iPhone overview: Apple of discord

06 August 2007
Cutting edge, sleek and promising, the iPhone stirred the mobile world – not bad for Apple’s first go at the mobile phones market. Inspiring and provocative, the iPhone will always come to mind when a handset with full touch-based UI is in question...

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  • Anonymous

dude's congrats , i droped my iunlocked i phone and i wasted my 550$, listen guyz and gurls , if u guyz have iphone and if u guyz droped it even 1nce then the phone is no longer good,,lol, i wont ever buy i phone again,noway hozee, personal recom. dont get iphone, waste of money , get prada instead althu its from lg

  • chris

does anyone else think this one of the most overrated phones at the moment. as far as i can tell all this is, is a touch screen ipod phone. like alot of people in the world, i have a phone and an ipod and reaher than spending 230 and a contract i could just nip down to staples and buy some uhu glue and just stick them together! its pretty much the same thing. dam you apple and you friuty hype!!

  • vTay

If one really wana compare, i used to own N90, N95, O2 atom, P990, they all were pricy too compare to iphone. N90 run slower eventually although the video and camera were great, N95 & O2 atom's battery are sucked, P990 freezes most of the time... I own iphone about a week and other than mms and personalised ringtones, i think it is worth to have one. BTW, i' using E90 too as second phone! So whatever multimedia features i can play with my E90.

Those who claimed that iphone could not have 3rd party application installed, that is not true. I could install 3rd party software thru the install feature in iphone and there are quite a few of selections. Anyway, with nokia and sony ericsson, you can have all the good staff unless you pay for it.

  • Random_raider

the iphone isnt that good, i truly dont see what all the hype is about tbh. sure nice big touch screen and nice browser,but really and truly what else does it have? the phone and texting applications are pretty poor with that touch screen, esp. if you have fat fingers. I'll stick to Sony Ericson or Nokia thanks, and i'll buy an ipod touch. the ipod touch has all the good things of the iphone kept and at a much cheaper price too.

  • Ricardo

I am new on the site, and was realy intersted on the IPhone. But please help me with one thing that I didn't understand. The bluetooth feature only works for the hands-free phone, it doesn't work for stereo bluetooth fone? I have a bluetooth GPS antena. It won't work on the IPhone. Please if any one can clarify this informations for me I really apreciate. Because I live in Brazil and the IPhone is sold here for USD800!!! And I don't want to spend this kind of money in something that is not going to be satisfactory. Thanks.

  • rocks

good in the eyes.... it'll just add to your "social status". this phone obviously lacks features especially when you look at the price. im not a nokia fan but i'll definitely take n95 over iphone anytime. nice try for apple but id rather stick with pocket pcs

  • rajiv

when they r going to launch the next version

  • Merkel

woohoo! finally iphone launch date in germany leaked! http://blog.gadgetlite.com/?p=193 Phones here in Germany are really boring, not really that many choices. I m glad it will be coming soon and on t-mobile too!

  • Anonymous

you cannot recieve mms or picture msg with this phone. for me, this is one disadvantage it has... you also cannot tranfer personalized ringtones. need to pay online to get your choice of ringtones...

  • spring.soft

Many disadvantages, but i love the way it's UI does: Simple and natural. I will get one.

  • dpnk

What do people think it's nearest cometitor handset will be? I can't see it comparing to the standards of N95 or the new 5mp Samsung/SE handsets... although it will be a great addition to the music and multimedia midrange handsets albeit a very expensive addition)

  • Teraclips

Wow this phone sucks luckily i bought a N95.

  • ABC

What is the point in using MMS if you have an email-address? Don't you have anything better to do than changing batteries? Where is my full size keyboard! Luddites. Fact is that iPhone moved traditional phone industry as a dot in the back mirror.

  • Henna

excellent review. unfortunately iphone lacks a solid camera & flash :( AT&T plan is somewhat overpriced.

Henna Marine
http://www.prankvideoz.com (Senior Editor)

  • vivek

no custom ringtones!?!?! wtf is with that...! how can this be a phone for music lovers if you cannot have custom ringtones?!?!!!?

  • Bo

I used to think that iPhone is overrated. I don't think so now. It's absolutely overpriced (like all iPod does), It's a great musicphone though. Maybe one should call it iPod-phone. I want one, really.

  • Anonymous

like that yo like that,but don't be like that

  • dpnk

...erm Customer Satisfaction ratings?? The handset hasn't even been out for a month yet! The only people who would have bought one and rated it THAT high in the last 3 weeks would have been people who were ALWAYS going rate it high regardless as to weather or not it's any good! Wait a few months before an accurate interpretation can be made.

The Nokia N95 had a massive rating for at least 6 months before the handset was even available so these polls mean nothing.

Besides, I don't like being referred to as an Apple Hater when I have a Mac and I also pointed out some of the products' advantages... I'm just being realistic here.

Also whoever made the comment about it being updated before release in Europe - that's a really good idea, and I'm almost positive it'll likely happen.

  • Gedeon

Great review.
As everybody already mentioned, the lacking features are kind of naughty for a device in this price range. The device should not be launched in Europe and Japan in this state, but I must stress that most of these things are fairly new to the US market, especially 3G, so I'm patiently going to wait for an updated version for the foreign markets.

  • Anonymous

For all those slagging off the iPhone, funny how its satisfaction rating is the best of any phone manufacturer to date.

As with its computers, Apple makes it easy, fun and reliable.

Look out Nokia, RIM and all the others. iPhone is going to be king, despite the loudness of the anti-brigade.