not only the name 'Note', but also 5.7'' display.
                                    Apple and the China brands could copy whatever from Note, but they can never make device in the Note category. Period!

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                                      • AnonD-614674
                                      • 3$a
                                      • 13 Dec 2016

                                      JMTM, 11 Dec 2016Sammy, now you feel how apples used to when their stuff cop... moreThat's not the point.
                                      The point is how the US media react on this(not only the design but the name also).
                                      No 'copy' , no 'shameless' , no 'brutal' ....but even whole review article. Hoping, some China brand could take some slice of the Samsung's market, so to make Apple to look Great Again.
                                      The main problem that Apple and the China(and Taiwan) have is.......that no one of them could make device of the Note category.....coping the size or the design it not enough.
                                      The unique Note category is making them(US, China, Taiwan) mad, and we already saw it . Right?
                                      And I mean not only the media, but their authorities involved, even the Presidents. LOL

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                                        • 12 Dec 2016

                                        JMTM, 11 Dec 2016Sammy, now you feel how apples used to when their stuff cop... moreXiaomi had that design on the back of their phone before Samsung even used it on their Note 5. In fact, if you look at the back of the Mi Note 1 and Note 5 they are identical. You could argue that Samsung copied Xiaomi first.