vivo V5 review: The Oddball

24 February 2017
Vivo V5 is all about the selfies, and you can tell it right away by a quick inspection on its specs sheet. The V5 surely looks good, but it has a lower-res screen, mediocre chipset, uninspiring main camera, and it didn't even deserve the latest Funtouch launcher. If it wasn't for the high-res selfie snapper, it would have been the definition of mediocrity.

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  • Rock

Why its battery capacity is poor than the other smartphones.

  • MackyV5

Its so nice to have V5 awesome features and now im interested iin Vivo Edge :D

  • AnonD-655216

I would advice not to buy
vivo V5
1) Its does not support HD calling
2) The battery drain by evening on normal use you have to charge by evening to use the phone on normal mode
3) Internet can't be used via USB cod on computer it doesn't support

  • GoPi

Plz Funtouch 3.0 and nouget 7.1 update from Vivo v5 mobile in this month March 1st week

  • Anonymous

A very good phone. I am using it since 2 months
Selfie is very clear
Battery is good
But can have only one sim and micro SD card
Check for it

  • AnonD-639553

D, 25 Feb 2017cant wait to have one...good specs, and has reasonable price..I can tell you that this must be one of the most expensive phone of the year! My aunt just wanna sell it right now.

  • AnonD-639553

What a fake 20 MP camera!!! I can tell you guys here that the 20 MP of this brand means 2 MP of some brand. LOL. You don't need to believe my comment here but you can prove it your self!

  • Anonymous

What is the use of that 20 MP camera if the PPI is so low? jajajajajaja sound BS. Really 267 ppi? What the F? vivo youre so funny..

  • AnonD-632062

D, 25 Feb 2017cant wait to have one...good specs, and has reasonable price..Are you kidding me? With these low-end specs, battery life and that below-average chipset (which can't even support a 1080p screen) the vivo V5 is really over-priced at $270.

BTW it's a wonder Vivo still haven't changed the name of their OS skin. "Funtouch" sounds so lame.

  • ged

it's an awesome phone. really smooth interface, sound is superb and selfie camera is really god as well. worth every penny. here in ph it's 12990php. kudos vivo!

  • AnonD-596148

Vivo targeting Indian youths school going boys and girls'.

They are just crazy for selfies...

As they don't know anything about chip GPU etc.

  • D

cant wait to have one...good specs, and has reasonable price..

Nobody is interested in this low quality and subpar phone. The high price at which Vivo V5 is available makes me laugh.

In my eyes Vivo V5 Plus and V5 are extraordinarily high priced tools which Vivo uses to wrench their INR 350 crore India's marketing budget from us. I am not falling to this trap.