Lenovo K6 Note review: Noteworthy

11 January 2017
Lenovo's legendary "K" series hardly needs an introduction. If you are looking for good value, budget offers in the ranks of the famous Chinese manufacturer, then this is where you will inevitably end up. With a $200, or so, starting price, the K6 Note definitely has the budget aspect covered.

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  • gab

no review yet for the huawei honor 6x?

  • LLL

I own the Vibe K4 Note & I feel both the K5 Note & K6 Note more a side grade than a true upgrade.
The K6 really offers some nice upgrades such as better rear & front camera, slightly better screen maybe, better chipset, bigger battery, newer Android version among others.
However, why would I want to part with the excellent front stereo speakers and dedicated microSD slot, coupled with lack of 5 GHz wifi?

Next please Lenovo release the true successor of the Vibe K4 Note, yes, with the VIBE...
Perhaps that's what made it stands out in multimedia consumption department.
Fancy a VIBE K7 Note, anyone?

  • mrxa

I don't get, i really don't... I have K4 Note and I love the fact it has Gorilla glass so I dont have to have tempered glass. Also, 5GHz is included and much appriciated when my router can provide me double the speed for streaming video and sharing...And yeah, they had double front speakers on my K4 Note but here they removed them all together...Instead of keeping one way and improving bad things (like CPU and RAM managment), they removed good and useful things...I am waiting my K4 Note to finally die so I can get myself OP3T and be sure it will work as smartphone should.

  • AnonD-191851

1-Just opened this review because of curiosity. I and my familly owned some Lenovo devices, but the mallware inside stock firmware, lack of any updates and the enourmoous ammount of bugs in firmware convinced me not to buy any other Lenovo devices (maybe MOTO i will give some try)
2-When i red the disadvantages, i stoped read the review, because its nothing for me.
Really no 5GHz wifi , no fast charge for 4000 mAh battery?

  • AnonD-548759

However a good review is for any Lenovo phone is I will not be buying one ever again. Lenovo is rather a big company that I would think their products would you pass stricter quality controls.

Bought a Lenovo A7000 which comes with an A5000 as part of a promotional deal but both unhappy with the products.

Boring... publish Le Pro 3 review please... =D

  • Kflaw

Lenovo should have stuck with the front facing speakers that the K4 Note had. That would have been the USP.

Wonder why so few devices have such front facing speakers. It's much better for media consumption compared to rear speakers or even bottom speakers.