iPhone overview: Apple of discord

06 August 2007
Cutting edge, sleek and promising, the iPhone stirred the mobile world – not bad for Apple’s first go at the mobile phones market. Inspiring and provocative, the iPhone will always come to mind when a handset with full touch-based UI is in question...

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The iPhone will never catch on........... oh wait! :)

  • Vicky

Anonymous, 19 May 2021Make person hear word na Iphone 13 i won buyAm big iPhone lover 11pro max I bought it am waiting for 13pro max

  • Godstar

kast, 05 May 2008Why shd Iphone company add more resoanable and selling feat... moreYou can't even spell phone.And you are insulting Iphone madness beta go and find your square root

  • Anonymous

lol, 11 Mar 2020okMake person hear word na Iphone 13 i won buy

forgot to add no expandable memory and no multiple alarms

  • lol

Gaurav , 09 Aug 2016It's costly i don't like itok

  • Anonymous

Reading comments

  • Gaurav

USC TC, 04 May 2008oh man! i could have bought the fone if it weren't for thi... moreIt's costly i don't like it

  • Anonymous

ritesh, 24 Jun 2012What is the prisedont know

  • AnonD-67600

history ... long live gsmarena

  • maske

Frnds i had tell my dad to bring a iphone.please tell me am i doing right.....

  • ritesh

What is the prise

  • aadi

wat a phone,,,,,,?

  • charlieee

can any one please tell me how to check the life timer of iphone....i mean what code to dial to check the life timer...??

  • Anonymous


All iPhone customers should threaten to pay off their contracts early and switch to the Google phone on Vodafone….I’m sure Vodafone would be willing to do a deal if there was 1000+ customers willing to switch! O2 would have to give the free upgrade or face loosing 1000’s of customers!

  • Anonymous

These are the handsets I own

Vertu Ascent Ti
iPhone 16GB
HTC P3300

And the phone i enjoy the most is the iPhone, granted out of the box it doesnt give you the "features" that you want, but with a little help from the Jailbreaking community and Cydia or the official App Store...you could get a lot more "features" than the other contender phones.

The games made for the iPhone absolutely rock!!!!

  • kast

Why shd Iphone company add more resoanable and selling features on this phone than wasting their time inceasing the memory to 32gb, thats nosense.
Add things like document editor, increase the camera strength,
Am not going to buy such damn fone (better look for nice phones)


  • USC TC

oh man! i could have bought the fone if it weren't for this review! Your review is excellent! although i like the LG KS20 review better... This fone sucks bigtime and sadly, i only realized it when i read this review!

Major Setbacks:
1. Stone-age Bluetooth
2. Not as good 3rd party nabber as smartphones
3. lack of multiple text input (no.2)
3. CAN'T FORWARD MESSAGES! (my dad's friend told me)
4. Battery runs at 80% after 400 charges... (a year if you charge it daily, battery prob. dies at 1.5-2.5 year)
5. Bad speaker capability...
6. Crappy fone calls (see web)
7. Glass touchscreen, means DROP IT=BROKEN SCREEN!
8. No MMS!
9. Limited media transfer capability:
Bluetooth (no.1)
MMS (no.8)
No custom ringtones
"must buy" audio from ONLY itunes
10. NO 3G!
11. the moment you buy it something new comes out... and it uses an old adage, insanely great!

If you have the money to spare, BUY IT for the experience only! Features, nah....

  • Anonymous

i love my ipod, and before it came out I said I was going to buy it, then I tried it out, and didn't like it. I hope they make a new one, because then I can get that!

  • me

this is the best phone review i've ever read...complete. all my questions answered.you are now my added to my favorite.