Lenovo K6 Note review: Noteworthy

11 January 2017
Lenovo's legendary "K" series hardly needs an introduction. If you are looking for good value, budget offers in the ranks of the famous Chinese manufacturer, then this is where you will inevitably end up. With a $200, or so, starting price, the K6 Note definitely has the budget aspect covered.

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  • LLL

AnonD-292864, 15 Jan 2017K5 Note has a better chipset than K6 Note.I was comparing the K6 to K4 ;)

  • YAV

I bought new Lenovo K6 Note just before 1 week.

Sending SMS is failing from slim slot 2.

I am getting error 69 while sending smsm from slot 2.

For data it asks orefered network.

For calling it asks for prefered network.

But for Sms it does not ask 'prefered' or 'always ask' feature..

Ols help urgently.

When asked to mobile network provider they said that its a handset issue.

  • AnonD-292864

LLL, 12 Jan 2017I own the Vibe K4 Note & I feel both the K5 Note & ... moreK5 Note has a better chipset than K6 Note.

  • AnonD-292864

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2017This could be my next phone. Spec is awesome. Too bad batt... moreK5 Note has a better chipset. Lenovo actually gone backwards with the chipset.

  • JackTheIPhoneKiller

logan, 12 Jan 2017its look pretty Good im Awesome price Around 200$. marshma... moreWhich 4 GB internal storage are you talking about? Lenovo K6 Note has 32 GB internal storage and even has a 64 GB model too. Don't know where you get your information from?

  • JackTheIPhoneKiller

No mention of whether the capacitive keys are back-lit or not? GSMArena??

Neel, 12 Jan 2017Hi I m using k6 note....But I can not see tha gallery phone... moreThey removed it in favor of google photos wich will serve as a gallery and more and is better than stock gallery

  • Anonymous

i found lenovo k series design one of the worst designs after apple. too boring. and a 430 chip only for that price.

100 $ for a barebone vr. inly 2 magnifying glasses are there. see xiaomi zipper cr. it is far coolwr than this at only a pinch of the price

  • Sai

J o m s, 12 Jan 2017Boring... publish Le Pro 3 review please... =DLenovo k6note who tell all reason is not good bcs the only company is giving tab,laptops and more thes company is launched k6note with dnt spec it's awesome phone i really enjoyed and yes it's killer entertainer i love that with full

  • Cristi_tt

Does it have Miracast ?

  • Anonymous

This could be my next phone. Spec is awesome.
Too bad battery is non-removable.

  • Anonymous

Kflaw , 12 Jan 2017Lenovo should have stuck with the front facing speakers tha... moreFront facing speakers is what we really want but unfortunately companies seems refuse to hear us

  • AnonD-523334

K4 note was better.

  • AnonD-523334

Nothing in front of Redmi Note 3 (in India) /Redmi Note 4(China)

Lack of USB C port is a shortcoming. Not having NFC can be a deal breaker for some!

  • Neel

Hi I m using k6 note....But I can not see tha gallery phone application....I m shocking... What is these.... Please help n reply me

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi Note 3 has much better specs for that price.

  • NMA

Disappointment with the processor S430.

  • logan

its look pretty Good im Awesome price Around 200$.
marshmallow 6.0 Version
With 16 MP Back & 8 MP Front Camera
and Enough Bettry inside
Thats Will Be awesome
3GB RAM but 4GB Internal Storage Not Enough
but almost Its a perfect Device...

  • AnonD-524500

how contrast is in amoled territory because its ips lcd?