Xiaomi Mi Note 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: Bargain bin

30 December 2016
A third installment is due in our Bargain bin series that aims to establish whether you're better off shelling top-dollar for a current big-name flagship or you'd be just as fine saving a few notes and opting for a more affordable alternative.

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  • Raj

When is Xiaomi note2 available in India I love the specs and would prefer to buy it.

  • AnonD-413387

Great comparison! Current price on Best Buy in the US for an unlocked S7 Edge: $529.99. According to Kimovil, the cheapest Xiaomi Mi Note 2 available for international shipping is $510. The S7 Edge is also available with discounted carrier contracts in some markets and there should be lots of options on the used markets.

  • AnonD-608498

AnonD-368020, 30 Dec 2016When you see Xiaomi flagship compared with Samsung flagship you ... moreThe 7s Plus is behind both. Apple still has a long way to go to make decent Phablet.

I prefer like s7edge than mi note 2. Water resistance, slot micro sd and display are the advantage from s7edge. But mi note 2's curve screen and its design is the leader among the other chinese phone like huawei and vivo especially miui better than any chinese android ui. The cost margin between this two phones and their different specs their offered, absolutely I choose s7edge..

  • Anonymous

what kind of joke is this. i wouldnt trust a chinese phone even if it was the s7

  • Anonymous

Buy SGS7, Mi Note 2 price its almost same of it here. Im just laugh when I see OnePlus and Xiaomi phones every article and website. They dont know anything.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-368020, 30 Dec 2016When you see Xiaomi flagship compared with Samsung flagship you ... moreYes! Buy apples! They are very healthy.

  • Anonymous

You're say Note 2 costs 540€. Here in Germany when I compare prices, I can get S7 Edge for 580€ so that's not so much of a difference. Of course I would choose S7 Edge

Class (I hate S7E) vs nonsense (Put any Ximi, Leleco and sorts here).

what the hell curved displays are good for? Galaxy s7 edge edges feels like it will cut my hand

  • AnonD-368020

When you see Xiaomi flagship compared with Samsung flagship you know it's time to ... Buy apple ;)

  • AnonD-570683

comparing with S7 Edge with a phone which is available within china is a nonsense...