OnePlus 3T review: Time-saver edition

24 January 2017
OnePlus is a company that has evolved in sync with the smartphone market. It releases smartphones about as fast as Qualcomm can release flagship processors. But just as smartphones in general, OnePlus phones have gotten better in quality.

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Using since its launch in Nov/Dec 2016. Been 3+yrs.
Still going strong as a workhorse.
Got its Camera module replaced once.. apparently common focus and zooming problems few ppl were complaining.

Still happy, can sti continue until 2020 end when Microsoft Surface Duo comes out.

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    • Phani
    • rAR
    • 06 Nov 2018

    I m using it since 2 years, the very first year it was at it's peak performance, but in the second year it showed it's unworthyness. Battery back up is worse while using internet, upper left side of screen gone wild, primary camera is not sensing images properly, body gets heated up while using.

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • XMu
      • 17 Aug 2017

      Best fone I received after a long,with best battery timing and with specs available in the price matching comparing to any other big names like Samsung etc.
      I recommend it to buy.

        • A
        • Ariezs
        • tue
        • 14 Apr 2017

        jayant, 13 Apr 2017worst phone seen in my life service is very poor I give 0 r... moreHi jayant... poor service? can u explaint means poor service you get.. from phone program (all fucntion inside phone) or from costumer seevice.. can u explain to me and others people. Please.. before we buy this phone.thank you jayant

          • j
          • jayant
          • bCX
          • 13 Apr 2017

          worst phone seen in my life service is very poor I give 0 rating for his service

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            • AnonD-638042
            • 9Ai
            • 25 Jan 2017

            At the time this is posted Android 7 is available and even the slimmest case such as the super slim Orzly case disguises the camera bump, it lost way too many marks for that. Finally Android 7 introduces F2FS to both the OnePlus3 and the OnePlus3T which is worth a mention all on its own as it introduces measurably faster application opening times.

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              • JP
              • Svf
              • 24 Jan 2017

              Excellent phone! After Iphone 6s i think, this is the best long-term choice.

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                • AnonD-637400
                • 3nr
                • 24 Jan 2017

                Best phone on the market today.