Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) review: Alphabet soup

20 January 2017
A 5.2-inch Super AMOLED display, 14nm Exynos chipset, a body made out of a glass/metal combo, IP68 certification, 16MP f/1.9 cameras front and back - it sure sounds like Samsung’s next flagship. Only it's not the flagship we're talking about, but the Galaxy A5 (2017) premium mid-ranger.

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  • baaychun

CG, 05 Feb 2020Still a great phone. Also with LineageOS you get daily builds of... moreis there any fixed up bout the camera?

  • CG

Still a great phone. Also with LineageOS you get daily builds of Android 9.

I still have this. Its perfect. Ill never buy a flagship.

  • Sonny

Very good phone. When I got it it was upgraded to Oreo so it was sleek and efficient.

  • Shah

The best phone i have ever used in my life. Used it for 2 year and still there are no flaws. Highly recommended.

  • Anonymous

lov it

  • Bennie

After using this phone for 2 years ... I can definitely say this is a great phone and you'll struggle to find these specs today in another phone for this price.

It's sad to see so many phones switch over to rear fingerprint sensor when it is so much better at the front. There have been so many times where I just want to see something on my phone and every time I appreciate not having to pick it up to unlock it.
I've taken great underwater videos throughout it's life.
I appreciated the headphone jack.
I didn't put a screen protector on and now 2 years later it still doesn't have a single crack.

PS. Just thought I'd come here and appreciate my new old phone as I'm browsing for an upgrade with no hurry.

Awesome Phone

  • Riya

very goog phone

  • Anonymous

my A5 doesnt recognise the OTG plug. what can be wrong with my device?

  • Solazo

Perfect phone.
My only issue it with the 32G memory...I have exhausted 30.9G already.
With 7G exhausted out of my 8G memory card.
I'm thinking i should get a 64G or 32G memory card to support it....
What can I do?
I don't want to upgrade my phone to S8 or S9 yet.


Anonymous, 04 Oct 2017Howmany colors does Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 have ?,grey,white,green,yellow,purple

  • Sam

AnonD-727732, 01 Jan 2018hello :) can someone tell me if a5 is waterproof please :>Yes it is. Ip68 certified so it can safely stand 30 minutes under water.

  • Sam

glen, 25 Apr 2018does galaxy a5 come with screen protector, mine seems to have on... more You need a case for this phone as it will scratch at first drop.

  • rere

nikola, 13 Jun 2018Does it have front notification light?No it does not have.

Anonymous, 13 May 2018I have the same problem, my 2017 A5 keeps on showing the no sim ... moreDecades ago I switched from a cellphone to a smartphone and had the same problem.
In the end, after some web-searching, I slid in 2 small pieces of paper on top of the sim (cover of some magazine) and got constant contact again.

  • nikola

Does it have front notification light?

  • mtomasovic

Recommended for anyone. Doenst heat up. Long battery life. Great specs. Good camera.

Worth your money.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-292864, 14 Mar 2017Do a factory reset or go to the nearest Samsung service center.I have the same problem, my 2017 A5 keeps on showing the no sim card so I can't get any connection at all. I went to Samsung and the customer service agent tried using his own sim card and it seems like it's working so they advise me to go and change my sim card with my carrier. I was having signal only for a couple of months, then it's back again. Any update or solution so far?

  • glen

does galaxy a5 come with screen protector, mine seems to have one on it but thought it did not come with one so was told to buy one which I did.