MWC 2017: LG G6 hands-on

25 February 2017
Out walks the flagship, in comes the bestseller - with the G6 LG isnít striving for a top spot in the specs race, instead itís aiming to appeal to a broader audience and trying to differentiate the Gs from the Vs in the lineup.

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  • AnonD-114814

AnonD-305262, 26 Feb 2017LG always last years specsSD821 is not outdated. It's released in oktober 2016. In real life use you will not see much difference between SD821 and SD835, except maybe in batterylife. But the price of a phone with SD835 chip will be more expensive...

  • Anonymous

Bill, 26 Feb 2017lcd? pass...Luckily, it is not amoled.

  • Vic

Not as good as I was expecting. Back is made of curved glass. I was expecting perfectly flat metal. Too big for my taste ( I need 4.6 - 4.7 inch screen model). Overall looks not as stylish as I was expecting. Definitely good looking front but mediocre back which looks like belonging to a different phone. May be really good price will attract some consumers, but to be perfectly honest there is absolutely nothing interesting in this phone to go for.

  • zorg3d

Once again we can see that those marketing people are really our enemies !!! Who can think that to put features only by country zone will be ok with peoples .... so you can't buy a full features G6 at all .. good so I was waiting for the LG but now I am waiting for the samsung by by LG !!!!!

  • AnonD-39937

Why would we need a 32bit/192kHz quad-dac when most of the music on streaming services is MP3 256-320kbs and even the best of the best lossless music,which is huge in size and very expensive, is 24bit/192kHz?

  • AnonD-305262

LG always last years specs

  • Benboy

No quad DAC in UK/Europe is a disappointment....

  • AnonD-531620

This handset looks like a clever compromise from LG. It ticks a lot of boxes for me and I'm glad they've kept the fm radio.

So it all comes down to price now, and it needs to undercut the S8 significantly to be a success.

Get the price right LG! And it will sell millions and millions

  • Harry Haller

Actually, the 2:1 longer & narrower body shape is barrowed from V series. 2nd screen estate seems to be added to main screen and downsized to 5.7 in total.
Keep an eye on V series and forget about the rest.

  • Techlover

Dual camera without bokeh? Ugg loser

  • JASONthenutofARGO

Ok now that its official ! im totally disappointed in LG G6 nice design but inferior internals and even degraded camera(s) [or rather specially the camera] , a BIG NO from me this time maybe Huawei P10 Plus or the obvious Samsung S8 or finally the Sony XZ premium !!! anything but G6 bye bye LG (unless they bring a miracle)

  • AnonD-39937

For starters, can you hear the difference of a quad-dac in comparison with the basic dac 24bit/192KHz found in most of today's flagships (Apple, Sony, Samsung, HTC, Huawei) or it's just marketing? If will make any difference on today's streaming quality 320kbs MP3 or it's just for the lossless audio quality, which can only be downloaded (or streamed with a huge 20$/month subscription)?

Thanks for wasting most people's time LG, as you almost always do.

  • AnonD-234961

Does anyone know if the G6 has a notification LED ? I still find it much more useful (easily see different colors from a distance) and economical than the Always-On Display.

  • Harry Haller

AnonD-545527, 26 Feb 2017easily the most disappointing flagship from LG ever. Seriously, ... moreYou are right. The only series interesting is the V series..

  • Isaac Newton

Wow This Year finally Lg remove Removeable Battery But Main thing That i would Love that Display,Camera,Google assistant

  • AnonD-632062

It's a decent proposition from LG, but you can't help but get the feeling that it's 3 steps forwards and one step back with the G6. I guess for it's new status a value flagship, it will be pretty good. But those looking for an out-&-out flagship from LG, must now wait for the V20's successor.

  • JJ

Apart from the improvement on the screen which supports HDR not much else have change specs are very much last years

  • AnonD-647919

I really like how the made the screen larger, it gives the phone a really unique, and purposeful aspect.

The non removable battery should not be an issue since many newer phones can recharge extremely fast, and the processors have the ability to modulate power consumption.

The Water proofing is a nice touch however, I just hope it wont translate to complicated or expensive screen repair.

The Processor being a Snap Dragon 821 I am sure will be smooth as silk coupled with 4 gigs of ram.

  • Fizzy

I like the look of the G6 I'm glad to see than have gone back to phablet size screen over the G5. But alittle disappointed on the specs its a bit last years in that regards plus no HIFI DAC for Europe that's really disappointing now it's just a question waiting for the Galaxy S8 see what's on the cards