MWC 2017: LG G6 hands-on

25 February 2017
Out walks the flagship, in comes the bestseller - with the G6 LG isnít striving for a top spot in the specs race, instead itís aiming to appeal to a broader audience and trying to differentiate the Gs from the Vs in the lineup.

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No IR, no laser autofocus, 13mpx camera? No thanks! I'm staying with my G5 and G4 which by the way, has the best camera on a smartphone ever! I'm using my G4 every time I go on holidays just for taking pictures!

  • G6 is dead alread

they won't sell this direful product in Europe much - what a stupid product and market strategy, what do they think in South Korea do the Eurorean customers need and want to have, no 64 GB (no 126 GB), no Quad DAC, no wireless charging....????? stupid stupid stupid, for me LG G6 is out order already bevore it is launched

  • rex

we need a smaller size one too .. a 5inch

  • AnonD-392500

AnonD-69077, 26 Feb 2017Nah man that Quad DAC thing killed it for me, that is what I was... moreAgree with you. All perfect except they omit quad DAC.

  • billyUK

Next!!! Nothing here to see apart from a big-as*ed screen and little else. So the UK edition will NOT have the Quad DAC, wireless charging, no radio etc - poor show. And none of the variants have dual/stereo speakers - really disappointing LG - with a screen that size, it would have been a great media addition. At least the G5 had a few novelty tricks up it's sleeve (LG friends) regardless of whether they caught on or not. The G6 has simply used the ethos of 'what made the Samsung S7 great?' - let's try and replicate that.

  • AnonD-327936

Also it looks like the IR blaster has gone. What a shame! I think if LG put the G5's specs into the G6's design it would have been a winner.

  • AnonD-327936

I like the design - especially the black one, and rounded edges display. Not liking the sealed battery, lower resolution camera and mono speaker, though.

  • Branigg

Regional features really are its weakness, very off putting as a UK user.

  • tuta

IMX258, SD 821, lack of laser af... why? I don't see the point of this phone, if it continues to bootloop, screen burn-in, lose gps signal then this is truly a device people should avoid. I want to be optimistic but this kind of backwards thinking and lack of problem solving will put LG in the ground.

  • Anonymous

No removable battery. No guaranteed timeframe for OS security updates. No buy. NEXT!

  • dd

nice designed. i wish they removed bootom lg logo as well.
well designed phone by lg design engineers

  • AnonD-69077

Nah man that Quad DAC thing killed it for me, that is what I was looking forward to the most.

  • ZloiYuri

IMX258? Really? It's a cheap sensor for midrange smartphones. Sd821 will compete last-year flagships. On live photos it looks even ugluer. No wireless charging or good quality sound. Are they crazy?

  • Anonymous

Software looks unpromising
Front camera is 5 mp, like why?
SD821 just to beat Samsung to the market? Companies never learn, look what happened to Samsung when they rushed the note 7 before the iPhone just to beat them first to the market

  • Hofmann

The design, expecially the screen looks fantastic. Not impressed with the camera at all. Seems like a downgrade even from the G4

  • Anonymous

Wished for a bigger display, sigh.

  • Anonymous

Like all LG´s, they all look wonderfull at first, but then the software is poorly optimised specially the batery life is quite dreadfull...Had one G4 and honestly I don´t consider to buy another one again....

Too bad the performance is worse than the S7 edge E8890 (Nougat). Geekbench 4*

  • AnonD-569198

I want one.

  • Jasonmsb

No LG V20 for europe and now no LG G6 with DAC for Europe.
LG are just idiots who do not listen.
Never will i buy an LG prduct again if this stands. Twice shafted.
This brand just score own goals and waste my time with prospects they never deliver.